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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That May Interfere In Your Progress Tremendously

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3 Social Media Marketing Myths That Are Not Good For Business HealthImagine a day without Facebook or LinkedIn. Does it seem hard or very hard at the least. This highlight’s that social media is very much a part of our lives and inescapable reality. Today people spend highest amount of their internet time updating their social media profiles ,even higher than the time spent on e-mail. From being just a platform for communication among community, the evolution of social media into a complex influential resource guiding people’s everyday decisions is truly phenomenal. Social Media presents humongous opportunities to business and at the same time comes up with its unique challenges. It can reduce a worker’s productivity throughout the day and/or it can open up gates for new customers, something which never existed before.

Here are some common social media mistakes which if avoided can prove to be hugely beneficial:

More Talking And Less Listening

Goal-of-Prospecting-Dont-SellSuccess with social media comes easy when the company tries to learn their target audience needs and join discussions with them. Over-posting or naked promotional content is going to add clutter to their lives rather than creating value. Nonstop spamming is surely going to irritate your potential customers and may even turn them off.

Impersonal And Authoritative Communication

Social Media is not one size fits all concept. It consists of collection of individuals and it is the duty of the organisation to address them as individuals and not as mass crowd. Each individual may have his/her own opinions, and experiences with the product or the service in question. Respecting customers individuality and following a genuine and down-to earth approach will definitely invite word-of mouth publicity for the organisation.

Believing Everybody Reads Your Content

There’s enormous information available on the net today. And assuming that consumers have the time and energy to go through the company’s each and every post is one of the biggest mistakes social media marketers often commit. Nevertheless it is the marketer’s job to make the content as interesting and as relevant  as possible for the target audience. Being ready for some distinct and uncoupled queries from customers would be an added advantage

Ignoring Negative Feedback

1As a company moves up the ladder of social media marketing, it is bound to get some negative comments, some people would even be dismissive about the product or the service and might send a bad message to a larger audience. Here it is very important for the marketer to immediately take into account the issues of the customer and resolve them as early as possible. And not deleting those negative comments give a genuine look and feel to the rest of the customers and enhances the trust of loyal customers.

Bothering Customers Who Are Not Interested

Social-Media-SpamSocial Media marketers must understand that people don’t want to be customers on social media. Social media is a process of starting a conversation mostly with unknown, understanding what’s important for them and then acting a bridge to lead them to a prospective consumer. People who are not interested in even starting a conversation should not be unnecessarily bothered with naked promotional messages.

The Buy-Now Mentality

images31Social Media is not just like any other marketing vehicle.It’s more about building trusted relationships with your potential customers.And trust is not built in a day. Thus expecting immediate and quick responses from customers in itself is fundamentally wrong. Social Media is more about word-of-mouth publicity and it is worth waiting for.

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Inconsistent Social Media Presence

Vacation on social media is a strict no-no. It takes weeks and months of continued social media presence to build relationships and make an impact and one cannot afford to ruin it by disappearing from the social platforms as online followers can be fickle. Being consistent is the key. Marketers must be available and accessible to the audience.

Focusing On One Platform

Today we live in an ever dynamic world where people seamlessly integrate various social media platforms. Therefore being present only on one social media platform is an absolute no. Focus should be on being present on platforms where one’s target audience is. Being present on all social media platforms would again diversify marketing efforts and might bear no result. Hence it is apt to make a presence on 2-3 of most relevant platforms.

Making SMM A Separate Marketing Strategy

There should be single marketing strategy of the company of which social media marketing is a part. Goals of social media marketing cannot be in contradiction with overall marketing plan. For example the image of an NGO on a social media platform should not give glimpse which might portray it as for profit organisation. This would endanger the NGO’s image and seem as unnatural.

Thank youLack Of Acknowledgement And Reciprocity

Most social media marketers forget to thank their customers.When you don’t ignore a person who reaches out to you in person then why should you forget that in online scenario. Thanking customers for their time and engagement is essential. Marketers can reward them in form of some discount coupons, free movie tickets and so  on.

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      Abid Pasha   /   Reply

      This is a nice article about the social media mistakes. I would like to add another from my experience 🙂 I work for clients all over the world on their seo and social media marketing. Most of the clients were already doing some basic social media marketing but they usually don’t use Trending #Hashtags on twitter and g+. using #hashtags with your content (creatively adding relevancy) can generate a lot of new and useful followers for your business social profiles.

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