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Top 3 Most Important Uses of Web Analytics

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Website has become quite a prominent word of the 21st century. People from all walks of life uses this word in their day today life. It seems that man has webbed the universe into cloud where identity of eachone of us is barely saved as a “Number”. Since different people do different things over the cloud, therefore, analysis of these numbers have become a need of the hour. Web Analytics, is basically an analysis of visitor’s activities over the website. Therefore, we use multiple paid and unpaid tools such Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics Tools etc to be able to do predictive analysis of present and future.

As per Google search 51% of Fortune 500 companies use Google Analytics Tool. Therefore lets try to understand the fundamentals of  Web Analytics with Google Analytics tool which is provided for free by the Google. The author covered the presentation in basic reports which are useful in following tasks such as :-

Audience Reporting

This report gives an idea of ‘Who is visiting the website?’. We can be more granular by sorting the dimensions  as country (by filtering Regions and states), languages, browers, operating system, etc. While giving the demo on Google website, authors showed that there are lots of Spanish Visitors on website, therefore , it should make investments in local Spanish language  campaigns. We also have the facility to compare the data across different time periods

Sourcing Traffic

We can able to identify the various sources and quality of traffic coming to the website. Presenter has also covered ‘Bounce Rate’, (technically 1 page view visitors) thoroughly by sorting its default function to Weighted function

Achieving Business Objectives Via Predictive Analysis

Sustainability of business and product can be easily gauged by measuring the conversion rates for e- commerce sites, visitor engagement with content for publishing websites etc , thereby achieving the business objectives . We also have flexibility to customize our goals.

Web Analytics has become so advanced that only by knowing these fundamental we barely be able to scratch the surface. Let us try to have look the video the author shared with us

Therefore, the author has recommended us to learn more from the Google Analytics IQ session and also get certified by Google by qualifying the test.

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    • 5 years ago

      Nigel Miller   /   Reply

      Good post, Karun. Total agree with you. Web analytics has become the prominent activity of web marketing arena. Now, the tradition has changed completely even from communication to purchasing. Today, businesses are moving online because internet has become the prime source of traffics. But i think that along with web analytics we should not forgot social media analytics because day by day the number of social media users are increased and social media platforms has become best source of traffic for online businesses. Thanks.

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