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Top 25 CRO Tools to Optimize Conversion of Your Business

Top 25 CRO Tools to Optimize Conversion of Your Business

So, SEO of your site is driving Traffic- Okay, Great!

Your SEO experts boast and say- it is such a challenging task & they did it brilliantly- Fantastic!

Still, said traffic of your site does not complete desired action, & sales decrease- Dumbfound SEO- Experts

Don’t Worry- It is quite easy to convert traffic of visitors into potential customers- Just use CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Tools to convince said-traffic to do what you want them to do- Believe me, they will do it!

I will explain about such influential CRO tools that are fully result oriented, but firstly, let me give you a glimpse of a few causes that may suppress online sales:

  • Inefficient Website not aptly optimized for conversions
  • Ineffective UI Features, Slow load times or Broken Links
  • Unsettling Website Navigation
  • Primary landing pages have weak direct response copywriting
  • Inefficient website sales funnel & poor transition tools
  • SEO or SMM Issues or Ineffective shopping cart & USPs, and so on

             Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools can quickly find the problems with your site that let visitors leave your site, instead of being your loyal customers. These tools effectively increase your online conversions without increasing marketing costs.

             CRO Tools not only keep ‘testing & optimization costs’ at lowest possible level, but also optimize your online presence and ensure enhanced revenues.

Ready to know best CRO Tools for you:Let’s ensure conversion:

  1. SumoMeSumoMe Tool-source-Sumome

SumoMe provides a powerful suite of different free tools that aid you in increasing conversions of your site. As a lead capture tool, it includes ‘Smart Bar’ that increases number of email subscribers, ‘Welcome Mat’ to popup call to action, Contact us Form and Scroll Triggered Box.

             SumoMe provides on-age insights and with Google Analytics, it efficiently increases your email list and optimizes conversions. Three versions of SumoMe is available- free for Basic version, $10 per month for Starter version and $100 per month for Pro version.

2. HelloBarHelloBar Tool-source-Hello Bar

As a lead capture tool, HelloBar allows you to add a popup form to your website that lets your email list grow, and additionally, it promotes your social pages and highlights your sales and lead-generation strategies. It boosts the number of leads that convert on your site, and it includes well-adept CTA options.

HelloBar offers three versions, Free Version, $12/month version for Pro and $83/month version for Enterprise. Free version lets you create a model that is later shown to every tenth visitor of your site. Premium plans include more advanced and effective CTA features.

3. LeadinLeadin Tool-source-Leadin

Leadin is a lead capture CRO tool that aids in capturing more leads on your site. It can be understood as tool that blends CRM, SumoMe and Google Analytics together. Its functioning starts with a popup CTA (Call to Action) and it synchronizes with existing forms of your website, which let it know about your site-visitors and their paths through which they come to your page.  

Leadin effectively provides contact insights of present and future contacts, and updates your database as per that. It offers high-level view of all marketing efforts, as it pairs contact database with a dashboard, and thus, it tells which marketing effort is converting into sales.

4. SimilarWebsimilarweb tool-source-SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a CRO research tool that lets you know about the origin of your visitors, as it guides you to create well-targeted campaigns for your site conversions. SimilarWeb lets you know about keywords that are fueling traffic. It also offers competitive analysis of sites that are similar to your site.   

SimilarWeb provides you opportunity to optimize content of your site for the most influential traffic resources. It lets you dig into your competitors’ strategic territory and know what they do to drive conversions.

5. BuzzSumoBuzzSumo Tool-source-BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is another CRO research tool that lets you know about content that are predominantly shared and linked. In BuzzSumo, you will only need to enter Keyword related to your business, and it will provide all the associated content, most shared and linked in recent times.

BuzzSumo effectively optimizes landing pages, and additionally, you will also get analytical representations of different factors that made other pages and sites be so popular. BuzzSumo is available in three price ranges, and you can easily choose one that suits your needs.

6. Really Good Emailsreallygoodemails tool-source-Really GoodEmails

As a free CRO research tool, Really Good Emails provides a database of best-designed emails of different web campaigns that have been most effective and persuasive. To grab attention of an adult, generally, companies have span of eight to ten seconds, and that is why for convincing your visitor to explore your world, adding creative visual communications & related designs are must.

By using Really Good Emails, you can easily design convincing emails that will convey your message all across the online platforms in the most effective, persuasive, and fastest possible manner.

7. LandBookLead_Book tool-source-Land Book

LandBook is another powerful research tool, which is free. It is a free collection of web’s best-designed landing pages and if you are going to create a landing page from scratch for your site, then it will be quite helpful. You can easily choose and incorporate your favorite elements from LandBook database.

LandBook lets you explore all the techniques that top companies are using for ensuring conversions. It provides you features associated with layout, positioning, copy and design that aid in enhancing conversions of your site.

8. Headline AnalyzerHeadlineAnalyzer-source-CoSchedule

Headline Analyzer updates you about the effectiveness of your title. It gives you a score from 1-100 level scale that exactly lets you know where your title stands in web competition. Score provided by Headline Analyzes is based on word usage, vocabulary, grammar, word count, type of headline, number of characters and other associated factors.

Headline Analyzer displays look of your headline in Google search or email subject line or in other search engine results.  This tool offers a must litmus test that is quite effective in telling conversion-ability of your title.

9. Google AnalyticsGoogleAnalytics tool-source-google analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that lets you track visitors of your site. It updates you with variety of analytical details such as- about the certain paths visitors take to complete goals, sources that bring visitors to your site, time duration after which visitors bounce from your pages and so on.

Google Analytics adeptly tells you about the keywords that visitors search to find your page, additionally it tracks device of visitors and provides their demographic data, which aid you in designing more conversion-oriented campaigns that are productive. 

10. KissmetricsKissmetrics tool-source-kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is another well-known Analytics tool that integrates with your email service provider. It lets you analyze your audience’s behavioral tendencies, and then it lets you email them in more specific manner. Kissmetrics offers you the ability to conduct A/B tests, know path of your visitors, build data sets and get data related to the ROI generated from your campaigns.

                 Kissmetrics is very effective in measuring and tracking performance of your content and with its help; you can easily find details of jumps, dips and fluctuations of conversion rates.

11. Click TaleClicktale tool-source-Clicktale

Click Tale is a mouse tracking and heat-mapping tool that lets you know how people are interacting with content of your site and related campaigns. Details regarding scrolling and clicking of visitors provided by Click Tale update you with behavioral statistics of potential customers.

             Click Tale provides heat maps related to scroll depth, link analysis and click tracking. Click Tale aids you in organizing CTAs, content and page design that engage visitors and ensure conversions

12. HotjarHotjar tool-source-hotjar

Hotjar is another effective tool that ensures best heat mapping, and once you are done with basics of CRO like popups, landing pages, content and CTAs, then with Hotjar, you can go for advanced conversion rate optimization that guarantees increase in sales.

Hotjar provides screen recordings and heat maps that let you efficiently track the number of views of your page, and additionally, it updates you with the paths through which visitors are navigating your webpage.

13. Intercomintercom tool-source-intercom

Intercom is a Feedback Tool that aids in engaging and receiving feedbacks from visitors. It lets you communicate and acquire new customers; additionally it provides you a mechanism to engage with existing customers. Intercom lets you track your leads, and it offers advantage of shared inbox to you and your team.

          As a CRO tool, Intercom aids in acquiring new customers and it is influential in retaining existing customers too. As a feedback tool, it helps you in knowing experiences of your potential customers that aids you in making your campaign-strategy be more tailor-fit for visitors. 

14. QualarooQualaroo Tool-source-Qualaroo

Qualaroo, as an effective CRO feedback tool provides chat windows and popups for collecting the live feedback from target audiences and website viewers. Qualaroo lets you have a database that aids you in designing customized strategies for each visitor.

          Qualaroo lets you know issues; visitors of your site face, and it aids you tailor your site as per your target audience, which ensure conversions. It is extremely beneficial at all the different stages of an e-commerce site’s online optimization.

15. Optimizelyoptimizely- source-optimizely

Optimizely is an experiment tool that lets you plan, manage and execute A/B and other tests. It eases the process of testing, which is otherwise quite hard to execute. Optimizely provides a mechanism to determine your experiment is statistically accurate or not, as it supports you with large sample data and good control group.

           Optimizely allows you to test across all the platform and devices. It offers multi-page, A/B and multivariate tests on your website. Optimizely is extremely powerful in turning ideas into experiments and increasing conversion rates.

16. Golden Ratio Typography Calculatortypography-calculator-source-golden-ratio-typography-calculator

Golden Ratio Typography Calculator is an excellent CRO testing tool, which is quite beneficial to finding perfect font size and content width of your site page. The tool lets you optimize your typography, which is ultimately based upon line height, font size, width and CPL (character per line).

     Golden Ratio Typography Calculator lets you explore finely tuned & downright appealing typographical recommendations that increase readership of your content by a big margin. It reduces bounce rates and influences your target audiences to spend more time on your content, which increases conversion rate of your site.

17. Readability Score readability-score-source-readability-score

The Readability Score is an effective CRO testing tool that updates you with readability of your website content. It lets you know how difficult your content is to read to your audience, additionally, it aids you in improving the content marketing strategy of your website. It is a great tool for all those writers who care about clarity.

     Readability Score provides insights about compatibility of your content with your target audience. Having content that is easily readable and understandable to your target audience is inevitable for ensuring conversion, and Readability Score ensures this for you.

18. is an excellent mouse tracking and heat-mapping tool that lets you know how people are interacting with your content by providing scrolling and clicking details of visitors. As a powerful CRO tool, offers free options to those marketers who wish to explore heat maps, real time web-page statistics, or responsive web design tests. is excellent in tracking dynamic elements on your site that lets you know how users interact with pages of your site. Template analysis, conversion tracking are other features of this tool that aid in conversion optimization of your site.

19. Google Tag Managergoogle-tag-manager-source-google-tag-manager

Google Tag Manager is an effective CRO analytics tool that let you create Google Analytics events for different conversion metrics such as click tracking, scroll tracking, form abandonment, and so on. Google Tag Manager never lets you miss any marketing opportunity and by setting up the metrics as event, you can take control of your tags.

     It is powerful in offering great digital experiences to your customers as it allows you to create goals according to conversion metrics that you want in Google Analytics. It customizes functioning of your site as per your target audiences, and optimizes conversions.

20. Five Second Testfivesecondtest-source-usabilityhub

Five Second Test is a powerful community-fuelled tool of UsabilityHub that lets users get feedbacks from communities. It is effective in engaging visitors and receiving feedbacks from them. You can upload your website design and have the community test it out that will let you measure people’s first impressions about your site.

      Five Second Test also lets you get responses about UI thoughts, general feedbacks and recalls. Five Second Test is a powerful feedback-tool that lets you get opinions of visitors of your site. It gives you ability to perform click tests, question tests, NavFlow tests and so on.

21. ABTesting.netabtesting-net-source-act-on-software

As an effective testing tool, is spot-on as it lets you do first A/B test of your site page quite efficiently, which updates you about content of your site that converts best. Process of testing is quite easy and just by picking your control page and following some other easy steps; you can update your website with winning content. lets you confidently publish your winning variation that guarantees conversions. Processes like making a variation of your control page or tagging your conversion page are easily done in, additionally; you can track real-time progress of A/B tests.

22. Lucky Orange lucky-orange-spurce-lucky-orange

Lucky Orange is a CRO analytics tool that acts as a powerful Conversion Rate Optimization platform that updates you with the reasons why visitors of your site did not convert. It records data of visitors who were not persuaded to do actions what you wanted them to do, and thus it aids you in analyzing effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

       Lucky Orange offers analytical details of your site’s performance through form-analytics, recordings, conversion funnels, heat maps, polls and chat details, which let you take measures to remove all the causes that impede your visitors from converting and being loyal customers.

23. Unbounce 

unbounce-tool-source-unbouceUnbounce is a tool that is excellent in AB Testing and Landing Page analysis. It lets you build quality landing-pages, and even it is befitting in offering mobile responsive landing pages to marketers. It is effective in providing landing pages that score high on conversion and lets businesses get optimized online existence.

       Unbounce makes building of landing pages more convenient for marketers, and additionally it alleviates the conduction of A/B Tests. This optimizes conversion of your site in the most sustainable and guaranteed manner.

24. Effective Experiments effectiveexperiments-source-effective-experiments

Effective Experiments is one of the most A-rated experiment tools that let you manage and execute multivariate and A/B test that convert ideas into experiments. It is effective in offering a concise way to track all kinds of experiments of your site. Effective Experiments also aid you in channelizing powerful campaigns according to the tested experiments.

    Effective Experiments puts tons of Excel Spreadsheets that are cross-referenced with multiple Google Analytics data in the most convenient and systematic manner, which eases the marketing management of your site and optimizes conversions.

25. Qeryzqeryz-source-qeryz

Qeryz is a powerful tool for CRO Surveys & Research purposes that you can easily include in your site for asking questions to visitors. It lets you understand specific needs and challenges of your audience, and then as per that, you can strategize conversion mechanism of your site.

    Qeryz lets you gather audience details that you can use to convert your audience into loyal customer.  Qeryz tool is best in letting your website be a money making site as it removes guesswork, and provides best in class conversion mechanisms that optimize your online presence.

Hopefully, now you are armed with CRO tools that will resolve problems of suppressed sales, and ensure conversions of your site.

CRO tools range from basic to robust to more advanced, therefore examine which options seem right for you, and do update me with your favourite CRO tool in comment section below!


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  • 3 years ago

    Maanikamili   /   Reply

    Great post!! This can be one particular of the most useful blogs We’ve ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Wonderful. I am also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your hard work.

  • 3 years ago

    shivendra tiwari   /   Reply

    Thank you very much Maanikamili for your sincere observation and appreciation. Would love to hear from you about CRO tools that you prefer to use, and do update me with one or two amongst these that you liked most.


  • 2 years ago

    Robert   /   Reply

    That is one comprehensive list you have put together, Shivendra! It’s always nice to stumble upon articles that not only give names but also explains the tools. Thanks!

    In addition to what you have already mentioned, I would recommend checking out MaxTraffic. It is a platform that offers different CRO tools, including web push notifications that can bring the visitor back to the website.


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