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Top 3 Formulas To Maximise Online Customer Engagement On Google+ Hangouts

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There are many tools available to make the whole experience of communication better and livelier. Each tool is trying to outnumber the other in terms of features and usage. Google is considered as the pioneer in the field of innovation. It came up with a unique platform called, Google+ Hangouts which is gaining popularity. Google+ Hangouts is the most sought after tool these days as far as connecting to customers, readers, visitors or people in the circle etc. is concerned. A whole new perspective has been put in the front to make maximum people participate in a conversation. Earlier the conversations used to be restricted to one or two participants. This constraint has been eliminated by Google+ Hangouts because of its various salient features.

Salient Features of Google+ Hangouts

  1. Number of participants: Nine people can participate in Hangouts. Other viewers can view the video over YouTube or blog or website where the link is embedded making it accessible to any number of people. These people can comment, share or post suggestions in these videos making the session interactive.
  1. Google+ Hangouts on Air: This is the most interesting feature of Google+ Hangouts. Google+ Hangouts on Air is a unique feature which helps the user to broadcast the entire event without any hassle. One needs to just add people belonging to their circles or send personalised messages to click on a link. Once the audience has been added, the user can click on Start Broadcasting tab and begin the live streaming of the discussions or conferences on different platforms like YouTube, Blog and websites. Google+ Hangouts displays the link for YouTube and the link that can be embedded in blog or website. Apart from live streaming, Google+ Hangouts also records the entire video and saves it in the user’s YouTube account which can be shared later on as per the requirement. This feature is called On Air Recording.
  1. Easy accessibility: Google+ Hangouts sports many new features that are unique in nature. Google+ Hangouts introduced the cool feature of video conferencing between people through computer. Gradually, it has now shifted its focus towards its ability to include mobile phone. It has eradicated the constraint of distance. People having a front-facing camera can easily participate in a particular Hangouts by calling into a particular session.
  1. Notification: Google+ Hangouts’ ability to notify its users is an amazing feature. This feature lets the participants know, when they have been invited to attend a particular meeting over Hangouts. This feature  in addition to allowing the organiser send an invitation to preferred attendees,  also notifies people who expect an invite for some meeting or conference or discussion. This way, the chances of missing out on an event is reduced making it the most effective channel to connect to people.
  1.  Inclusion of Apps: Google+ Hangouts provides a plethora of apps. These apps can be included as and when they are required. There are many apps like YouTube app, Tools app, SlideShare app etc. This feature allows the user to attach the apps to a particular conversation if required. One can show YouTube videos in a conversation using YouTube app, add new features like lower third using Tools app and share slides or presentations using SlideShare app etc. These applications make the whole process of conversation interesting and attractive. The users can use these apps as per the requirement of their audience.

There are many more interesting features available with Google+ Hangouts that can take the conversation to the next level. These features need to be used in an optimised manner to squeeze out the maximum benefit. Google+ Hangouts can be used to maximise online customer engagement.

The following are the three most important tips to improve online customer engagement through Google+ Hangouts:

  1. Impact of videos: Videos have better visual impact on customers than a text or an image. It helps the organization to project the emotions attached to a product and at the same time what the customer wants to see. There are many organizations for whom videos and images are the most important tools to market their product. For example, the objective of Fashion magazines is to publish articles on various fashion trends and products. Instead of going for ordinary articles and images, these fashion magazines have started using how-to videos using Google+ Hangouts, demonstrating the step by step procedure about a particular makeup or use of specific product. This methodology can help to attract more and more customers which will in turn boost the business. People can connect well to the business objective resulting in improved customer engagement. 
  1. Maximise the interaction: Google+ Hangouts can be used to make people participate in conversation. Organizations can invite people in their circle and others who visit the blog or website. People will be happy for the attention they get. Google+ Hangouts allows the organiser to share YouTube videos, power point presentations and slides etc. Organizations can share live question & answer sessions which will help people to participate in the conversation. The readers can post their comments, provide their valuable suggestions and clarify their doubts without any difficulty. Once the interaction level goes up and the complete focus is towards engaging the participants, online customer engagement will automatically improve. 
  1. Important Personalities: The authenticity of any activity can be improved by involving important personalities in the conversation. For example, if an organization wants to promote a food product, then some renowned chef can be requested to participate in the discussion. This will help to enhance the authenticity and authority of a product and the organization. This is an interesting method, as more and more people get attracted to an event if some important personality leads the conversation. The organiser can create lot of buzz about the event before and after the event is scheduled. The curiosity level of people goes up and as a result they automatically participate. Participants will raise relevant queries in order to interact with the important personality. As a result, online customer engagement will improve. 

Google+ Hangouts is a very useful tool which can help to boost the business in many ways. Optimised utilisation of Google+ Hangouts features can change the way a particular service is viewed. Customers love to interact and stay associated with the organization through any channel. Google+ Hangouts facilitates this concept, thereby improving online customer engagement.

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