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Top 3 SEO Mistakes Which May Have Silently Troubled You Till Yet

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Search engine optimization holds a very high position in Digital Marketing. A business can ignore its importance only at its own risks. It being so important, what steps have you taken to ensure that your business is adequately represented online? You must have read about many tips to improve your SEO score but here are 3 biggest SEO mistakes that a business must keep a check on in order to realize its dream goal in terms of performance on the SERPS.

1. Ignoring The Importance Of A Domain

The job of conducting your business online does not stop at providing your business location or contact details online. You need to build a website for your company that the users find easy to locate, navigate and extract the requisite information. But what if the users are not able to locate you easily online? Here comes the importance of the domain name. Choose a domain name such as .com or .org or sometimes the ones representing the whole business category such as and in your company’s URL. This makes it convenient for the users to remember your online address and reach you quickly.

2. Undermining The Importance Of The Content

The main focus should be on the content. The content must be informative and easy to understand with the relevant keywords that the users would be most likely looking for. You must brainstorm from the user’s point of view about various phrases or keywords that the users may type to search for the relevant material. It is wise to modify your content as and when required as per the purpose. Be innovative!

For example – if you operate your business in providing content solutions, then you must include the phrase ‘content solutions’ in different ways in the content as well the title of the website.

3. Not Exploring The Webmaster Resources Online

Many webmaster resources such as blogs are available at free of cost. This is the space where you can blow your trumpet and enjoy good chances that your message will reach to the people in the same boat. You can find many of the webmaster resources at Google and other search engines. These resources help you connect with the interested people online who would not just read about your business but also give you feedback that in turn can be used to improve your website and hence, the business. This will not just save your money but also help you understand your business world better.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      What are the conceptual and technical differences among ‘.com’ and ‘.org’? If it is educational institute or university, there it is ‘’? What is the scope of such different domains?

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