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Top 10 Weekly Round-up Of Digital Marketing Posts: 5th December

Top 10 Weekly Round-up Of Digital Marketing Posts: 5th December


Here we are back to give a quick glance into the top 10 digital marketing posts of the week. The top posts have been enlisted based upon the digital marketing domains that were top ranked this week:

Digital Marketing

3 Ways To Enhance Your Startup Through Digital Marketing

The guest post on our blog clearly states and describes about the top 3 ways opting which the startups can boost the businesses  via leveraging upon digital marketing tools. The tools stated in the blog are 3S- Stripe, Stream Science & Read on the post to have in-depth knowledge on these tools to enhance startup business operations.

Interview With Ramya Pandyan – Blogging Program Leader, Digital Vidya

We captured the essence of blogging via an interview with our blogging program leader Ramya Pandyan. Read on her journey from being a working professional with Deloitte Touche-Tohmatsu’s Strategy & Operations team and then with BASES, The Nielsen Company in launch consulting for new products, to being a blogger since 2004.

Digital Success Of Frozen – Disney’s Blockbuster Movie Worldwide

Here we have the entry of a case study revolving around the success story of Disney’s blockbuster flick Frozen. The application of digital marketing techniques was the resultant factor for the ‘digital success’ of the movie! Want to know how it happened? Read on the post.

An Interview With Kulwinder Singh – Sr. Director – Global Marketing And Communication, Synechron

Following the league as last week, here is the interview by another Digital Marketing Thought Leader Kulwinder Singh, Sr. Director- Global Marketing and Communication, Synechron. Read the interview to know his advice to newbies who are a part of this booming domain and his opinion about the top skills required to make digital marketing as a career option.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Trends In SEO That You Need To Be Aware Of In 2016

With 2015 passing by and the new year almost round the corner, a lot of changing trends have been anticipated. In the same context, the blog post on the likely trends to be witnessed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2016 has been shared herein. Do keep a note of these trends in 2016!

Neil Patel’s Successful Implementation Of On-page Optimization For Gawker Media

One name that stands synonymous when it comes it to SEO is none other than Neil Patel. This blog post is a case study on how Neil successfully implemented on-page optimization for Gawker Media. Curious to know the tacts used? Read on the post to get acquainted with the information.

Get Your Websites Noticed Through DIY Tips

Wish to get your website noticed and ranked better? The tips enlisted in the blog post will readily enable you to make that happen via Do It Yourself (DIY) tips. Few important factors to consider are keywords, meta tags, optimization techniques amongst others.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

10 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Base

This insightful post will enlighten the readers on some of top tips to boost the number of Facebook fans on a page. Creating a Facebook page is one task, while getting the fans, maintaining the number and then giving a boost to it is altogether another task. These handy tips will help you to increase the number of Facebook fan base, without painstaking efforts.

Snapchat’s Video Feature Introduced In Facebook Mobile Profiles

Social networking platform Snapchat’s rising popularity quotient compelled social media giant Facebook’s mobile profiles to introduce Snapchat’s video feature. This is s great news for all the social freaks out there. They can now share the videos of Snapchat via their Facebook mobile profiles.

Understanding The Concept Of Facebook Marketing

For all those who still consider Facebook as the medium for social interaction, posting pics, status updates etc., this post is for you all. Facebook can and is being cashed upon as a crucial platform for marketing activities. Wish to know how is it possible? Read on the post on ‘Understanding the concept of Facebook Marketing’.

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