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Top 3 Facebook Page Marketing Tricks

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dnnsoftwareWhen it comes to the brand recognition among all the social media sites like twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, blog post, Facebook is the most popular and widely used for social media marketing, it has millions of users around the world accessing Facebook in a single day. If you want a sure shot success in branding your products then you must implement these Top 3 Facebook Page Marketing Tricks which will do wonders to your marketing strategy and in return will increase your brand value on social media.


1. Pin/Highlight your most important posts of your Facebook page

  • Decide on which of the post can be of utmost important to your audience, which can influence  the sales of your product or page likes , Pinning your most important post is like emphasising the best you have to show to your audiences.
  • When you pin a post it comes on top of all the post on your timeline no matter what other things you post still the pinned post remains on the  top by default for seven days, until and unless you repin it, it is just like broadcasting your most important content a bit loud to stand out.
Here are some scenarios in which you can pin your post:
  • Have a best deal to show
  • Welcome video to introduce yourself
  • Launch of any new product which you want to bring in limelight
  • Running Contest, Sweepstakes

Travel Business page pinning the best deal 

 Travel Business page highlighting the Holiday list


2. Thank your newest fans regularly

 Expressing gratitude plays an important aspect in building strong relationship, which in turn builds trust among your audience. Whenever you have a new fan, or anyone liking your posts thank them by posting a thank you note, by doing this they will feel that they are important part of your company and you have noticed their presence.  Also this will help to boost your engagement with the audiences.

3. Use images as much as possible as they receive 2 times more engagement then just text

There is a saying  that ‘A picture is worth of thousand words’ as a single picture can convey better message then what a thousand words can convey, it creates a better impact on your customers mind that is remembered than compare to words. People respond well to the photos mainly of two reasons, it attract more compare to the text and as time matters, and picture express a message in a snapshot but for text you need to spend some time to read on..

It has also been revealed from the surveys that information from visuals is transmitted in brain 60,000 times faster than text.

Major Benefits of using images:
  • Facebook post with images receive 94% more page visits and engagement.
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search results.
  • Images create content that dominates the text content as they express more compare to text.
  • For an online ecommerce site like jewellery, furniture etc., pictures plays vital part in taking purchasing decision.
Example of photo use in Facebook:
  • Cover photo – The cover image is essentially a large Image for your Facebook page. It’s where you can showcase your brand, Change the cover design, whenever there is some special deals,  festival wishes or any achievement by the company.
  • Profile photo – Profile pictures are vital to the design of a fan page, because it reinforces brand recognition, mostly the logo.

The below photo is the perfect example of cover page photo and profile photo, cover page photo is displaying the ongoing deal and profile photo highlighted in red is displaying the company’s logo.


  • Photo post  – These are the photos which you have mostly uploaded from your device or website in the post, it can be products image for Business Facebook Page

Photo Below represents the package offered by Travel company

Photo Post

  • Link share post – Link Share post photos are the photos from the Blog post, Pinterest post you shared on Facebook.

Photo below represents the link photo shared through blog post

Blog Spot link

  • Apps Photo:  App photo ‘s are the photos which  is displayed as thumbnail for all the apps in your Facebook Page  For most of the apps you connect to your fan page, you should have the ability to customize the thumbnail image that is displayed along with the app title.


Keep in mind to upload quality photos as it helps in selecting and purchasing power of your brands. Facebook have a size restriction when it comes to uploading photos, hence take utmost care that the photos are not cropped when displaying on fans page it is displayed correctly, Size of photo should be chosen according the Facebook size limit norms. Engagement rate on Facebook for photos averages 0.37% where text only is 0.27% , this states that it is  37% higher level of engagement for photos over text, hence don’t forget to use images on your Facebook page wherever applicable.

If you have a good marketing strategy, your brand can be recognised by millions of users as a result there is great chance that people interact with your brands, they recommend to other by sharing their experiences on Facebook and can help your business to boost. It is always experimental with the audience regarding which marketing trick works the best, but if you follow these top 3 Facebook page marketing tricks then  it will definitely improve engagement and branding of your Facebook Page.

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