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Top 10 Tools To Build High Converting Landing Page

Top 10 Tools To Build High Converting Landing Page

Digital Marketing have made it very easy to know how many people and what type of people are looking for the type of products and services that you provide. As per the customer point of view, you must have observed that if you look for some items in the E-Commerce websites from your mobile apps, after few days or may be after few hours you will start receiving alerts and notifications for the offers of particular category of items that you had searched for. Did you ever wondered how you received those offers or alerts? Did you ever wondered how they tracked you back?

If you are trying to market a product by using internet as a platform, your insights in the website might tell you how may prospects or visitors you had for specific time period but to turn those customers to leads, you will need more than just a better product and a good website. You will need a landing page. This will help you convert all those visitors to some long term profitable leads.

What is a landing page?

Whenever you have visited different websites, you must have seen some pop-ups asking your name, email id, contact number or other personal details, or you might also have seen some registration forms to be field before you can take the advantage of that website. This pop-ups and registration form in the websites collecting your personal details, is actually known as a landing page. When you click an attractive content or an advertisement, a smart website will take you directly to such landing pages, which will tell you to fill up your personal details. Survey’s clearly say that converts from visitors to leads is much higher in case of those websites giving importance to landing page rather than all those website who don’t have a landing page.

A landing page is the best way to keep your potential customers in one place. This help you to keep a track of their activities in your website. Try registering for buy a domain address or making a website, and stay inactive for few days. After days, you will receive a mail, form that website asking you the reason for being inactive and requesting you to come back. This is all because of the use of landing page in their website. The information collected by the landing page in a website is used for nurturing the existing as well as new leads to convert them to a loyal customer.

Tools used for Building landing pages

As it is very necessary to keep a track of all the customers until they turn into meaningful lead, building a landing page for your website have become very important. For this purpose this piece of content have brought a list of 10 such tools which can effectively help you build a landing page in your website.

  1. Unbounce


The necessity of keeping your customers from bouncing back to some other website, have led to an essence for the use of the landing page building tool named Unbounce. This is a very user friendly tool as it uses a drag and drop feature. Beside that this is the only landing page building tool with a cheapest plan of $49 per month. Unbounce also provides a walk through video go make it easier for you to use the product.

  1. Instapage


Instapage is a very high converting landing page creation tool. Their basic plan is available at $29 per month. They a have built-in testing feature of two versions- A or B. This helps in optimization of the page and get better traffic in the website. The Instapage also helps two sync your account with the Instagram account.

  1. LeadPages


Leadpages is perhaps a costly tool but a tool which can guarantee you maximum possible number of converts. They have different templates that helps in giving an attractive look to the landing page. All those templates are available according to the rate of conversions. This can also be integrated with email marketing service for effective uses.

  1. Launchrock


If you are launching a product in few days then, launchrock should be your first choice. This tool helps you to build landing place for pre-orders of your product and services. Its simple user interference makes it even better for use.

  1. Hello bar


If you are interested in put an extra bar to your web page without bugging your visitors with pop-up displays, then Hello bar will serve your cause in a better way. This bar have a call to action feature which helps you to increase rate of conversion. They have even an option for user feedback, which will help you to make better choices.

  1. 5 Second Test


This is a very tricky tool to gain the attention of the customers. 5 second test helps visitors to engage with the landing page in an attractive way. They make use of a screen which shows some information to the visitors for 5 seconds, after that few questions on that same topic will be asked to visitors to see how much interest those customers had in what they were viewing.

  1. UserTesting


Usertesting tool is a very useful landing page building tool for in-depth analysis of your visitors. They helps you to get the precious feedbacks of your landing page from the visitors. In case you want to target customers according to their demographic details, this tool will be perfect for you.

  1. Olark


Although this tool have few issues regarding the feedback form the real visitors. In many a times this tools have proven to be very effective in creating the landing page. This helps you to build a chat feature to help your visitors and gather the information in it in exchange of the free help provided by it.

  1. Crazy Egg


This is one of the most famous landing page creating tool. The simplicity in installing this tool to your website makes it more user friendly. This tool has great reviews of many users. It have a feature of analysis your visitors particular interest in your website through  heat map and help you build your landing page in it for more conversion rate.

  1. Optimizely8


Split test is one of the best feature that you will find in very few of this tools. Optimizely is one of such tool which will help you find ways for better conversion. This can give you can effective diagnosis Report of the visitors and ensure that your traffic is split in two or more versions.


The importance of landing page can be well understood when start using the above mentioned tools in your website. Landing pages are can dramatically increase your conversion rate. Nurturing becomes easier for you when the data is collected by your landing page.

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