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Top 20 Must Know SEO Tools

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Search Engine Optimization became very easy when we use an appropriate tool. Tools play a very important and essential part in SEO, so a large number of tools for various steps for SEO are available. Some of them are free and some paid tool too available.

Some important free tools are listing below:

1. Google PageSpeed Insights: Check the speed and usability of the site on various devices.

As enter the URL, this tool will test loading time and performance for both mobile and desktop. And also identify the opportunities for improvement. Mobile results come with an user experience score.

2. Moz Local Listing Score: See the online presence of local business on various platform.

This tool collect the data from more than 15 various sources—like Google, Foursquare, and Facebook and more—to score the business on how it looks online. Results appear with all actionable fixes for inconsistent or incomplete listingslocal-listing-score-1024x806
3. Google Webmaster: For the constant website analysis, alerts, and error reports

The webmaster tool helps in analysis of website in terms of Google search engine. Also give the insights for the errors regarding indexing, bugs, etc. and a lot more.


4. Google Analytics:Get insights of complete web search and stats

Google analysis helps in tracking the traffic for the website and also go for the powerful keyword insights.


5. Keyword Tool:Find more than 600 keyword ideas focus on the single keyword.

Just enter a keyword, and the Keyword Tool shows a long list of provides a huge handful of long-tail keyword opportunities, which are organized alphabetically.

6. Google Keyword Planner: For the keyword search volume

Keyword planner helps in selection of a keyword by showing search volume on monthly bases, competitive strength and also for the bid management on the keyword and adgroup level.


7. Google Trends: Show the changes in search volume for key terms

Search via Google Trends shows the graphical presentation of popularity with the terms and SEO opportunities and competitive analysis for two terms too.

google trends
8. QuickSprout Website Analyzer: For the full analysis of a website.

This tool does analysis of website and show the reports on 3 different base: website analysis, social media analysis and competitive analysis. Tells about all needs for the SEO in terms of speed, keywords, links, and many more.


9. Open Site Explorer: For the link analysis and spam score.

The free version of this tool gives a full insight in link analysis, also shows all inbound links with their URLs and the sight of domain authority too.


10. SimilarWeb: View site stats for any domain.

This tool is using in traffic comparison between two websites.


11. Schema Creator: Uber-customize the way your search results appear

Create custom code so that reviews, events, organizations, and people are displayed the way one wants on search pages. Once schema code is created, copy and paste to concerning website.
Here’s an example of schema in action:review

12. Browseo: See the website with the eyes of search engine.

This tool helps in viewing the site with search engine spider’s eyes. This particular view is very helpful to see the hierarchy that have been given particular elements.


13. SERP Rank Checker: See the site ranks for particular keyword.

With the help of this tool, anyone can find its ranking on SERPs on particular keyword.

SERP Rank checker

14. XML Sitemaps: Build sitemaps in XML for the website.

Simply enter website’s URL and some optional parameters, and this tool will create a sitemap that can be upload to Google Webmaster Tools.

15. Find Broken Links: Discover links errors in the site and generate the HTML/XML sitemaps. This is the link address for find the link analysis (both internal/external) within the website.Screen-Shot-2014-08-23-at-9.00.19-AM-1024x344

16. Soovle: For keyword idea for content writing.

Soovle is the tool for keyword idea in different search engine for the unique content writing for the website.

17. Copyscape: For duplicate content checking.

One can check the duplicate content for a blogpost or website with this tool. For this only enter the URL for the blog or website, and Copyscape will tell about content online existence anywhere else.

18. Searchmetrics Website Analyzer: For search/ paid/ social performance check

Free version of Searchmetrics website analyser shows the comparative performance on search, paid and social platform. And also give the insights on backlinks/ link with competitor sites.

searchmetrics website analyser

19. Infographics.

This is a free tool for infographics creation and sharing. Templates in the tool allow to create professional graphics alike.


20. SEO Site Checkup: For Audit and score for the website.

Do a fast SEO audit with this tool and check the proper tags and error surfacing within site.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-23-at-9.49.51-AM-1024x396 (1)

These are some basic free tools available for SEO check and a lot more tools available too while some are free and some are paid. If you are interested in mastering the art and science of SEO, join the SEO Certification by digital vidya.

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