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Top 14 Web Analytical Terms

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Before discussing about the Top 14 Web Analytical Terms i would like to elaborate about what is Web Analytics,If we search the word analytics in google we can see that within 0.33 seconds we get about 56,80,00,000 results.So what is Analytics? It means the technology and the associated tools for data analysis to get vital insights to recommend action or to guide decision-making , and the term Web Analytics means it is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing Web usage.Web Analytics is the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to a website. Hence to serve our customer better we need to know what they like or dislike and to know this we need to use Web analytical tools and generate insights about our customer.There are many Web Analytical tools available today but to understand these tools we first need to know its terms , below are the few important terms and its meaning.

Top 14 Web Analytical Terms

Top 14 Web Analytical Terms

Top 14 Web Analytical Terms :

  1. A Visit :

    A visit is an interaction between a browser and a website.

  2. Visits :

    Visits is the amount of times your website is accessed.

  3. Visitors :

    The person who goes to a website.These are usually measured as unique visitors.

  4. Cookie :

    A small amount of text data used to remember information from page to page and visit to visit.

  5. Time on Site :

    The average length of time a visitor spends accessing your site within a specified time period.

  6. Page View :

    The amount of times visitors arrive on individual pages of your website.

  7. Traffic :

    The total number of visits to your Website.

  8. Paid Traffic :

    This consists of visitors who come to your website from Google Adwords ads, paid search engine keywords and other online paid ad campaigns.

  9. Organic Traffic :

    Visitors who come to your Website from unpaid organic or natural search engine results.

  10. Traffic Sources :

    Where your traffic is coming from.

  11. Keywords :

    These are the words that visitors use to find your Website when using a search engine.

  12. New Visitors :

    Internet users who have not previously or recently visited your site are considered new visitors.

  13. Landing Page :

    The first page a visitor views during a session , also know as the entrance page.

  14. Bounce Rate :

    The percentage of visits in which the visitor only views one page of your Website before leaving.

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