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Top 10 Weekly Round Up Of Digital Marketing Posts: 17th October, 2015

Top 10 Weekly Round Up Of Digital Marketing Posts: 17th October, 2015

Enlisted below is the weekly round up of Top 10 highest ranking blog posts published in the previous week. There are several modules that we have covered, and the most shared and liked posts from each module has been mentioned here. Below is the best set of articles on different domains of digital marketing, you can go through all of them and get the best information & knowledge from the same.

Social Media Marketing

Learn To Use Social Mention Tool

Being the highest ranking post of the week, social media marketing has become of the most followed up domains of Digital Marketing. The post showcases the importance of Social Menton Tool in social networking analysis. The social mention tool keeps all the users informed about more than 80 online networking properties, which includes twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg and Google among others.

 Top 4 Tools For Effective Marketing On Instagram

Instagram is trending these days. The above post has focused upon the top 4 most effective marketing tools on Instagram. This is a research-based post, focusing upon the essential tools that are required to lead a successful digital marketing campaign on Instagram.

Webinar Recording Of How To Create Social Media Strategies

There are weekly webinars conducted by leading trainers and industrialists by Digital Vidya. In the webinars, the speakers share their valuable thoughts and knowledge with all the participants and students through live chat sessions where they can put up their questions and get all the queries solved by the experts. Last week, Sanjay Mehta, Business Owner and Jt CEO, Social Wavelength conducted a webinar on How To Create Social Media Strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Top 20 Most Know SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in Digital Marketing. Though, SEO is not an easy task, but one can make it really simple using appropriate tools. One of the top ranking posts this week covers the best SEO tools that will help you gain most traffic on your website. The post puts light on 20 most effective SEO tools, one must know in order to achieve most traffic and success on online platforms.

Digital Marketing

Zomato Successfully Leveraged Digital Marketing To Generate Funding

Zomato being one of the biggest online food hubs for foodies has spread its network worldwide covering 20 countries in total with its main headquarter in New Delhi.  Zomato has used social networking sites perfectly to reach out most of its customers, which has helped it accomplish the goal of generating maximum funds. Zomato engages its customers by catering to all kind of audience. The above post is one of the best ranking posts under the domain of Digital Marketing this week, enlightening upon the various factors that are essential for any organization to generate funding. Zomato has worked as an apt example to explain the same.

Global Benefits Of Earning A Digital Marketing Degree In Asia

 As per the increase in the demand of jobs in digital marketing in Asia, Digital Marketing Degree has become one of the essentials. The post above will make you learn various norms of digital marketing and how important is the need of learning Digital Marketing if you are residing in Asia. In order to make your success global, right education and a degree in digital marketing is a wise decision.

Search Engine Marketing

SEO Vs SEM: Which is better?

There is a constant battle between SEO and SEM, which one works better than the other one. Though, it is difficult to analyse and choose amongst both of them, as they both are equally important for a successful Digital Marketing campaign of any website. The post has earned a remarkable rating this week, as it gives a broader view to what and how both are equally essential for an online website.

Email Marketing

Leverage Email Marketing To Achieve Hike In B2B Marketing

One of the good ranking posts of the week, Leverage Email Marketing To Achieve Hike In B2B Marketing has focused upon the rise in the reach of customers through email marketing. To understand the in-depth knowledge about B2B marketing, this post is a perfect select invest your valuable time in. The post focuses upon the Top 5 EMAIL Marketing tips to increase hike in B2B Marketing.

Oak Furniture Land Leveraged Email Marketing To Drive Online Sales

The post focuses upon the importance of relevant email marketing campaigns held by Oak Furniture land, one of the leading names in hardwood furniture in UK. The above blog post enlightens the fact, that email marketing is generally misconcepted as one of the most mundane forms of marketing. But, with the right approach and smart work one can lead a successful email marketing campaign for the success of their online website or business. Creating a relevant and unique content leads to a commendable boost in the sales.

Web Analytics

Top 5 Tips On How To Do Smarter Web Data Analytics

The post showcases the complete knowledge about web analytics, followed by the Top 5 tips that are supposed to be followed by the digital marketers on how they can work smartly and play while analysing the complete data of their website. As we all know there are various web analytics tools, though it is really important for a marketer to understand the basic need of what tool is to be used where for a remarkable growth in the traffic and sales for a website. The overall performance of a website depends completely on the entire web analytics.

The above are the cream of this week’s posts. We hope that the posts enlisted above might help you gain utmost knowledge to help you grow your business network and drive most of the traffic on your webite.

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