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Top 3 Inbound Lead Generation Strategies For A Small Business

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The small business enterprises, including micro and medium enterprises, contribute very close to 8% of India’s GDP, 45% of the manufactured items and 40 percent of the overall exports. As a small business unit, you are categorized under MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) sector and you are engaged in either ‘manufacturing’ or ‘services’. You are defined, either as B2B or B2C business. You are small in terms of your capital investment, scale of production, size and volume of your business and market share. However, in terms of potentials you are recognized as the hub of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. This is your strength. But, how do you utilize it to gain competitive advantage in the market? How do you reach your customers? Do you have enough customers to cross your break even point and generate surplus revenue? As an entrepreneur, definitely you are very much sincere about these questions. Expectedly, as a new generation entrepreneur, you have your own official website and you are active in social media platforms. May be you are regularly creating and posting your contents in the form of blogs, videos, e-books, etc. Does your effort attract more visitors to your website? Do you have enough leads? Are you effectively nurturing them for better conversion rate? Are  you satisfied with the results?  You may adopt the following TOP THREE inbound strategies to generate more leads for your business.

  • Promote your offer and build awareness: Only a well designed website or an official page in social media may not be sufficient to pull maximum traffic. You have to develop your unique identity through building awareness among your target audience about your brand or product. You need to create offers which match the requirements and desires of your target customers. First, you need to know what exactly their problem is. Then, you have to develop content through blogs, white papers, e-books, videos, newsletters, webinars and other relevant download options, which must address the questions and inquiries of the target customers. However, only the creation of content is not enough. You have to constantly promote your offers through E-mails, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other digital and social media platforms. While doing so, you can utilize the techniques, such as Biz Cards, QR Codes, Hashtags, SEO, etc. The continued promotion will help you attract the attention of your target customers and draw them to different landing pages.
  • Nurture leads with information and data: Have you ever thought about any strategy other than advertising, which would facilitate Customer Decision Making (CDM)? The new age customers may not directly go to purchase portal after they are aware about your brand. Mostly, they prefer to do research and compare the different attributes of your product and service with your competitors. Hence, you need to understand what different kinds of ‘sets’ they select or prefer to take a decision on purchase. At this stage, when customers are involved in information gathering, you need to post and promote your updated contents to supply researched based data and information. This will earn credit and goodwill for your company. Also, the content based satisfied customers will promote your brand or product by Word of Mouth (WOM) and sharing in social media.
  • Install an automated and integrated digital network: It is indeed the next important requirement to facilitate lead generation. This is one of the critical challenges for all inbound marketers. An effective lead generation depends on how smoothly you can motivate and navigate your target customers from one digital space to another. To make it possible, you need to reassure that all your digital platforms are interlinked through click buttons/click options and ‘call-to-action’ links. If required, you may outsource professional intervention at this stage. There are some softwares available for total automation. The list includes ‘AWeber’, ‘iContact’, ‘Constant Contact’, ‘Mailchimp’, ‘GetResponse’, etc.


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