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Top 15 Must Know Lead Generation Ideas

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One of the crucial aspects for any business sector to work and sustains its set-up revolves around the needs and aspirations of the customers who are going to be catered to by the products &/or services provided/offered. It is the need of the hour to customize the business set-up so as to fetch more leads, thus increasing the sales volume.


With a view to stay updated and remain ahead of the competing firms and business entities, it is essential to work upon the crucial aspects viz. the type of product or services offered, the variety provided and the like. While, there is one concept that holds significant value when it comes to the existence of any business or work and that undoubtedly is the the sound base of customers.

It is worth mentioning a fact that each and every business entity exists with the prime motive of generating a hefty number of leads and converting them such that they turn out to be the conversions. The secondary motive comes in terms of the profit motive involved.

Herein, we shall be highlighting and laying emphasis on the major aspects that need to be taken into consideration for better lead generation:

  1. Creating a video of your product is an interesting and engaging method for luring the targeted set of audience. This is so because a study says that as many as 65% people are visual learners.
  2. Michael Aagard did a test run which included a phrase viz. “100% privacy – we will never spam you!” on a signup form reduced conversions by a full 18%.
  3. Optimizing the about page is yet another feasible option that can turn out to be in your favour for better lead generation. Herein, a suitable call-to-action will shall add onto the value of the page.
  4. Create and maintain a blog on a daily basis. This is a great way to stay connected with the audience.
  5. Content is a crucial factor that needs to be led emphasis on for better engagement and results generation. So, not only quantity but the quality of content on the website and blog are of utmost importance.
  6. Use Social Media for generating leads. This is a great platform that will enable you to reach out to a larger base of audience from a small platform.
  7. Use Twitter for better real-time engagement and promote your tweets as well.
  8. Leverage LinkedIn for engaging and creating a professional connect.
  9. Twitter cards are the new in-thing that are readily providing the platform for engaging with the masses at large and knowing their needs and requirements for better customer engagement, thus generating god pool of leads.
  10. Use Quora for answering the queries. This creates a great platform maintaing a direct connect with the users who wish to know about your product or service.
  11. Redirect SlideShare’s traffic to your landing page. This is so because SlideShare is reportedly the second largest referral traffic source.
  12. Join Google+ communities and be a part of those on an active basis.
  13. Using images, statistical data and infographics is a great way for better results. This is so because the numbers speak for themselves and they help to create a strong impact on the masses.
  14. Besides the aforesaid options, offline modes of generating leads also works well. Thus, hoardings, bill boards, flex boards etc. shall help to create an impact on the community that is not present on the online platform.
  15. Strategic event sponsorship and partnerships is yet another great way that can help out to be in your favour for generating leads. Thus, by creating an impact at the events, seminars and conferences shall help to build a pool of leads, thus paving way for converting them.

So, these were the top 15 must know lead generation ideas. If you have any more ideas that have not been captured here, do share them in the comments section below.

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