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Top 3 Benefits Of Hootsuite And Why You Should Not Miss Them

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Hootsuite, a social media management tool has emerged as an indispensable tool without which no serious business professional can think about running successful social media campaigns. This tool is capable of performing several important functions some of which will be discussed in this blog. Since social media is a dynamic platform to function in, it is necessary to keep oneself upgraded about the latest developments in the field well in time so as to avoid any major mistake in the campaign(s).

There are few practices that ensure good results from social media marketing campaigns, but it is difficult to effectively manage them manually. Hence, there are some good tools developed to manage the wide range of activities on social media without any huge monetary investment in the same. Hootsuite is a recent tool that has arrived well in time for the ambitious businesses that want to succeed through the social media campaigns. Here are 4 tips on how to leverage Hootsuite for the maximum possible results. Hootsuite can help you do the following 4 things-

1) Send Message From A Single Platform

It is rare to find a company’s social media campaign on just a single platform. It is usually seen that the campaign is integrated on various platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter at any given time period. There are many occasions when there is a need to shoot out some messages regarding a promotional offer or simply a new commercial that is designed for the launch of a product.

With Hootsuite, there is no need to log in at each and every social media account to send the messages, but to just send it from a single platform i.e. Hootsuite and the rest will be taken care of by itself. Isn’t it a great time saving feature? A single message or a hyperlink to your website can be send from Hootsuite at one go. It is not an automatic function that the message will be send to all the platforms that are connected with Hootsuite every time simultaneously. You can select as many sites or platforms as you want at one go with the option available with the tool.

2) Streamline The Posts

As discussed above, any social media campaign runs on various platforms. Is it not difficult to manage the overwhelming number of posts that drop in every day? Let us say that a company has 70,000 followers on Facebook alone and there are thousands of comments that are generated each day. It is necessary to not just know about these comments, but it is even more relevant to filter the most important ones and enable oneself to discard the useless ones in order to improve the workability of the campaign.

There will be no difference if thousands of comments just come and go without any meaningful analysis of the same. With Hootsuite, the task of managing the posts from different social media platforms becomes fairly easy and a time saving activity. The important posts can be stored and viewed later on for deeper analysis and helpful insights. There is a dashboard for the Hootsuite to manage its activities and let the user view the details as well.

3) Schedule The Tweets

Twitter has emerged as an important social media platform which is also referred by its users as micro-blogging site. There is no need to sit everyday and tweet on a particular topic of high importance, but write down as many tweets as you want and schedule them for the week ahead. It has become possible with Hootsuite as this tool understands the importance of your time and energy. Scheduling makes it easier to complete the task well in time as the work is completed at one go itself. A clear option to enter the time is available in the form of a dialog box where the date and time can be entered.

4) Report Generation

What is the purpose of running a campaign and not knowing how much is it worth your trust and investment? This is actually a bad idea to ignore the data and the important information that is hidden in the form of numbers. Hootsuite helps a business to get a report on the efficiency of its social media campaigns online. These reports can be scheduled say for every week when the report will simply drop into the inbox stating how much has been achieved in the previous week. This report will show all the activities, good or bad, that have happened at various social media platforms (which were linked with Hootsuite) and present them in an easily comprehensible manner. It may include graphs, bar chart or simple statistical tools to make you understand the most efficiently performing areas as well the low ones. The loopholes in the marketing strategy can then be easily identified and the necessary action can be taken well in time.

Hootsuite brings in many rewards for a serious business professional who wishes to make the most out of his social media campaigns. Hootsuite is for all those businesses that want to understand the true need of investing their time and energy in social media which is very dynamic in nature and hence demands lot of attention on a regular basis. The businesses that have many social media accounts and want to understand the activities thoroughly in the form of a report must definitely give Hootsuite a go and test it for themselves. It is for those businesses that seriously wish to maximize their returns from their social media campaigns which is possible only when there is complete understanding of the medium and how the medium can be useful for the business. It is true that there is no single strategy that works for all kinds of business and hence, it is required to explore the medium before launching a campaign to promote a new product or service online. No matter how difficult it is to manage the massive data it all becomes easy with Hootsuite.

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