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Top 2 Paid Search Tricks To Make Your Search Engine Marketing A Big Success

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In today’s world of cut-throat competition, retailers are paying huge money to ensure their presence in search engine marketing which could help them to improve the brand image, increase the sales number and stretch the list of loyal customers.


It means under what search results do I want my advertisement to appear. The idea here is to reduce unwanted traffic(may be by putting negative keyword) and get maximum number of conversions (by targeting the right audience) .
For best results keyword should neither be a single word nor it should be broad based. It can be a phrase or multiple words which has relevance in the service that one offers. For example – a gold jeweler can have gold jewelry ,gold jewelry retailers or jewelry as the keywords and in case of placing negative keyword one can take an example a local Chinese restaurant which doesn’t provide home delivery service would not like his name to appear in search which ask for Chinese restaurant with home delivery. It is also important that the keyword which one selects should also appear in the advertisement as it gives a sense of assurance to the visitor about the content of the website hence resulting in increase in the traffic.

Another important tool for an effective paid marketing is:

LANDING PAGE OPTIMISATION: Landing page is the first page where the customer reaches on clicking to the advertisement of the business. A very common mistake is to make your homepage as your landing page but this does not always hold good. While clicking on to the link the customer has the clarity of his actions, as for example, when a searcher clicks on an advertisement link of online booking of a movie ticket all he wants to do is to book the tickets for a movie show. In this case if the link takes him to the home page of the movie theater company which gives details about the owners of the company and their other businesses, this will definitely upset him and force the customer to exit the site. So to ensure smooth landing one should link the most relevant page to the add campaign.

It has also been observed that customers always prefer hassle free websites i.e the ones which do not have long registration forms or the online shopping websites which have safer payment options like’cash on delivery’ or easy return policy.

In order to succeed in the world of paid marketing one needs to keep a continuous track on all the aspects whether it be keeping an eye on different keywords used with your paid search campaigns and the traffic each one attracts or by trying different combinations of landing pages with the advertisement and tracking the conversation rate. It’s an ongoing process!!

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      How can we reduce the risk of using hypothetical ‘Key Words’? Practically speaking, the SEM experts or social media marketers or online marketers are very much cautious about coining their ‘key words’ to optimize their traffic. But most of the common man, who browse google to search something, hardly engage in critical thinking to coin their key words. Rather, its an instant cognitive product which they enter and search at the internet cafe. Is there any subject like ‘key word research”?

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