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Top 3 Reasons That Will Compel You To Appreciate Google Adword Keyword Planner

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Looking to beat your competition? Which keywords should be targeted? Which keywords are your customers searching for?

Well, here is the answer – Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Yes, in SEO world Google’s keyword planner is one of the key tools to work with. Though, there are number of things you can do with this tool, here are 3 top reasons for you to fall in love with it:-

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Multiply Keyword List
  3. Create Adword Campaigns

Lets talk about these one by one:

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Planner - Airtel

Competitor Analysis

You just can’t miss out on what your competitors are up-to, after all it is all about being visible in top search engine results. Lets try this, do a keyword search on Google for your keywords and list the top 5 websites. Now go to Google keyword planner and fill in the landing page box with one of the top searched website’s name. For example, if as a competitor the above screenshot can be seen. Once chosen, a list would be populated for all the relevant keywords, when you click on get idea along with their average monthly search results. These are the list of keywords which should be targeted to boost SEO.

Multiply Keyword List

Second in the list is the tool’s ability to cater to your local SEO needs, it helps you to modify your local search by using multiplier, For example, lets say we have a SEO agency providing solutions in New Delhi Area. When we choose multiply keyword list in the options displayed, we get two columns named as List 1 and List 2. In List 1, we use the keywords pertaining to our services (in this case its SEO Services) and in the second column, we chose the location (New Delhi and its surroundings).

This is how it looks like –

Multiply Keywords

Having filled the columns, click on ‘get estimates’ button and you would see the next page wherein details regarding bid and daily budgets can be provided.This is the beauty of this keyword planner, where after filling these details you get the estimated CPC for your campaign & hence, proves out to be a great option for marketers.

Bid and Budget

Bid and Budget

Create Adword Campaigns

Last but not the least, we have an option to create an adword campaign. This is achieved using the first option on keyword planner – ‘Search for new keyword and ad group ideas‘. Then, ‘your product category‘ can be choosen. Here is the screenshot:

keyword-planner-Product categoryHere, Apparel>>Dry Cleaning and Alterations is chosen. Following this, lets select ‘get ideas’ button and the next page populates the list of comprehensive ad group names with their respective keywords. All you have to do is select the arrow next to the ad group and click.

On the right hand side, you would see your ad group being created with the list of keywords.

Here is the screenshot:

Keyword Planner - Adgroups

Dry Cleaning and Alterations – Ad Group

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