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Top 3 Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

Top 3 Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

Today, internet has penetrated in our lives in such a way that now we are dependent on the internet for almost everything. We look up to the internet for chatting with our friends, shop for our wedding dress, and even businesses. Out of the many needs fulfilled by the internet, one of them is marketing. It has evolved over the years and nowadays, consumers don’t really rely on TV ads or billboards to learn about newly launched products and services. Outbound marketing has long gone out of the frame. The new marketing communication i.e., inbounding marketing has become the hero of the marketing field.


Inbound marketing refers to the marketing style that happens online. It includes promoting a company via podcasts, ebooks, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, physical products, social media marketing, SEO and other forms of content marketing which help in attracting the customers through different stages of the purchase funnel.

Ever since 2006, inbound marketing has been one of the best marketing methods of doing business online. Inbound marketing is all about luring right customers at the right time by producing the right content. Doesn’t matter if the business is small scaled or large, we are seeing a shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing.

5 techniques to help you build strong inbound marketing

1. Pick one or two keywords, and optimize it to the maximum

When we talk about inbound marketing, it automatically means Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the most important feature of SEO is keywords. For driving traffic successfully, you need to hit on relevant keywords. Use those keywords for your site. The key is to use keywords that people are searching for on the search engines.

2. Give guide related to your business free of cost

Do make sure that the guide is relevant to your business. Keep your guide specific since you are targeting a specific type audience.

3. Keep your social media portals engaged

Social media is a key feature of inbound marketing as it converts it into a viral interactive experience. Now, customers interact with the companies instead of just seeing them from a bay. It’s not enough to merely have a presence on the social media platforms but the need of the hour is to keep your social media portals interactive.

4. Build your own brand

To be a truly successful marketer, it is essential to build a personal brand. Today’s startup culture is dominated by personalities who can successfully advertise themselves as leaders, as much as they advertise their companies as innovators.

5. Guest Blog

With the help of guest blogging, you can achieve many objectives such as

  • Bigger audience
  • Personal brand building
  • Powerful backlinks

If you aren’t leveraging inbound marketing, you are on a losing side. So how can you make most of the digital marketing for your business? Here are 3 effective ways in which inbound marketing can be advantageous to your business…

3 ways to use inbound marketing effectively

  1. Cost-Effective Marketing

As compared to outbound marketing, pulling in marketing aka inbound marketing is cheaper and more effective. As in inbound marketing, your audience reaches you, you learn your audience, and by doing this, you classify targeted audience and service them better. Instead of throwing your messages to places where your audience could be, inbound marketing focuses on the target audience. Spending the company resources on those who don’t want your products and services is useless. Therefore, focusing your efforts only on individuals who are looking for you is worthwhile. Converting these leads from these interested individuals is comparably easier. According to HubSpot, inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads in contrast to outbound marketing. The main reason is inbound marketing ensures a better connection between you and your customers. When it comes to the cost of inbound marketing, it costs 62% less than the traditional way marketing (outbound marketing). This is because content producing platforms such as social media and blogs are either free or cheap. So dollars invested in inbound can benefit your business and can give you the highest return on investment (ROI) by greater lead generation on lower costs.

  1. Improved Customer Relations

The main feature of inbound marketing is its customer-centric approach. The focus is to improve customer-business relations and this is attained by offering good-quality content and learning more about customers. For example, a company writing a blog post on a guide to use digital marketing techniques for increasing website traffic effectively or company engaging in conversation with potential customers using Twitter. Through this, the company gets  leads by offering value to customers. Other than improved customer relations by offering value to customers, good content also helps in the followings:

  • Greater market reach
  • Improved Branding
  • Increased leads
  • And increased recurring sales

By offering high-class customer-centric content and service will help in building brand credibility through expertise perceived by the audience that in turn can produce brand loyalty. If customers are loyal to your brand, it helps in increasing recurring sales as well as brand advocating. Since the internet makes it easy for content to be easily shared, it provides an opportunity for your branded content to be circulated on social media platforms and seen by your audience and potential customers. The content shared from a customer to their personal contacts has a higher probability of getting trusted and noticed, unlike outbound marketing. Think of that time when your friend suggested a food stall and you didn’t even know it existed. It does happens. People trust people and not companies. This improves exposure and helps in acquiring leads.

  1. Visible ROI and Metrics

Finally, inbound marketing can help your business by providing a marketing strategy that is comparably transparent measure. A marketing campaign that is, transparent as well as measurable helps the company in seeing areas which require improvement in its marketing plan for future cost-effectiveness and consumer relations. This improves overall business performance and helps you gain insights if there is needs of improvement and other areas.

It is more or less difficult to justify funds spent on marketing plan when you can’t analyze if the plan is working. Then how can you make decisions further? How can you decide if you should continue to spend funds or discontinue it? How can you tell the ROI of the company? Or shall we say, how can you decide if there’s any ROI at all?

With the help of inbound marketing, data give knowledge on how your marketing efforts are performing. The data helps in tracking the visitors on your company website and the click through rates and thus helps in seeing the effects of your strategies and execution. While in outbound marketing, it is difficult to determine via which source, leads were generated. With the online marketing style, you can know how and where the leads were generated. So, inbound marketing will always have an upper hand over the traditional way of marketing.


It is safe to assume that inbound marketing can help you benefit way more than any other business strategy in today’s digitized world. There are many ways in which inbound marketing can benefit you. Cost effective marketing, high and visible ROI, and improved customer relations are few of them. However, it doesn’t mean outbound marketing strategies are outdated but less used. Try your hand in inbound marketing, if you haven’t yet and share your experience with us in the comment section below!

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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