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Top 20 Video Creation Tools for Powerful Video Content Marketing

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Videos make your marketing-content be more shareable.

That is why content marketing demands more and more of powerful and engaging video content. This becomes feasible with the help of Video Creation Tools. 

Once you include videos in your content marketing strategy, you let the content be more interactive, comprehensive, and intuitive.  Videos make content become more appealing to readers and eventually be share-worthy— means More Audiences, More Traffics, More Conversions and ultimately Enhanced ROI.

Stats also prove the same, as 95% of successful marketers have used video content as part of their content marketing strategy in 2016.

About Video Content production Joe Pulizzi, Founder at Content Marketing Institute & Author of joe-pulizzi-founder-content-marketing-institute-author-of-content-incContent Inc says—““The sheer cost of video production has come down to a point where there are no barriers to entry. Buyers have devices that can play videos with them at all times… [and] are engaging in 100% more information year-over-year before they make a buying decision.” 

To convince buyers through videos to make a buying decision, you have to create interactive and engaging videos.

Video creation tools do this for most of the marketers who constantly attract viewers and convert traffics into profits. Some of the best video content tools that can aid your video production and optimize your video content marketing  are-

Top 20 Video Content Tools

  1. GoAnimate

    Video Creation Tools


GoAnimate lets you create professional-looking animated videos in quickest possible time. It includes powerful drag and drop functionality that allows you select multiple backgrounds, props, characters, settings quite easily and with its help, you can assign dialogues to characters with automatic lip syncing features.

  • With GoAnimate, you can enjoy unlimited hosting, download and creation of video content.
  • GoAnimate offers Do-it-Yourself tools that let you create stunning videos as per your content marketing needs.
  • It includes amazing features like character creator, lip-syncing, audio sweetening, visual excitement and publishing.
  1. Wideo

    Video Creation Tools


As one of the most preferred Video Content Tools, Wideo is considered as an online video platform that can let you easily create and edit videos as per your custom requirements. Creation and sharing of animated video content is quite easy with Wideo. Through its easy and effective services, you can easily personalize your video marketing campaigns to be more convincing and result-oriented.

  • Wideo provides best in class templates that boost your social media campaigns.
  • Satisfied clients of Wideo claim 12-x increase in ROI and 96% increase in productivity.
  • With Wideo, you can create videos that can increase email-marketing click-through rates.
  1. Stupeflix

     Video Creation Tools


Video content that can effectively aid in storytelling needs Stupeflix as it puts your online content, videos, related media and other presentations at one place, and lets you tell your story in a convincing fashion. As a video content tool, it is mostly used to create more slideshows than videos, but it is very convenient in exporting videos to YouTube.

  • Stupeflix lets you create unlimited free videos of up to 25 minutes long.
  • It offers 16 beautiful themes to create unique and professional video content.
  • With Stupeflix, you can add maps, add voice-overs, trim videos, and enjoy some other powerful video features.
  1. Evaer

    Video Creation Tools


Evaer lets you record Skype video and audio calls in an accommodating manner. You can easily do this by- remote webcam only, local webcam only, separate files, picture in picture modes, audio files, and side-by-side modes. Businesses prefer using Evaer for creating video content that includes interviews with experts, online tutorials, client interaction, field interviews and so on.

  • With Evaer, you can enjoy self-adaptive selection of aspect ratio and video resolution.
  • Evaer has interactive and easy to use UI that lets you create stunning videos quite easily.
  • It lets you capture audio and video data of Skype calls in original format with high quality.
  1. Camtasia

    Video Creation Tools


Camtasia, a video content tool provided by Techsmith lets you record all kinds of screen movements and related actions. You can quite easily capture anything that is visible on the screen of your PC, and then can publish that on your site and video channels. It has voiceover feature and additionally, it includes “green screen” facility through which you can shoot your own video.

  • It lets you create stunning videos through drag and drop editing.
  • Some inbuilt features of Camtasia are media, screen recorders, animations, narrations, green screens, etc.
  • With Camtasia, you can easily create animated backgrounds through its motion graphics, icons and music tracks.
  1. Viewbix

    Video Creation Tools


Viewbix, in video content tool category acts as a powerful video marketing tools that additionally lets you create your videos too. In three easy steps, you can create your video that can easily be marketed by adding link, inserting your company logo and in the end, inserting CTA buttons. It also helps you in lead generations through its powerful sharing features.

  • Viewbix offers cutting-edge analytics that maximize conversion and ensure high ROI.
  • Viewbix guarantees interactive video ads that comprise average engagement rates of over 25%.
  • With Viewbix, you get some of the best-integrated calls to actions and cross platform distribution features.
  1. PowToon

    Video Creation Tools


Powtoon is one of the most useful video content tools that let you create animated videos as per your specific marketing requirements. Powtoon lets you create effective videos for channelizing product/service demos. It has such an interactive interface that helps you easily understand all the procedures of video creations.

  • You can easily use ready-made templates of Powtoon to create powerful videos within 20 minutes.
  • Powtoon is beneficial in creating video content for personal, educational and professional purposes.
  • Customer support offered by Powtoon is also quite helpful in the time of crisis while animating any videos. 
  1. Wirecast

    Video Creation Tools


Wirecast offers some of the best live-streaming video software that aids you in conferences, educational events, live interview telecasts, and so forth. It has the capacity to capture feeds from multiple devices such as microphones, camera feeds, web feeds, iOS 8 camera feeds, etc. It also offers encoding abilities and includes live production software.

  • Wirecast offers video content features to tell your stories live to your target audiences.
  • It lets you add more professionalism to your live feeds through animated titles, live switching, transitions, etc.
  • You can easily stream to integrated streaming services through Wirecast, and additionally, it offers multi-format encoding.
  1. ScreenFlow

     Video Creation Tools


As a video content tool for Mac users, ScreenFlow offers powerful and professional screen capture and video editing services. With its help, you can capture video content from your iPads screen, iPhones, Mac desktop computers, video camera, laptops and so forth. It also captures audio from microphone and with Screen Flow, you may also enjoy split-track editing feature.

  • It lets you record anything, edit everything and share anywhere.
  • Creating engaging and epic video content that ensures great traffic is guaranteed with ScreenFlow.
  • ScreenFlow offers some of the best video content solutions to marketers, gamers, bloggers, educators, etc.
  1. VideoScribe

    Video Creation Tools


VideoScribe is known as one of the most helpful video content tools that can automatically animate anything you wish to get animated. It includes some of the most powerful and creative graphics in its library that aid you in providing custom animation to your videos as per your specific marketing requirements.

  • VideoScribe is rated as best in creating whiteboard animation style videos that are high definition and engaging.
  • It offers great features to everyone, so if you are a professional, freelancer or educators, it will for sure help you.
  • With VideoScribe, it is quite easy to get started, additionally, you will get bonanza of royalty-free images and music. 
  1. Animoto

    Video Creation Tools


Animoto lets you use your photos, video clips, texts and music to create your custom videos in snappiest possible manner. You can use its library to make video-creation be more intuitive and convenient. Animoto helps you in posting videos on different social media sites, websites, emails and other content marketing platforms.

  • Animoto is a powerful marketing video builder that lets you create share-worthy social videos.
  • Features like collage layouts, voice-over and text control make Animoto a powerful video creation tool.
  • Animoto lets you create Video Content through its drag & drop interface that work on all the social media platforms.
  1. Magisto

    Video Creation Tools


Magisto is very useful in using your raw footages and converting them into a powerful short video that can engage your audience and influence them to follow you. You can add titles and music in your videos quite easily as the whole platform is quite interactive and guides you in creating customized videos.

  • Magisto promises to give life to your stories, and in most of the cases it does the same quite convincingly.
  • Magisto lets you select best parts of your videos and customize that with chosen themes, effects and music.
  • It offers some of the easiest and powerful sharing features that let you target your audiences in an automated fashion. 
  1. Wistia

    Video Creation Tools


Wistia is a powerful video content tool that also helps with video analytics. With its heatmaps feature, you can know who rewatched your videos, where your viewer stopped the video, who skipped your video, and other similar analytical information. It lets you know your most engaged fan-base, additionally; you can add CTAs to your videos that will let you track leads efficiently.

  • Use Wistia to enjoy great features of some of the best video analytics, marketing and hosting tools.
  • You can quite easily integrate Wistia with other marketing tools such as MailChimp, HubSpot, etc.
  • With Wistia, you can create 25 videos without paying any fee, but to enjoy advanced features, you should go with paid plans.
  1. YouTube Editor

    Video Creation Tools

    YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Editor is a free YouTube editing tools that is quite helpful for every marketer. Predominantly everyone uses YouTube to host and stream his or her videos anyway and with an editing ability, you can make your video more creative and customized. YouTube editor also helps you in adding annotations and providing transcripts to videos that make your videos SEO friendly.

  • If offers great capability to edit your videos, as you can trim videos to custom-lengths quite easily.
  • With YouTube editor, you can combine multiple videos and images to create an absolutely new video.
  • You can add music as per your specific needs, additionally; it lets you customize videos through special effects.
  1. Common Craft

    Video Creation Tools


Use Common Craft for creating unique, powerful and adeptly orchestrated videos made through video clips, photos, and paper cutouts. It is very helpful in creating unique video content that is beautiful and effective in establishing an emotional connect with your audience. It is a little time consuming, as with it, you may follow trial and error method to get right video, but it is useful in creating personalized videos.

  • It offers video content features for businesses, photographers, educators and entrepreneurs.
  • Common Craft lets you tell your story by using your own words and cutouts that are of excellent quality.
  • It is quite friendly with social media platforms and you can easily share your videos on different social platforms.
  1. Vidyard

    Video Creation Tools


Vidyard provides you metrics that tell you behavioral analytics of your audiences that let you create video content, which is more effective in grabbing attention of your target audiences.  Through Vidyard, you can get data related to attention span of your viewers, their locations, click through behaviors, associated conversions and ROI.

  • With Vidyard, you can create an email gate in your video content that aids in collecting e-mail addresses of clients.
  • It is one of the best video platforms for businesses, which let you measure the true performance of your video content.
  • Vidyard lets you create and optimize video content that can be distributed on social media platforms for mass consumptions.
  1. Slidely

    Video Creation Tools


Slidely provides marketers an ability to create slideshows and music videos from their existing video clips, photos, and music. Later, you can directly post those videos to your Slideshow or other Social Media accounts. With Slidely, you get badges and widgets that you can use to embed video clips onto your website or blog.

  • Slidely lets you connect with your audiences with awesome creativity.
  • With Slidely, you can create a show, collage, gallery and promos for your business.
  • Slidely is also available for mobiles that makes it quite convenient to easily create and share videos.
  1. WeVideo

    Video Creation Tools


You can easily create and edit engaging video content through WeVideo. Even those who are naive to video content concept, find creation of videos quite convenient through WeVideo. You get full creative control of your videos as you can add logos, info cards, color schemes, and CTA buttons of your choice as per your specific requirements.

  • WeVideo is a powerful collaborative cloud-based video editor.
  • It offers you a simple and intuitive video creation interface that also offers you full video control.
  • WeVideo provides robust editing features to its users that make it one of the most preferred video creation tools. 
  1. Filmora

     Video Creation Tools


Filmora is a powerful video creation tool that lets you create and edit videos by adding custom effects related to Scene Detection and audio edits. Brightness, speed, rotation, etc. can be easily customized in Filmora. Features such as rich music library, filters, overlays and texts alleviate the video creation process.

  • As a video creation tool, Filmora offers an intuitive and powerful video editing experience.
  • With FilmoraGo, you get a full feature mobile editing app that makes video editing more convenient.
  • From color tuning to transition controls, you get all the features that you need to make powerful engaging videos. 
  1. Sellamations

    Video Creation Tools


This is a unique video content tool that lets you create doodle videos, with the help of which, you can tell your story through high-speed capture by using a marker. It is quite affordable, and additionally, it lets you create one of a kind videos that can develop an interesting emotional connect with your viewers.

  • Sellamations is best in creating powerful doodle animated videos that are perfect for social media platforms.
  • Doodle videos are eye grabbing and they are considered 800% more engaging compared to normal written texts.
  • With powerful script, professional voice over and doodle videos, you can easily create video content that are informative and equally attractive.

Five Cs of Best Video Creation Tools: 

  1. Can Customize
  2. Can Connect
  3. Can Communicate
  4. Can Convince
  5. Can Convert

      For a successful content marketing, video content is the most powerful way to connect, communicate, convince and convert your consumers.

Over-mentioned DIY video creation tools let you create same kinds of powerful videos that are-

  • Customized
  • Conversion-oriented
  • Cost-effective

As per statistics, online sales may grow upto $350 billion dollars, and to ensure powerful online content presence that meet your conversion goals, video content is going to be the major key.

Do proper research, read latest blogs about the video content marketing tips and prudently select Video Creation Tool that suits your kind of business and best fits with your target audiences.

Do let me know which tool you would prefer to create, customize and optimize your video content via the comments section. 

Engineer by Education, Marketing Influencer by Profession, and Creative Writer by Passion- Shivendra is involved in Branding, Advertising & Consulting in the domain of Digital Marketing over the years. He relies upon his Digital Marketing learnings and uses the creative DNA for composing blogs that have the applied zeal to engage, entertain and inspire the readers- to Connect- Convince- Convert their target audiences via different digital media channels.

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    • 3 years ago

      Dita Steinbreg   /   Reply

      Good work, Very nice list, happy to say I’ve tried most of these – some of them have newer cutting edge tools than mentioned in here (e.g. Slidely should be in top 5 with Promo, their video tool, and Animoto and Magisto both have newer tools for video creation then are mentioned here, also worth showing bitable and viddyad.)

      Have a great weekend!

    • 3 years ago

      shivendra tiwari   /   Reply

      Thanks Dita!
      Video tools mentioned here are not in any particular order, and randomly placed. However, you rightly said that Slidely, Animoto & Magisto are amongst the most powerful Video tools.
      For some specific purposes like Cutout-Use and Whiteboard Animation, Common Craft & VideoScribe are also quite useful and for sure will gain popularity as effective video content tool in 2017.
      Do let me know if you find any other tools useful as well.

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