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Top 10 Weekly Round-up Of Digital Marketing Posts: 21st November

Top 10 Weekly Round-up Of Digital Marketing Posts: 21st November

Here we are back again to give you a quick sneak peak into the top 10 best digital marketing posts from amongst different domains of digital, from the last week.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts of the week

Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Advertize Your YouTube Videos On These 5 Platform


This post has bagged a position amongst the top 10 blog posts of the week once again. One of the most profound channels for viewing videos, YouTube largely enables viewers to watch videos, advertisement commercials etc. In the above-mentioned blog, the major emphasis is laid on how can brands advertise the YouTube videos on several platforms. Read the blog to know, if you too are curious to know the 5 platforms!


Top 5 Things You Can Do With Your Facebook Page

Another blog that made a fresh entry into the list of Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts of the week revolves around what can one do with a Facebook Page. This is relevant to those wish to get actively involved in engaging audience via social media marketing platform Facebook’s page. Read the blog to know what 5 things you can do with your Facebook page.

How To Use Instagram For Business

Yet another social media platform that is usually leveraged upon for social networking purpose is Instagram. People use it for posting pics and videos, while there is another bright side to it. Did you know Instagram could be used for businesses as well? Sounds interesting, right? Yes, you can learn how to use it for business purpose through this post.

Hotstar : An Incredible Success Story

You must have heard of HotStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Star India. This new feature successfully leveraged upon the essence of which is perfectly captured in the case study shared here.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A Detail Research On SEO Vs. SEM

Often confused with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is primarily the concept of increasing a website’s search engine visibility on several Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) via search optimization and search advertising. The basic objective of SEM is to generate high website traffic by altering and rewriting ads with high ranking keywords. The two concepts have been explained in comparison to each other.

Analysis Of Website Using SEO Tools

Aforementioned is a case study of website, wherein the in-depth analysis happened using several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. Want to know which SEO tools were levereged upon? Read on the post.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Mercedes Benz Of Pleasanton Drove PPC Campaign & Covered 95% Of Internet Searches

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign of renowned automobile brand Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton has been explained perfectly via this case study. Herein, brand’s PPC campaign has been shared and how it helped to cover 95% of Internet searches.

Top 10 Thoughtful Tips For Planning Your Google Adwords Campaign

Are you too planning to kick-start Google AdWords Campaign? The post on Top 10 Thoughtful tips for planning your Google Adwords Campaign will enable you to plan your actions more cautiously and in a much more productive and result-oriented format.

Content Marketing

Webinar Recording Of The Era Of Brands As Publishers: Insights From Intel Social Content Strategy

Last but absolutley not the least, the last blog on the list of top digital marketing posts from last week belongs to Content Marketing category. The webinar recording blog on the insights from Intel’s Social Content Strategy reflects the key takeaways of the webinar along with the recording for future reference.


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