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Top 3 Interactive Social Media Marketing Tools

Top 3 Interactive Social Media Marketing Tools


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Hootsuite is an online networking service for brand administration founded by Ryan Holmes in 2008. The systerm’s client interface takes the type of a dashboard,

supports social network integrations for almost all popular social networking platforms except Pinterest.

What does hootsuite do?

1) Monitor Multiple Streams in a single Place

Hootsuite highlights Probably a standout amongst the most convincing reasons to utilize Hootsuite is the way that it permits you to control such a large number of social networks.

You can even include more than one of the same network. This can be valuable in the event that you deal with numerous Twitter channels, or Facebook pages. You can even post to different channels in the meantime. However do be watchful here- think about the kind of group of people you have on every network. Your Facebook fans will be diverse to your Twitter followers. Likewise, Twitter just permits 140 characters where as Facebook permits any longer and wealthier posts with photographs and features. Hootsuite is as of now one of the main approaches to cross-post to a Google+ page and is currently accessible in the free form.

2) You Have a Team Managing Your Social Media Empire

There are chances that you have more than one individual dealing with your business’ social networking or you impart the heap to an outside online networking administration business, you may have experienced various issues in attempting to continue top of things.

There is security-permitting other individuals to deal with your Twitter record will mean sharing your Twitter secret key. Never something to be thankful for!

3) Managing Customer Service on Twitter

Regardless of whether you ought to utilize Hootsuite to deal with your social media relies on upon the sort of business you have and additionally the reasons you have social media presence in any case. There is a chance that your essential explanation behind a social presence is for management of customer administration on Twitter, then Hootsuite most likely will be the best instrument for you. Mobile systems or Utility organizations love Hootsuite as it permits them to delegate client messages to distinctive colleagues and these can be controlled by and large by a director. Another valuable component is that Hootsuite permits you to store draft messages that you can post when you get an FAQ for instance open hours or headings to your business.

4) You Want to Cross Post to Your Google+ Page

As of now the best way to post to your Google+ profile is by utilizing the Google+ site or mobile application. With regards to redesigning and dealing with your Google+ business page you have more decision and Hootsuite is a major victor here! The Google+ API is exceptionally restricted in that it right now just supports pages and not individual profiles. Full access to the page API has just been given to a few partners, of which Hootsuite is one.

5) Get Free Reports by Email

If you exclusively or for the most part utilize Hootsuite to deal with your Social systems, then you will locate the week by week analytics report exceptionally valuable. Every week, Hootsuite sends you an email with a pdf attachment of your snap summaries.


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Evernote is an American autonomous, privately owned business offering a shut source freemium suite of programming and administrations, intended for notetaking and archiving. The organization’s lead item permits clients to make a “note” which can be a bit of arranged content, a full website page or site page extract, a photo, a voice update, or a written by hand “ink” note. Notes can likewise have document connections. Notes can be sorted into organizers, labeled, expounded, altered, given remarks, sought, and sent out as a component of a notebook.


1. Get it Everywhere – The best component of Evernote. Download it to your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone, then you have entry to anything, anyplace, at whatever time.

2. Travel – Anytime you travel, make another journal in Evernote with the title of the trek. At that point, simply add my aircraft tickets to that scratch pad alongside any inn/rental auto data, any locations or other travel information. When you’ll reach, you’ll have all information readily available.

3. Business – The capacity to forward messages right to the Evernote notebook. When you send customer notes, Bcc yourself. That adds the email to their note pad for the most recent redesigns for our next session. You just touch it once, which is a decent administer to take after.

4. Pictures – words usually can’t do a picture justice, correct? Evernote has an incredible element that permits you to take a photograph of receipts, business archive, a wine bottle, formula, cool quote … and places it in the scratch pad you need.

5. Occasionally Information – Evernote is the ideal spot for every one of those troublesome sticky notes you have composed huge amounts of times and can never discover when you require them. E.g you can have a “chances + closes” scratch pad where you keep your kids’ and companion’s dress sizes, favored nourishment brands, air channel size, and other arbitrary bits one can always forget.

6. Going Paperless – While we have not utilized Evernote for this, we have drilled quite a few people on the most proficient method to dispense with heaps of paper by utilizing Evernote to scan and keep them in one spot. You can even set up your scanner to document straight to Evernote.

7. Receipts – Most of us little organizations proprietors need to keep duplicates of receipts. Evernote offers a streamlined answer for this perpetually developing test. Essentially take a photo of the cost of doing business receipt and spare it to the year scratch pad made (possibly titled something like 2013 Business Expenses?). Voila! Less paper and less stretch.

8. Records & Collections – This is a standout amongst the most mainstream approaches to utilize Evernote. One can keep a notepad for this reason and can inside have a note for books, films, music to download, spots to go, formulas to attempt and so forth. You additionally can make shared notepads, permitting you a store for thoughts, ventures and whatever else you need to impart to an associate or your accomplice.

9. Web Clipper – When you locate an awesome URL or picture on the web, utilize the web clipper highlight, which is free, to pick just what you need and infuse it into the relating notebook.

Google documents

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Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation program separately, all piece of a free, online programming office suite offered by Google inside of its Google Drive administration. The suite permits clients to make and alter documents online while teaming up with different clients continuously.


1. Google Docs is Available For Many File Types

Fundamental Google Apps document sorts include:

  • Reports
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Drawings
  • Web Forms

Extra record sorts are backing through Google Drive add-on applications. With Google Drive you can view and open any document sort including .doc, .xls, docx, .odt, .xlsx, ppt and others.

2. Simplicity of Corporate Communication

Work-based coordinated effort is streamlined for organizations that grasp Google Docs. The slack time that exists with messaging records to different workers is dispensed with as correspondence is continuous and access to reports is accessible around the world. Discussions are effective as records share effortlessly among permitted people.

At the point when representatives work in remote territories, Google Docs gives you a chance to all work together on single records in the meantime. You can each likewise get to the mutual organizer of records. Input and changes spare quickly. Google Apps gives an amendment history all through the whole process.

3. Mixed bag of Information to Share

Assume the organization points you can talk about over the common records. Google Apps coordinates with many Apps to develop usefulness and enhances joint effort.

  • Showcasing projects
  • Project Management
  • Brand awareness
  • Sales CRM

Case in point spreadsheets can be shared so that report site investigation ordered by a different association can be assessed progressively. Take part progressively dialogs about numbers and structure an arrangement to keep on driving movement to the organization.

4. Minimal effort & High ROI

Docs is an included application as a major aspect of Google Apps for Business. At $50 every year Google Apps gives best in class Software as a Service (SaaS) While a neighborhood record server offers excessive approaches to store information, the cloud-based environment of Google Docs has for all intents and purposes no expense considering the space available.

Image Credits: Google

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