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Top 20 Marketing Blogs That Teach You How to Be A Successful Blogger

Top 20 Marketing Blogs That Teach You How to Be A Successful Blogger

Have you ever imagined why some marketing blogs do extremely well whereas others go up in smoke? What ingredients help them to boost the authority and reach of their blog? Well, let us pick out the USBs of the top 20 marketing blogs which you too can incorporate in your blog and have the taste of success:

1. Backlinko

Your audience is everything and grabbing their attention should be the prime focus. No one wants to read copied and low-quality content. Backlinko knows this well and this is the reason why it is best known for its supreme quality content, detailed description and numerous comments on each post. The Backlinko SEO blog has a button asking readers to opt-in to “get more traffic”. This is well placed and helps backlinko to maintain its ranking.


Sources: Backlinko

2. Moz

Since publishing content that is unique, meaningful and matters to the reader is crucial for better SEO ranking, case studies can boost your site altogether. Moz makes case studies an inseparable part of its blog site which helps the user to get in-depth knowledge about a topic and how it is practically possible. Giving examples, screenshots and strategies that could be used impress the visitor making them your regular customers.


Sources: Moz

3. Neil Patel

Interaction plays a crucial role. Without getting involved with your audience, you are doing only half of your job. Writing content and publishing them isn’t of any value if you don’t respond to the comments of the audience. Taking time out to respond to the queries add more value and helps in building trust between the users and the author.

neil patel

Sources: Neil Patel Blog

4. Search Engine Watch

Having one author for your blog before it gets taste of popularity is no wrong. Even after getting popularity, you can stick to one author and get great results. However, the multi-author approach works best. You can put forward different viewpoints and write more content on varied topics.


Sources: Search Engine Watch

5. Buffer

Statistical data acts as a validation to your content and thus increasing the trust of the audience, making them believe that you know what you are writing.


Sources: Buffer

6. Social Media Today

If your blog doesn’t attract the audience, it is no more than a private thought diary. Social Media Today knows what attracts its audience and the urgency to be user centric. Without proper audience engagement and interaction, your blog will not be a dry place.


Sources: Social Media Today

7. Econsultancy

Linking your content with other worthwhile content can help the reader to know and learn more. Econsultancy does this the best. By providing several internal and external links that are useful to the readers helps them to learn more and appreciate your efforts.

Sources: Econsultancy

8. Kissmetrics

If you know the importance of listing out your content, the game is yours. People don’t have enough time to go through long paragraphs. With list posts, there is easiness of scanning the content and who doesn’t love sharing list posts? For example, Top 10 ways in which you can use SEO to make money.

Sources: Kissmetrics

9. Hubspot

Ambiguity makes the reader bounce to a more structured and organized blog. Separating your content and making it available to them in a clean and organized manner will make them come to your blog again and again. You can learn how it is done from Hubspot. The way they have organized their data into three different categories namely Agency, Marketing, and Sales help its audience to tap what they are looking for without wasting any time.


Sources: HubSpot

10. TopRank Marketing

Social sharing is essential! We know how powerful social media is but you should know how you can increase the probability of social sharing. TopRank Marketing’s USB is the ease with which one can share content. With a list of social buttons and the number of shares above each title, it makes easier for the reader to know how popular or unpopular the post is.


Sources: TopRank Marketing

11. Search Engine Journal

If your blog can not be scanned by your target audience, then the whole motive of writing that article is futile. Writing short paragraphs with numerous and apt headings and proper transition from one paragraph to another, helps the reader to content with what you’ve written. Search Engine Journal knows reader don’t want to read every single word and this why scannable content comes to rescue.


Sources: Search Engine Journal

12. ReelSEO

Video sharing is spreading its wings and all blog writers are taking shelter under this wing. Since videos make the SEO of your blog post better, it is a must to use videos in your content for better understanding of your readers. High-quality content combined with infographics, pictures and videos not only gives a visual treat to your users but also valuable knowledge.

reelSEO (1)

Sources: ReelSEO

13. Quicksprout

Go no haywire! Quick Sprout knows the need to get to the point in the first 300 words. There is no need to make your reader go round and round without getting to the point. Believe in delivering the main point as soon as possible than late.


Sources: Quick Sprout

14. Unbounce

Sidebar may seem to be worthless. However, they can either make your blog or break it. The Unbounce blog uses sidebar in the best possible manner. Not only visually but it is helpful too. It gives information about most recent posts, social media, search, upcoming events and the most visited blogs. You can make your sidebar basic or advanced depending upon the need but make sure it is helpful to your audience.


Sources: Unbounce

15. Copyblogger

A blog without headlines, subheadings, and titles. Doesn’t it sound weird? Proper headlines and subheadings make it feasible for your audience to read it in a better manner and get a gist of the following content. For instance, if you want to write on the link between SEO and quality of content, give title such as- How SEO and quality of content are proportional?


Sources: Copyblogger

16. ConversionXL

Give in-depth knowledge to your readers. Humans want to know more out of curiosity and ConversionXL is best at this. As you scroll down, it gives more and more information to its readers. They nicely put their content along with blockquotes, screenshots, headlines, videos and images. Telling more to your reader always works in your favor.


Sources: ConversionXL

17. MarketingProfs

Uniqueness makes you stand out of the crowd. What makes you different from others and why should readers come to you instead of someone else? Start questioning yourself this and this question will give a makeover to your blog site. The MarketingProfs provides a button for inducing its audience to sign up for exclusive resources. Add uniqueness to your content and you can stand out of the rest.

Sources: MarketingProfs

Sources: MarketingProfs

18. Convince & Convert

Images can be maker or breaker of your blog. Top blogs know when to add a picture and when to omit it and how not to overdo it. Convince & Convert is one of them. Using images because ‘you should’ will never help you out. Having appropriate and relatable images in your content can help your blog carve a niche for itself.


Sources: Convince & Convert

19. Ignite Social Media

Give your reader an idea on what is coming next. Without proper introduction, the reader is left bewildered on what he is reading. Ignite Social Media gives proper introduction and a short description of the content which helps the reader to stick to their page. For example, if you have to write on Twitter’s influence on social media, you could start your article with giving an introduction on when Twitter was launched and how it has covered a great distance in short duration of time.


Sources: Ignite Social Media

20. Search Engine Roundtable

Nobody wants to read a content that gives migraine! Putting the content in easy and understandable way helps the reader to come again and again to your blog. Simplifying topics that are complex and advanced leaves the reader satisfied and content.


Sources: Search Engine Roundtable

With these top 20 marketing blogs, you can mix and match what suits you. There are enormous tricks you can align to, in order to push your blog ahead of the game. Drop your comments down and let us know which one fascinates you the most. Have a successful blogging experience!

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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