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Top 10 Ways To Build Your Business Through Inbound Marketing Strategy

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hubspot-logoWell!! As of now, the reason that made you to click this link is either you are having an established business or an employee who is trying to implement inbound marketing strategy, in order to gain more and more visits for your product, or  curious about learning the easy tricks  for better use of inbound marketing strategy.

If you are looking for some short tips that can make the process of, conversion of your visitors of your website to became your loyal customers, then, Congrats!!! You have found the right page with a very well designed content, which can walk you through 10 simple ways in easiest way possible to make use of the inbound marketing strategy in the best possible way.

Struggle without the right path

We can see many successful examples of the use of inbound marketing right from the very founder HUBSPOT, Iconsive to Security Innovation Europe. It’s not like they just jumped insie-logo  for the inbound marketing strategy and succeeded straight way. This companies have done enough mistakes and struggle and finally build up a right path leading to their success. There are also many who tried without a step wise procedure and failure to gain much audience. There might be few who is reading this content, who are struggling to finally make inbound marketing work.

Dear readers, the time for your struggle has finally come to an end, for that here are the 10 very easy ways for you to follow and finally see some results in using inbound marketing into your business.

So cheers!!!

But, before we can get started with the 10 step journey of inbound marketing strategy. You must be clear about the 3 most important elements for which the inbound marking strategy is going to work.

  • Clarity of the product and services definition and working of your business?
  • Which category or industry your business falls in?
  • And finally what sort of people you want to target for making your sale and are they really interested in your product?

If you have all those points in your mind crystal clear, then you’re ready to set your sail for the journey that is going to guide you through, else you must make a note of the above 3 points that have been mentioned and try making a thorough study on it.Iconsive-Logo

10 step journey of inbound marketing strategy

  • Relevant content writing

Everyday our society is flooding with millions and tons of contents all over the place in various platform. How do you think a tiny piece like that of yours which is more like a “needle in a haysNeedle-in-a-Haystacktack” can be seen by the lot? Its ok don’t have to press your mind hard enough to burst out. Let me make it simple by handing you a aTeK76pAcmagnet. There you go! Now you can get that needle in a second.

And the exact same trick we have to use for making our piece of content to be seen by many by introducing the element of “Interest” in your customers as a magnet get directly our content. This can be done by sending a right piece of content for right customers in your inbound marketing strategy. And when you have performed the previous task of learning the need of your customer creating a relevant content won’t be a hard thing.

  • Optimization of the content

It’s not just the relevant piece of information that matters to discover your content, when someone search for it. There is something called “The Ranking of Search machine” which is the key reason why your content doesn’t appear at the top of the Google Search just after publishing it.

The rank depends on how well the keywords, and tags are used while making the content. Google have a feature to make a note of the extensive used words which are preferable for people to search your content, and this process of optimizing your content for ranking in the search engine is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  • Platform to distribute content

If you know how to make an effective content in an inbound marketing strategy, the next thing you should consider is the channel by which you will let your content to flow. It may be a the social media like Facebook Twitter, Instagram etc. or it might be blog or personalised emails.

  • Make a community or fan page

The next you need to focus is how to gather an audience for displaying your content. Best form for getting a large number of audience is proven by making a Facebook page or a Twitter account.

  • Frequency of posts

You must take a note that your community or your page won’t be much helpful if u don’t keep entertaining your audience in it by your valuable content for which they might be eagerly waiting for. This can be taken care of by making a mechanism for posting frequently. As per survey, 10 posts/ week via Facebook, 20-26 post/week via Twitter and 1-2 post/ via email, is an effective way of communicating with our leads or audience.

  • Design flow of customer journey

If the above steps are followed clearly you can gain a large number of clicks, which ofcourse is your real motive in for your inbound marketing strategy. Now as soon as your audience, becomes a visitor of your page you will surely not want them to be upset.

So it is very necessary that you must make your website so simple and user-friendly that your user will not feel the journey inside your website to be difficult to travel. This can be achieved by effective modelling of your website right from landing onto your landing page followed by display of your products to make them buy it successfully.

  • Get the leads

When a visitor come to a website and registers their info for further procedure they become a lead from a visitor or prospect. The main key to keep a track of your visitors is to make them our leads. This can be achieved by creating strong content to make them enter their info (email or contact number) by using a landing page, or a subscription panel.

  • Nurture the leads

Now this is very necessary to take care of the situation of unavailable products in your website. So your products must be available before hand and ready to serve. The availability of new products can also be taken care by send a mail to your leads creating awareness by inbound marketing strategy about your product.

  • Re-marketing

In the process of the journey of a customer inside your website in an inbound marketing strategy to finally buy a product their might be few who choose not to buy the product after giving their info and taking a look at it. There is a lot of chance that those potential customers might have found some kind of trouble or may be choose to buy the same product from your competitor.

In order to get them back you must use some personalized emails asking their reason and an offer for solving their query.

  • Call-to-action

It is very important for you to specifically tell your customer where to click for finally buying their desired item. The rate of conversion for a potential buyer to an actual customer is higher when you insist them to take the action of buying.

  • Get their loyalty

The last and one of the most important thing is to gain the trust of your visitors in order to make them buy your product. This can be taken care of by making the existing customers of the product write a review and give a rating to your product.

Final destination–next stop “SUCCESS”

Now dear readers, your journey of 10 steps of inbound marketing strategy have finally come to an end. The only thing that you need to do, to get down to the next stop -“SUCCESS” is by putting all the 10 steps carefully into your inbound marketing strategy and VOILA!

Don’t forget to keep updating us about your results of your implementation by commenting below. Please let us know how your journey was and keep sharing the knowledge of this content to your friends by clicking on share buttons.

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