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Top 3 PPC Tips For Successful B2B Search Engine Marketing

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Internet is where the business is. So be it a brick and mortar shop or a simple chaiwala, each one today wants to have a website for the benefit of its customers and total transparency. So if you are a B2B company (that is business to business company) where your product does not hit the end consumer, but is absorbed by other businesses, your online presence is an essential. In order to be successful on the internet in today’s world, there are various tips one should keep in mind:

Mobile Site:

As more and more users are using mobiles, a mobile site is a must in 2014. Once the site is developed, spend some time, at least 20 minutes every week to review and fix problems on your account. This should be done for at least a quarter if you want to stay among the top 1% of the most active advertisers.

Target The Right Audience:

For B2B lead generation, target the right audience and not just the keywords. The company should grow business through free webinars and white paper (a long form content designed to promote the product and services of the company, basically to generate leads or make a business case or content to inform the channel partners, customers, journalists or investors) with a simple form on the website, for the audience to convert.

Embrace Pipeline Marketing:

To increase business, the company should focus on generating customers and not leads alone. The problem of lead generation is to focus on quantity and not quality. Studies have shown that this will lead to only. 75% of actual conversions.

In other words Pipeline Marketing should be embraced such that revenue is the goal, quality is of utmost importance and contacts can be injected at any stage of the sales pipeline. The aim is to generate money even if the leads are fewer in number.

Hence, pipeline marketing helps in fewer conversions but higher revenue. Success is only counted through closed revenue.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The message is not clear here: “Studies have shown that this will lead to only. 75% of actual conversions.”

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