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Top 3 Benefits Of Linking Google Adwords Keyword Planner Accounts With Google Analytics

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adwords analytics comboWhat is the need for linking  your Google AdWords Keyword Planner account with Google Analytics?

The Google AdWords account is a great tool for advertising your company on the internet. With the help of this tool, you can create ads of your company and place them at strategic places on the search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google. The ads are shown to the target audience by Google in response to their search terms. So whenever a relevant ad is shown to a user, there is a high probability that a user will click on it and will be directed to your website. The visitor might even be convinced to buy a product or service from your website. Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool is mainly concerned with getting the target audience to visit the Website. However, the tool does not provide any information on the activities of a visitor after being directed to the website. Some of the keywords in your content might interest the visitor more than some other keyword. Furthermore, some of the content will be responsible for longer visits and bounce rates, but you will not know the exact statistics.

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google and is used for tracking the activities and interaction of the visitors on your website. For an SEO campaign it is necessary to track the keyword performance with the help of the Google Analytics tool. The Analytics tool will give you information on how much traffic do the specific keywords bring to the website. The analytics tool will only give you information on the activities of the visitors after they have entered your website. However, the tool will not give you information on what prompted the visitors to enter your website.

Therefore, linking your Google Adwords Keyword Planner account with the Google Analytics account will help you to combine the features of both the tools and give you an entire picture of your visitor’s behaviour on your website; both before and after their entry to the website.

Let us learn more about how to link your accounts and the top 3 benefits of linking your Google AdWords keyword Planner account to Google Analytics.

How to link your Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Analytics Accounts?adwords and analytics

You can link your Google Analytics account to the Google AdWords account in a few easy steps.

  • Open your Google Adwords account, click on the, “Tools” tab and then “Google Analytics”.
  • Go to the Admin tab and then to “Account” column. Then select the Google Analytics “Property” for which you want to link your AdWords account.
  • Once you have selected the property then, select “AdWords linking”.
  • You can also select multiple AdWords account for linking with the Google Analytics property.
  • Click on “Continue” and you will be directed to “Link configuration” you can then create a title to make it easy to identify your multiple AdWords accounts if any.
  • You can now select the Analytics views in this section. In this section you can view the AdWords data.
  • If the auto tagging has been enabled then, your accounts will be linked automatically. If auto-tagging option has not been enabled then click on, “Link Accounts” for doing it manually.
  • Your accounts have been linked, enjoy the benefits.

Top 3 Benefits of linking Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Analytics accounts are as follows –

1. Performance analysis with AdWords reports in Google Analytics

You can view the reports of AdWords in your Google Analytics account to discover and analyse more information about the site engagement like the bounce rate, number of pages seen per visit and the average duration for which a visitor visited the website. This information is available for all your AdWords campaigns, ad groups and ads. These statistics will help you determine whether the AdWords account is helping you get the target and relevant traffic to the website. You can use the information to improve some sections of your website, if required. The reports will also show you the performance statistics and the costs associated with the AdWords campaign like the number of clicks, cost per click on an average and the click through rate (CTR). Thus, the reports give you a lot of data and will help you to determine the total amount spent in the AdWords account for the Ad campaigns. You can easily estimate your return on investment (ROI) based on the data provided by these reports.

2. Import Data

You can import the E-commerce transactions and your analytics goals into AdWords conversion tracking. This feature will help you to make adjustments and improvements to your ad campaigns on keyword planner in your AdWords account itself. For managing the bids in your AdWords Account, if you are using the conversion optimizer feature then you can easily start using analytics goals and E-commerce transactions automatically. These additional performance statistics will help the conversion optimizer feature to determine the best time to display your ads when your website is more likely to get higher conversion rate. Metrics from Google Analytics can also be easily imported to the AdWords account where you will be able to see the percent of visitors who visit the site and then simply leave, the time spent by visitors on an average and the total number of visits, pages per visit  and the new visit percentage in your ad groups and campaigns.

remarketing3. Get Rich Data

By linking your Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Analytics accounts you can get rich data in the multiple channel funnel reports in Google Analytics. You will be able to view which keywords, ads, campaigns and ad groups are helping the most in getting conversions or increasing the conversion rate. Another feature is the Google display network remarketing feature which is the most unique part of the linked accounts. This feature can help you expand the remarketing capacity and create unique lists based on the analytical data, metrics and dimensions. You can find out the people who have visited your website and reach out to them by showing them ads that they have shown interest in during their earlier visits.

Connecting your AdWords account with Google Analytics will give you the entire scenario of how a customer behaves, before and after visiting the website. It will also give you an overview of the statistics related to ad clicks and impressions. Thus the analytics data can help you in optimizing your ad campaigns on AdWords Keyword planner account and help you achieve success in your business.

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