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Top 15 Must Follow Social Media Marketing Tips For 2014

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Have you ever thought about your purpose of being on social media? Definitely, you have one or multiple purposes. Have you ever chalked down all those and analyzed? If not, don’t delay further. Invest your quality time and rethink about your presence on social media. You may ignore this by defending your own stand and rationalizing your own thoughts in favor of your actions. Be it ‘making relationships’ or ‘promoting your brand or business’, you need to be sensitive and focused about your purpose on social media. Sometimes we observe people make very irresponsible and pessimistic comments about their presence on social media. Please don’t underestimate the power of social media. It may give you everything you want in your life or profession or business, provided you manage and utilize the platform(s) effectively. Otherwise, it may spoil everything, your image as well as your fortune.

Following are the 15 tips, which may help you to realize the power and potentials of social media marketing.

1. Be Decisive In Choosing The Right Platform(s)

Don’t be emotional but be rational in choosing the right platform(s). Before you want to join some platform, do research and understand its potentials and rankings on Google. Select a few to start with. Don’t be in hurry for linking your official website with your social media pages. Take time and do it patiently after attaining some maturity in each of the platforms.


2. Profile Is The Power House

After joining a site, prioritize the profile development. Because the profile carries all virtual information about you and your business (if applicable). The profile speaks beyond your activities on a platform. Make yourself reachable and accessible to your followers and audience in general.


3. Post Rich And Interesting Contents

Before you post something, do sufficient research and home work to understand the trends, likes and interests of people and the viral effects of different types of contents. You may decide the best effective combination of contents which address your personality, brand and business, and potentially satisfies the requirements and interests of your audience. Preferably you can use more visuals, videos, infographs, blogs etc. Ensure that the contents are easy to be share. In case you go for integration of your multichannel presence, ensure that navigation from one site to another site/page is easy for your followers and audience. Also, you may consider scheduling of posts, depending on the volume and frequency of your choice or audience demand.


4. Engage Audience And Build Relationship

Your activity does not end at posting of the contents, but actually starts after every post. Observe the followers, their comments and sharing. Accordingly, respond to them and appreciate their contributions. Here your motto is to engage them and establish an amicable relationship with your followers.

5. Ensure Your Followers Feel Good

Know your followers, engage them with your posts and activities and then ensure that they are feeling good at your page. So, take care of quality criteria of your posts. The ‘feel good’ factor is very important because it determines the viral effect of any potential content.

6. Use Analytics

Hundreds of tools are available online to analyze the performance of your posts, pages and campaigns. Use them decisively but not obsessively to understand the overall performance of your SMM initiatives. Many of those tools are free and there are many paid applications.

Google Analytics
Twitter Analytics

7. Don’t Be Egoistic On Any Platform

Be social and adaptive on social media. There is no scope to succeed on these platforms by establishing your EGO over others. Don’t make it an exceptional personal affair. You may lose your support base or followers. Try to be a change agent and influencer, so that people always look at your words, statements and posts.

8. Take Professional Help, If Required

In the due course of your social media involvement, you may feel the importance of some external help. There is nothing wrong in it. You can very well choose consultants, consulting agencies and others for your purpose. Also, you may go ahead, if feasible, to hire a full time Social Media Manager for your business depending on the volume of your activities and nature of response you get online.

9. Don’t Be The Reason Of Your Own Obsolescence

Don’t be obsessive for joining maximum platforms available online. There is no justification to click all the pop ups and connect to all the sites available. It will never help you to build the image but may very well dilute your purpose and credibility. Rather, you may follow the principle of ‘minimum platforms and optimum use’.

10. Be Selective In Building Alliances

Find out who are not your direct competitors, and who are posting complementary remarks about your business. Develop alliances with them and express your solidarity by sharing posting ‘likes’ on their contents or ‘Retweeting’ their posts. Such alliances may emerge fruitful in near future.

11. Never Use It As SALES POINT

You should avoid direct use of Social Media platforms as your sales point. You can very well link your social media pages to your e-commerce or online sales platforms. To leverage maximum from social media, you can better use social media platforms for CRM (Customer Relationship management).

12. Make Social Media Inclusive Of Your Business Plan

Don’t make it a sporadic activity or fringe strategies to achieve success. Rather make it an integral part of your corporate marketing and business plan. Provide due attention and maintain consistency in your social media approach.

13. Maintain Personal – Professional Equilibrium

It’s synonymous with work-life balance. Don’t get too personal so that you may find some situations unbearable. Maintain an impersonal stand with your activities so that you can be adaptive to any kind of situation. Maintain balance between your ‘ROLES’ and ‘EXPECTATIONS’ of your audience.

P-P Balance

14. Recognize Your Audience And Their Contributions

Say ‘THANKS’ to your follower and non-follower contributors. Appreciate their support to your page / brand / cause / campaign etc. Sometimes, you may give them some gifts in the form of ‘coupons’, ‘discounts’ or other privileges.

Thank you

15. Decide On Multi – Channel Integration At The Appropriate Time

After you understand the nuances and dynamics of each platform and gain maturity in using those, you can think about linking all your sites and pages. The multichannel integrity obviously yields better results, provided we are able to manage it effectively.

Sources: Google images

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    • 5 years ago

      Sneha   /   Reply

      Nice post. All the points were presented well. I knew some of the points but points 10,13 and 14 is totally new for me.

    • 5 years ago

      Mayank   /   Reply

      Nice post Mr. Goswami. Most points are covered and are indeed essential in building up a robust social media marketing strategies. I think point no. 1,3,4 and 5 are the most imp. for new/small business and startups looking to make inroads in the social media ecosystem.

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