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Top 10 Tips To Make Your Brand Successful Through Social Media

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Social Media today has become an invincible part of the modern population. I’m not just talking about the teenagers, but the adults too and not just the college goers but the professional as well. The rising popularity has inclined almost all the brands towards this network. With buyers of all kind spending a good time surfing, brands are always upon grabbing the attention.Top 10 Tips to make your Brand Successful through Social Media

Today here we’ll be talking about the top 10 tips to make your brand successful through Social Media. Let us start the list:

Build Communities:

Recently, somewhere in the early 2015 Facebook restricted the Newsfeed view of advertisements and promotional posts. The biggest loss of this went to the marketers’ side. However, there’s a solution to every issue and to overcome this they decided to build communities. Top brands create branding communities on their own websites and thus allow the users to get some perks and incentives. This way they keep their followers updated about all the offers and promotional activities.

Add Hashtags:

This is the most popular way of promoting on social websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Adding a hashtag makes your visibility better and thus the users can get updated in a better way. Most of the top brands follow the same process in order to get notified and hit the target audience. A better use of hashtags can bring you or the promotional activity in trend and thus the visibility touches the peak.

Better Content:

You need to keep in mind that the social platform for you is a big opportunity to impress and grab the target audience. This can be well achieved through quality content. Make sure that the content you are providing (be it about your product, service or you in person) is up the quality. Remember, you can’t reach everyone, but they can, and this is well possible through quality content. After all, first impression is the last impression.

Create Facebook Cover photo:

A cover photo talking about upcoming events or any product reaches masses in a better way. Make sure you have a creative designing team that can introduce well through the design and brief details.

Be Specific:

You need to be specific, the users are nowhere in a mood to read the entire saga. Make sure that the content you deliver is to the point and has everything that needs to be conveyed. Concentrate upon quality not quantity. This is how the big brands grab the market.

Keep the Dice Rolling:

Your buyers must get one or the other thing (logical) continuously; getting away from them undoubtedly will make an other marketer step into your place and thus you’ll create an opportunity for someone else. The rule of marketing says ‘what they see gets sell’. So keep introducing them to your products and services but without repeating the medium. It could be a new poster, cover photo, or some blog.

Fulfill followers’ requests:

You may get followers, but to keep them with you, you need to satisfy them. This can be done easily by fulfilling their requests. Make sure you have an active team that keep the track of what people have to say and what they need. Both the complaints and requests need to be taken under consideration as early as possible. You need them far more than they need you.

Keep yourself active on Instagram:

Instagram has gained popularity with very fast pace. The reason behind is sharing pictures and further a hashtag makes it more visible. The pictorial elaboration is easy to grab and recognize. Make sure you are well tuned to it and also share the same links on other social communities.

Involve into relevant Public Conversations:

Create a team that can join related forums and groups and interact with the public. This will increase your social media presence and thus will attract more potential customers to your brand. As this is all we are talking about, expanding the visibility and getting into relevant conversations will attach you with those potential buyers who aren’t following you. So with this visibility if you can impress them, you are good to survive in the market. In this age of Big Datas, there is no deficiency of data, but what is required is to identify the relevant data that lies in the probable audience of potential buyers.

Minimize Negative Feedback:

There isn’t any brand which doesn’t get negative feedbacks and taking actions is important but make sure you hide them. Keeping the negative feedbacks in your list can detract other followers by creating a negative image. Remember, it takes days to build and a moment to devastate. Hide the negative feedback and resolve it.

These were the top 10 tips to make your brand successful through social media. Before I conclude would just say the three rules; service, visibility and connections are all you need to make your brand successful on social media.

About the Author:

Sonal Maheshwari loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

The courses offered by Intellipaat address the unique needs of working professionals. She is based out of Pune and has an experience of 6 years in the field of content writing and blogging. Her work has been published on various sites related to Hadoop, Digital Marketing and more.

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    • 3 years ago

      Dhivya Rangarajan   /   Reply

      Well done! Sonal, overall it is a good combo of points you have shared with us! but when it comes to the last point-“hide the negative feedback” I completely you have stated no company can run without negative feedback it is important to have those feedback to your products you can show up your customers that you have taken measures to overcome the problem by retweet/comments in a minimum span of time to show thumbs up to the next customer.

      • 3 years ago

        Sonal Maheshwari   /   Reply

        Thanks Dhivya for your time, and as per your question and disagreement regarding the statement “you have stated no company can run without negative feedback it is important to have those feedback to your products you can show up your customers that you have taken measures to overcome the problem by retweet/comments in a minimum span of time to show thumbs up to the next customer.” I stated to show the real negative points of the brand not the false and bad comments posted by others. Some people just do it to take you down and sometimes it’s not worth it to show that negative feedback that doesn’t count to show the value and worthiness of your product. I hope you are now clear with the point. You can also use the negative feedback by providing the new updated version of the product to help in improving the product.

    • 3 years ago

      shalini   /   Reply

      your blog is really helpful for many of the organisations to how to interact with customers and it is really nice.

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