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Top 3 SEO Tips That You Definitely Need To Beat The Competition

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download (33)Have you ever wondered why are your competitors’ websites ranked higher than your website? It is common knowledge that the competitors are using all the important SEO strategies, but then every digital marketer is using the same SEO strategies. Then what is their success secret ? There are many SEO strategies, techniques and tips that are available to gain the highest rankings. However, there are also some lesser known strategies which no one bothers to use as they are low priority or just deemed unnecessary. When it comes to SEO, you are not competing against search engines but against other websites which have high rankings for your keywords. So you need to do more to be able to beat the competition. It’s not easy to make a drastic difference to the website and rankings overnight as SEO takes time. Start off with the following 3 SEO tips that you definitely need to beat the competition.

1. SEO for images

Make sure that images are included on the webpage. Many people include lots of pictures but then they do not present the images well enough for the search engines. It is recommended to add images to make the webpage visually appealing and to make a point about the topic being discussed and keywords being used. The search engines are unable to understand what an image is about so they need some kind of background or Meta data to decipher the image. For this purpose, there are 3 important things which need to be done for optimizing images – file name, title of the image and alternate text. Find an image to match the content and rename the file of the image to match the keyword  that you are targeting for that post. Upload the selected photo to the webpage and add the title and alternate text as per the file name. This will help search engines understand the image and the relation between image and the content and it can help in getting higher rankings on search results. Relate the first image on the page with the main keyword, while rest of the images can be named with other keywords.

2. SEO for permalink/URLimages (18)

Decrease the number of words in the permalink or the URL of your blog post / webpage. The large number of words in the permalink is not required as they are not beneficial for the SEO of your blog post or website. Delete some of the unnecessary words and add some keywords and try to increase the density of your keywords in the permalink. Websites like WordPress simply add the entire title of your blog as the permalink. Several times the entire title is not needed and it can be easily shortened to make it more meaningful and easy to remember not only for your readers but also for the search engines.

images (19)3. YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube channel for your website even if it’s not very relevant to the content. Simply embedding videos on your site relevant to keywords and building authority is helpful for SEO in a small way. However by building a YouTube channel it opens a new avenue for showcasing the website content in a different way and to a wider audience. Additionally the links on YouTube channel can be directed back to the website and vice versa. A YouTube channel helps to build trust, authority and respect for your brand and website. A YouTube channel can also help significantly increase page views and website conversion rate. Furthermore, YouTube is now the second largest search engine behind Google and so it helps to get entry into the 2 largest search engines on the internet. As YouTube is owned by Google it helps to integrate your website with all the tools and resources made available by Google to maximize SEO and beat the competition.

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