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Top 10 Mistakes On LinkedIn That May Cause Failure Of Social Media Marketing Exercise

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Social media marketing is the latest marketing concept which is spreading like a wild fire. Social networking sites form the base for any activity related to social media marketing. Establishing a successful presence on various social networking sites is a very challenging task.

Each social networking site has its own characteristics. One cannot generalize the profile on these networking sites as it may result in spoiling the image of an individual or an organization. It is very important to understand the specific requirements of each social networking site.

One must be careful while creating a profile on social networking site. Before an individual creates an account, the purpose of the profile and the page should be clear. There are many individuals, who use their personal accounts to promote their business products. It is an incorrect form of marketing as the visitors of the page will not pay any attention. It is mandatory that personal and professional accounts be clearly demarcated. One should not get confused between personal and professional connections as this may have an adverse effect on the personal front as well as the business front.


LinkedIn is a widely used professional social networking site. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest or any other networking site, LinkedIn has its own unique characteristic. There are many professionals who have benefited from their LinkedIn profiles. To the contrary, there are many who could not attain desired results. There are many factors playing a major role leading to such extreme contrasts.

There are many aspects which need to be addressed at the earliest to make a social media marketing exercise succeed over LinkedIn.

The following are the top 10 mistakes that one may tend to make while using LinkedIn:

1. Typographical Errors:

An individual’s profile reflects his or her personality. It is very important to use appropriate words while designing the profile. One must ensure that there are no typographical and grammatical errors. Clear and understandable language is the base of any communication. If this aspect gets ignored, then the purpose of the page will get diluted. The user should be able to express the necessary information by framing correct sentences or else it may lead to losing many prospective clients.

2. Lack of Professionalism:

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. Individuals and organizations use LinkedIn to connect to people belonging to similar profession or recruitment or to generate leads for their business. The user must be careful about the nature of this social networking site.

There are many who end up posting their personal information like pictures or details about their spouse etc. over LinkedIn account. This projects a very poor image about the person as personal details are not required here. There are many other social networking sites which are meant for sharing personal details. One should be able to demarcate the specific requirements of these different platforms.

The profile should be generic and it must project an energetic attitude rather than making it a personal bio-data.

 3. Limited Participation:

The ultimate aim of making an online presence in various social networking sites is to interact with people. Once a profile is created over LinkedIn, one must join various groups or follow many influencers in order to gain attention. There are many people on LinkedIn who would have opted for daily or weekly summary of discussions that has taken place in the group. If some particular member is not participating enough, then one may not notice the user’s presence.

 4. Personalizing The Message:

First impression is the best impression. This is very true when the user is trying to get in touch with other professional people over LinkedIn for the first time. LinkedIn allows the user to send inmails and messages to others. One must ensure to reach out to people in a professional tone rather than quoting their personal details. Contacting people on LinkedIn over phone or using canned texts available on mobile apps is not advisable. One must use LinkedIn’s browser version to reach out to people. People often tend to make this mistake.

 5. No Customized URL:

LinkedIn allows the user to customize various features available while creating the profile. One must have noticed a lengthy web address under the profile picture. This web address is the link to the profile. LinkedIn allows the user to customise this web address by including their name or website or profession etc. This link can be included in the resume where people can directly click on it and visit the profile. Customised words will help the recruiters or other professionals to understand it more clearly.

 6. Incomplete Summary:

LinkedIn provides the option of writing the summary. The summary is like a resume which provides complete details about the education, work experience and skills. People do not pay much attention while writing a summary and leave it incomplete. Professionals visiting the LinkedIn profile would like to go through the summary first rather than reading the complete profile. A complete and professional summary will force people to read further about the person.

 7. Stalking:

Visiting people’s profile and reading their details is considered to be the part of connecting with people. One must know that LinkedIn lets the user know that who has visited their profile and how long did they stay on that page. It is important to turn the setting to anonymous before visiting others’ profile or else it will lead to stalking issue.

8. Not Using Sections:

Even though LinkedIn is a professional network, it does not mean that one sits back after uploading the resume. The profile should not look like one long page of text. LinkedIn has various sections that can be used by the users to upload their details according to these sections. These sections are really handy as this tells the user to furnish the necessary details in a structured manner. This in turn improves the readability of the profile making it appear professional.

 9. Recommendations And Endorsements:

Recommendations are very important for any professional connection. The recommendations should be from other professionals like manager, supervisor or other colleagues rather than from relatives and close friends.

LinkedIn also allows endorsements. Recommendations and endorsements are two different features and one must not confuse between them. Generally, it is considered that recommendations are not long lasting but they have better impact than endorsements.

 10.  Not Researching Enough:

LinkedIn provides various advanced search options and company tabs. Most of the recruiters prefer posting the job requirements over LinkedIn before posting it on their website or other job search portals.

The user must follow the organizations with whom they would like to get associated. This will help greater visibility during searches.

Apart from this, one must enter appropriate words in skills section. LinkedIn has its own list of skills and one should go for them rather than generating their own words as these keywords will help to appear in searches by recruiters.

LinkedIn is a very powerful medium and it helps to develop a strong network of professionals. If these common mistakes are avoided, then one may reap the benefits of social media marketing.

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