Top 15 Sales Tools for Startups & Small Businesses that Ensure Optimized Sales

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Is your sales team not making its sales quota?

Are shareholders of your company getting frustrated?


Use of repetitive old skills, & lack of sales automation

              Utilizing same antiquated skills destroys your chance of being contemporary that diminishes selling potential of sales team.

This Einstein’s quote substantiates the idea of being contemporary-

      – “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” 


Use of Sales Tools melts tough customers at super-duper speeds, ensures optimized presence for businesses, and thus lets sales managers make their sales quota efficaciously.

                Sales Tools for Startups and businesses ensure needed sales automation that lessens labor and reduces stress. Sales tools ensure more wins by providing best opportunities of decision-making that let sales managers meet sales goals.

       After scouring internet for best sales management tools, I have found top 15 sales tools (in no particular order) that meet all the requirements of Startups & small businesses:

1. Task Automating Apps like IFTTT

Task Automating Apps are effective in enhancing Productivity of businesses. Tools like Zapier or IFTTT aid small business owners by integrating portions of their workflows. Task Automating Apps automate managerial processes and they abridge different services in a manner that you do not need to do any kind of manual data entry. IFTTT includes processes like Recipes that lets you connect important things like Google Drive & Instagram, Gmail & Evernote, etc.

  • Task Automating Apps like IFTTT let you connect devices & apps of your daily use
  • IFTTT automatically adds all those users who mentions you on Twitter
  • IFTTT is efficient in tracking work hours in Google Calendarimage-ifttt

2. Sales Cloud

As a CRM tool, Sales Cloud lets sales professionals sell in a smarter and faster way.  From sales collaboration to sales performance management, Sales cloud is quite powerful in easing the process of sales managers. Feature set of Sales cloud includes Partner Program Management, streamlining of workflow, task automation and so on.

  • User-oriented services for basic sales and marketing purposes
  • Offers complete CRM services to any size team of sales professionals
  • Includes features like Customizable CRM, Collaborative Forecasts & Dashboards, Report History Tracking, Workflow & Approval Automation, etc.image-sales cloud-source-salesforce

3. RSS Readers

RSS readers used along with Google Alerts aid your businesses in being more responsive to your target audience. Tools like Feedly or Digg collectively provide published articles on topics that are related to your business. This enhances your customer base as it lets readers follow topic of your interest, which ultimately lets them, be your ideal customers.

  • RSS Readers are effective in targeting your customer base
  • RSS Readers lets you follow your target audience more closely
  • RSS Readers with Google Alerts provides you Real-time email alertsimage-feedly-source-feedly

4. OnePageCRM

OnePageCRM is quite helpful for the sales managers of small businesses. OnePageCRM is a powerful, cost-effective online sales solution that keeps all contacts and sales information in one place and eases the tasks of sales professionals.  It includes a proven follow-up system and it lets sales reps in focusing on sales activities.

  • OnePageCRM comprises “Next Action” system that aids in upfront sales decisions
  • It offers effective customer relation management via its unique contact system for sales purposes
  • OnePageCRM has convenient Targets & Deal performance page that simplifies CRM tasksimage OnePageCRM-source-OnePageCRM

5. NetSuite

NetSuite is one of the powerful Cloud Business Management tools that are quite beneficial for smalls businesses. NetSuite is effective in providing real-time 360-degree view of your potential customers. It helps sales reps by providing customer life cycle, quotes, commissions, order management, etc. which aid managers in streamlining their sales processes more effectively.

  • NetSuite effectively streamlines lead-to-cash procedures
  • It improves Sales forecasting & Increases productivity of small businesses
  • NetSuite lets you manage global sales & related services along with Upsell managementimage NetSuite-source-NetSuite

6. Quora

Quora is a little different from other tools as it is like a research resource of all research resources that provide answer of all the doubts, which small business owners may have in their minds.  Here, you can get answers of real questions related to any topic. Quora incorporates a great level of engagement from industry veterans, experts and professionals.

  • Quora provides trove of thoughtful answers that let you sell in specific market
  • Quora allows you to answer questions related to your own expertize that aids in self-branding
  • Quora is easy to use, and it effectively optimizes online presence of small-businessesimage Quora-Source-Quora

7. Clari

As a sales tool, Clari is effective in combining data science, mobile, and automation that aid sales managers in channelizing their teams throughout the selling process in the most result-oriented manner. Clari aptly works with existing enterprise systems, and it is adept in sales forecast accuracy.

  • Clari improves productivity and provides details of all opportunities
  • It is efficient in monitoring deal activities across your entire team
  • Clari is prudent in understanding deal processes, checking deal status and in analyzing risksimage-clari-sourc-clari

8. LevelEleven

LevelEleven is a powerful sales performance platform, which is quite beneficial for sales managers of Startups and small businesses. As sales tools for Startups, LevelEleven drives sales by providing real-time performance analysis, leader boards, and then it aptly integrates such functionalities with Salesforce data.

  • LevelEleven simplifies working of sales managers by converting sales reps into motivated sales professionals
  • LevelEleven is fully functional in Salesforce and it effectively automates tracking
  • It effectively improves CRM adoption, and it displays Leaderboards in Salesforce on office TVsimage LevelEleven-source-LevelEleven

9. Hoopla

Hoopla is a powerful sales tool for Startups that offers cloud-based sales motivations, which ensure business results for sales teams. Sales Motivation platform of Hoopla is effective in providing data analytics and broadcasting quality video through its game mechanics, which make sales management an interactive and easy process for sales managers.

  • Hoopla includes mechanism that provides competitive analysis, and motivates sales teams
  • Hoopla automates contests with its Game Center, and it lets you track as many metrics as you wish
  • Hoopla is effective in creating themed contests around any business goalImage Hoopla-Source-Hoopla

10. Infor

Infor is best in offering befitting enterprise applications to small businesses that ensure flexible CRM. Infor is effective in fulfilling customer-interaction hub concept, and with its help, sales managers can efficiently provide 360° customer view to their sales teams that streamlines selling processes quite adeptly.

  • Infor is effective in creating and executing campaigns in half-time
  • Infor is fitting in increasing response rates and getting quicker feedbacks
  • Infor can let managers manage campaigns with a fewer number of employeesimage infor-source-image infor

11. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is first rate in ensuring more deals and smarter sales. As a sales tool for Startups, SalesLoft converts prospects into qualified leads and closed deals in the most guaranteed and result-oriented fashion. It is a simple online solution that sales managers prefer for letting their teams function in an efficient and interactive manner.

  • SalesLoft adeptly searches social profiles that aids in finding best prospects
  • SalesLoft lets sales reps add prospect to their lists just with a single click
  • SalesLoft quickly targets unique & specific segment of your marketImage SalesLoft-source salesloft

12. Enkata

As one of the best sales tools for startups & small businesses, Enkata is adept in letting sales teams perform at top levels. Enkata provides befitting sales management, and it uses data intelligence to ensure performance optimization, which aids sales managers achieve their sales goals. As per statistics, Enkata enhances sales effectiveness by 12%.

  • Enkata guides sales managers in taking actions that ensure outcomes
  • Enkata gathers and organizes data from several sources that offers comprehensive views for sales managers
  • Enkata is adept enough to identify and highlight information that are important for improving performanceimage Enkata-source Enkata

13. Achievers

As one of the most powerful Cloud-based Employee Success Platforms, Achievers is a powerful sales management tool that ensures employee engagement by offering social employee recognition, achiever analytics, global rewards and many other statistics that aid sales manager to use their sales reps in more organized and effective manner.

  • Achievers lets managers recognize potential of coworkers with Open Recognition
  • Achievers provides sales management at different mobile platforms and devices
  • Achievers offers Results Drivers for salesImage Achievers-Source Ahcievers

14. WiseStamp

WiseStamp is one of the most preferred sales tools for startups that aid in branding and creating visual appeal of companies. WiseStamp ensures consistency, and lets your company stand out from crowd that is one of the most effective techniques to close deals and increase ROI. WiseStamp is consistent in creating appealing emails signatures for businesses.

  • WiseStamp centrally manages all company signatures in an adept manner
  • It lets you customize signatures via its rich professional signature templates
  • WiseStamp integrates with Google Analytics that lets you analyze effectiveness of your signature campaignsImage WiseStamp-source-Wisestamp

15. Salesforce Work

Salesforce Work is an efficient Sales Performance Management tool that aids sales managers to sell in more profit-oriented manner. Salesforce Work allows managers to align their teams as per their business goals by providing them accurate analysis of employee recognition and real rewards.

  • Salesforce Work provides CRM that motivates sales professionals
  • Sales managers can directly coach their teams through Salesforce CRM
  • Salesforce Work also ensures real rewards through gift cards as per sales performance summariesImage Salesforce-Work-source Salesforce Work

All these tools are influential in targeting customers and letting them feel ‘Important’, that ensures completion of your sales-goals-

            “Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, Make me feel important.’ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life” – Mary Kay Ash, an Inspirational Business Leader

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  1. Simcha

    Thanks for including WiseStamp in this great list of tools!

  2. shivendra tiwari

    Thanks Simcha for finding my ‘list of tools’ great.

    Consistency of WiseStamp in offering befitting company signatures lets it secure a position in all time best Sales Tools, and hoping it will continue the same.

    Do update me with other CRM tools of WiseStamp that you’d like me to pay heed upon, and add in my next articles.


  3. Steven

    Nice roundup. I think you will check one more tool. That tool helped in my business startup stage, some instances are keep track of all sales activities, win & loss analysis, annual statistics reports and I can customize this app based on my choice. Check Apptivo, I’ve been using this over 3 years and it suitable for small business.

  4. shivendra tiwari

    Thanks you Steve!
    For sure if I’d be covering more than 15 Sales Tools, I’d have covered Apptivo.
    However, for sure Apptivo has great potential to be adjustable for any kind of business as a Sales Automation tool, and it’s great that it is helping you.
    Kindly also update us if you use any other sales tool given in this post.


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