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Top 10 Off-page SEO Strategies For 2015

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images (4)Every day we read in the Newspaper, watch in Television that new products are launched, new start-ups are formed, merger and acquisitions, etc. But what after launching? Did they get succeeded or failed? Whether it is a new company or old business it is essential to build strong online presence in this digital era. With the advent use of the internet, it is important to maintain social media, the website for almost every business. The success of any website depends upon its content, search engine rankings, keywords, tags and meta description, external links, etc. Most important is to maintain good search engine rankings. For this, it is essential to implement best SEO strategies for your business. Don’t worry here are some simple but effective SEO strategies which can really affect the picture on your website.

1) Maintain Online reputation

There are many social media networking sites are present like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. To build an online reputation, first you have to create your account on theses sites. Maintain up to date information for your company, the product on these sites. Start promoting your brand from these sites to your existing and new friends. For the best online reputation, active participation in the web is must. Every social media is different and has its own of way marketing. So try to adopt a suitable marketing strategy for a particular channel. You can take the help of some professional software like HubSpot for maintaining different social media networks. This one of the most effective SEO strategy for online business.

2) Blogging

Yes, blogging is one of top 10 SEO strategy which can really improve your search engine ranking. Blogging is the most effective way for sharing information about your brand and the company with the people. Regular blogging with high-quality, unique content can produce positive authority among the people about your brand. Explain to people that how your product is beneficial for them through continuous sharing of informative and interactive content through blogging. The precise and credible blog always attract visitors and customers to connect with your brand.

3) Search Engine submission

As we already discussed blogging is the best way to attract traffic towards your website. But to get this traffic through blogs and articles it is essential to submit these write-ups in most popular search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It should be submitted properly otherwise, it will be not beneficial for the business. Along with the search engine submission, many SEO strategy experts believe that directory submission is also important.

4) Forum Postings

Forum posting is one of the most powerful SEO strategies which can boost SEO ranking efforts. It is the online discussion sites or “message board” where registered members can submit the topics for discussions known as a thread. The registered members can communicate with other members through publicly visible messages or posts. It plays the major role in driving quality inbound links to the website and to attract a lot of referral traffic. In short, we can say that forum link building service is an SEO technique which is helpful in building back links to your website

5) Social Bookmarking

It is quite surprising that social bookmarking can be used as an effective SEO strategy. Before discussing how it is useful for search engine ranking, we will discuss social bookmarking. Social bookmarking allows a user to read, update, comment and share bookmark for the particular article/document. Along with this, it allows you to read your favorite pages without the internet connection. As we all know that, all the search engines like Google love to rank frequently updated websites. So, to ranked well in Google eye’s Social bookmarking is one of the best ways.

6) Cross linking

Cross linking is the process of connecting two sites by inserting links in their internal pages. It boosts the search engine ranking. Cross-linking which is done by following Google’s algorithm is really beneficial for professionals. Otherwise, there is no use of cross linking.

7) Business Review

Google works on certain parameters for deciding ranking of the website. The business review is one of the major measuring factors among the Google’s list. With the help of this Google can identify how your website is benefited to customers and how you are serving to customers. Any reviews whether it is good or bad it will affect the Google ranking. So, try to respond your customer’s query or problem as soon as possible for better search engine rankings. Better Business Bureau, city search, Bing Local, Epinions are some of the trusted Business reviews sites where you can suggest people to review about your brand.

8)Photo Sharing

Photos create more impact about the product/ brand than text. So SEO experts suggest for sharing photos about your brand with people through some famous photo sharing sites like Picasa, Picli, Bucket, etc. it is helpful in driving web traffic from all over the world.

9) Video promotions

Like photos, videos also create the greater impact on people about your brand. In just a few minutes, you can share information about your company, product, its uses with thousands of people in a very cost efficient way. It certainly drives more traffic to your website than article or blog posting. Creating a video to aware people about your brand is a good SEO strategy.

10) Local business Listings

SEO experts suggest that first target local region for the promotion. For this submit your website on Yellow pages, Google local, Yahoo Local, hotFrog, etc. It will promote your website in the right direction.

If you know any other strategy which can boost SEO then feel free to write it in the comment box.

Image Credit: bigimpactmarketing

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    • 4 years ago

      R Kishore   /   Reply

      How about Infographics.

      infographic is a visual representation of information. Instead of writing an article or blog post that covers a lot of ground and uses enough stats and percentages to make the reader’s head spin, you can create an infographic that ties it all together in a handy dandy image.

      What do you say?

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks Kishore for your inputs. Surely, Infographics is a great way to encourage shareability of content especially on Social Media to generate inbound links and Google has anyways confirmed the value of Social Signals. Moreover, in addition to embedding in the blog, Infographics can directly be shared through other mediums.

    • 4 years ago

      Himanshu Bounthiyal   /   Reply

      Yes, agreed with R Kishore, there are lots of potential available in promoting Infographics to get healthy traffic to your site. Even, Infographics are very useful in order to curate your content in a more interactive and graphical way to attract audience. You must add Infographic as well.

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        We also agree with you on the importance of infographics to generate traffic and in-bound links, which contribute in improving SEO rankings. We would love to know from you about your favorite infographics related to Digital Marketing.

    • 4 years ago

      Prakash   /   Reply

      Yes. you are absolutely true but the best strategy ever found was compelling content and backlinks.

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Sure Prakash. Content Marketing is the best way to gain in-bound links and thus most recommended Offpage-SEO strategy today.

    • 4 years ago

      Matt   /   Reply

      I was searching for best seo tactics and fortunately search engine brought me to the right place to get help from. Thanks for the writer who did this and share with us.

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks Matt, glad that you liked the information.

    • 4 years ago

      Dental implants caloundra   /   Reply

      Please mention some details about Cross linking.

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks for your query related to cross-linking. While cross linking of sites can be done if two or more sites genuinely belong to a common group but given the changes in Google’s SEO algorithm, it’s no more a recommended approach to gain inbound links. If done aggressively, it can only harm the involved sites today.

    • 4 years ago

      Balaraju   /   Reply

      Very good information.great post thank u

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Balaraju: Glad that you enjoyed this post on Top Off-page SEO trategies.

    • 4 years ago

      Sunita Sharma   /   Reply


      I liked your post.. but these activities are good for backlinkng but in how much amount should we do these activities to get the best results in SEO at present time. Social bookmarking in bulk can relate to the spams i heard of??

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks Sunita for your response. As you mentioned, it’s not about volume of effort. It’s about ‘value’ and ‘quality’ of links. One high value and relevant link may be worth 100+ low quality links. There’s no formula about ‘how many links a site should generate’ as it’s dependent on multiple factors including competition. As a practice, there should be regular/continuous effort in gaining inbound links.

        Hope this helps? Let us know if you’ve any further query.

    • 4 years ago

      Harshad patel   /   Reply

      thanks, very useful articles.

    • 4 years ago

      Fivecore   /   Reply

      its a very helpful blog and thanks to publisher. keep it up…

    • 3 years ago

      RuralExpouse   /   Reply

      This is my first visit to your nice blog directly from google. Nice post indeed. I really learnt very new and effective off page SEO technique from your post. Thank you

    • 3 years ago

      HCF Port Macquarie   /   Reply

      It is very useful blog, i like your blog, thanks for sharing.

    • 3 years ago

      JohnSon   /   Reply

      Very easy and too the point off-page SEO technique, this article make my life easy! thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece of content… 🙂

    • 3 years ago

      aks   /   Reply

      it is very useful information i hope its work on my website

    • 3 years ago

      Nicole   /   Reply

      nice article, I got a good knowledge about the seo.

    • 2 years ago

      julo bethelmi castro   /   Reply

      awesome information, thank you. It will improve my SEO Strategy. I hope my company can improve the seo results.


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