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Top 15 Email Marketing Examples to Look Up to

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We all look for inspirations so as to perform our jobs better. Doesn’t matter if you are marketing in this industry for ages or a fresher just going to start your career as a marketer. We always keep searching for outstanding stories that can improve the way we work and experiment. For that matter, we have come up with a comprehensive list of 15 extraordinary email marketing examples that will inspire you in many ways.

Well, you heard that right! Email marketing is still alive and has been effectively used by many marketers to increase the profits. According to Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. This means the ROI from email marketing is 3800%. Now, that’s something big.

The power of email marketing can be seen from the research of eMarketer which suggests 81% of online shoppers who receive emails on the basis of their previous shopping habits were more likely to make a purchase. According to QuickSprout, email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share the content through social media as compared to visitors from other sources.

5 Advantages of Email Marketing

1. Generating Leads

Lead generation is a process that is used by different businesses to get contact information of prospective clients that sales people in your organization may use to close sales.

2. Boosting sales

Various strategies help increase sales. As such, email marketing helps increase sales.

3. Strengthening Relationships

For a brand to get repeat customers, it should build a relationship with its clients. Therefore, email marketing is an effective way to create relationships with potential customers especially when the message is customized to include the customer’s name.

4. Increasing Website Traffic

There are different ways to increase traffic to your site, and one of them is the use of email marketing. It is effective because once customers get email messages that are catchy and compelling, they will want to visit your website and that could translate to more sales.

5. Building Brand Loyalty

Brands all over the world are always trying to build brand loyalty which translates to more sales and repeats buys. As such, email marketing can be effectively used to build brand loyalty.

Technology is evolving and becoming more advanced, as such email marketing is also changing rapidly. Some trends can be easily predicted because signs are already emerging, and they are all pointing to the growing popularity of the said trends.

4 Trends of Email Marketing In 2016

1. Light Box Use

Pop-ups are an efficient way of email marketing. Research has shown that they increase mail lists by ten to fifteen times as compared to the standard use of email sign up fields. Pop-ups are located in the footer and as the browser’s cursor moves it light box shows up. The only disadvantage is that the lightbox use is not possible with the utilization of a mobile phone due to lack of a CUrS0r.
Other pop-ups are timed in such a way that they show up when the browsing session is still ongoing. The advantage is that they are used on the phone.

2. Use of Mobile Phones

Research has shown that there is an emerging trend in the use of mobile phones. Life has become hectic and as such most people are always on the move and a mobile phone being a close companion at all times, makes it an efficient way to read emails. As such, brands should ensure that their email marketing strategies are compatible with mobile phones apps.

3. Personalization

Market segmentation carries a lot of weight in how email marketing is done. Recent studies show that 18-24 years olds are enticed by discounts, while seniors and middle-aged population prefers free shipping. As such, your email marketing message should be personalized to meet the needs of the particular target age group.
A client may visit your store and make a purchase, you could take advantage of the opportunity to get the customers details and later thank them and enquire about the functionality of the particular buy. The company can go ahead and send them a catalog of other offers available in the enterprise.


Google Analytics is a useful tool that captures customer visits information and their contact details. Therefore, you can increase customer data effectively.

There are marketing examples from all over the world and different industries with different email marketing strategies. Below are 15 examples of successful email marketing companies and organizations that you can look up to.

15 Best Email Marketing Examples

1. PayPal

One of the email marketing examples is PayPal. Their email marketing has been effective because it taps into human beings love for companionship and food. It uses the platform to show you how easy it is to use PayPal with the click of a button. The corporate also outlines the steps in two easy steps that when followed, your transactions will be complete without a hustle.



2. ModCloth

The company uses the changes it is planning to make and uses the platform to market their products effectively.



3. Tory Burch

Their online email marketing sale, was so effective because the message was very simple, straight to the point and stood out saying that the message was private. As such, those who received the emails felt unique, and the response was higher than most email marketing strategies.



4. Zipcar

There are those clients who are after visiting a website, abandon the form filling process because of diverse reasons. Zipcar has tapped into that gap and uses email marketing to remind you that you did not complete the filling process.



5. RunKeeper

RunKeeper tells those clients who stopped using their services by using friendly words like & Hi friend’ and signs off by saying & You rock.’



6. Litmus

Litmus uses animation to keep their audience glued to their emails.



7. Loft

Loft captivates by showing that they understand your feelings and tailor the solutions accordingly.



8. Jet Blue

This email marketing example is one of the best in the market reason being; it has personalized the message to cater to the various customer needs. It also recognizes that most emails are deleted upon hitting the inboxes, it makes that fact known using an amusing way.



9. Bonobos

The email marketing strategy is very effective, as such, they have different shorts sizes which they have highlighted in their email by the click of a button one gets to see the different designs and colors.



10. Amazon Local

The site encourages you to state what you are looking for and as such, they send details that’s tailored to your needs.



11. Focus Pointe Global

Focus Pointe Global email marketing strategy is very simple and specifies what the mail is all about, what you stand to gain and how long the process will take.



12. Harpoon Brewery

Effective marketing is all about creating a relationship; Harpoon Brewery has adequately met that by customizing messages and making them appear like they really care.



13. Bonafide

Bonafide uses email marketing to keep tabs on their customers, get feedback and sell other related products.

14. Rip Curl

The company that deals with surfing sportswear in Australia has managed to appeal strategically to the human need to predict their outcome. The company has used few wordings and expressive design to pass the message.



15. Buzz Feed

The company makes use of question and answer in their subject line and preview text.




As earlier mentioned, the email marketing should target specific clients, and not one email fits all. The email should also be simple, precise and make use of graphics to make it more understandable.


With these Email Marketing examples, we have understood that email marketing is still the boss of the marketing kingdom. According to the recent research, it was found that people who buy products which are promoted via email spend 138% more than people who do not receive email offers. This substantiates the purpose why email marketing is still something we need to leverage upon. Doesn’t matter if the times have changed, we still have email addiction and this is very much prominent from ‘You have got a new mail’ thing.

With the cacophony of social media messages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, likes, and status updates), the importance of emails has increased amongst this chaos.

Building successful email marketing campaigns have become even more important than ever. But you can only benefit from them if you do that right.

You can do this by learning from the industry leaders and leverage email marketing to boost your sales. Register now to get the hang of email marketing.

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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