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Top 3 Google Analytics Mistakes Which Can Make Your Web Analytics Meaningless

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Regular tracking of Item Transaction and payment calculation becomes most important when it comes to an E-Commerce site. Google Analytics is a great tool for such kind of businesses to track website & Transaction data. Google Analytics is simple to implement and easy to use. Above all it is also free but then there are many situations where a web analyst or website owner does mistakes due to lack of proper knowledge. Generally, there are some common ecommerce “coding mistakes” that happen in case of tracking code and E-Commerce part of Google Analytics. These mistakes have significant effect on coding data as far as E-Commerce business is concern.

1. Use of currency symbol: Usage of the $ symbol in some of the number field is inappropriate. Using the $ symbol may break reporting from Goggle Analytics for e.g. “$125999”. You may or may not get reporting data you may also get garbage or junked data. Don’t use any currency symbol in such kind of fields. Google Analytics will automatically understand it for you though you don’t use any currency or $ symbol into it. You should understand the difference between Unit Price and Unit Quantity. If it is say “3” then it is quantity and if field is like “75.00” then its unit price. Don’t panic in such cases, because google analytics will do a math for you.

2. Use of commas and use of more than 2 decimals after at the end of number:  For e.g. “$1,773.0000”. If you have more than 2 zeros after a decimal like in above case, then please remove them. Don’t separate places in the thousands with a comma, which will again break the report.

3. Use of zero quantity or zero values and “Add item” coding part: For e.g. “$0.00”. Instead of using zero like in this example you can use blank space or two apostrophe columns nothing in between them (like “”). Moving on to the bottom part of the code is the “Add Item” part of the Google Analytics/E-Commerce transaction, if user want to purchase some extra items. So at the back of code you need to have one Call function. Always remember that the Track Trance Call is very important. This Call sends all the data to Google Analytics and it must be called after google analytics tracking code to make your web analytics meaningful.

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