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Top 3 Social Media Marketing Trends Which Will Be Prevalent In 2014

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There could be two schools of thought in social media marketing. One believes in trend setting, which later is recognized as trend setter and the other which believes in following or benchmarking the best practices in the market. Here, we are not to debate in which school we should enroll. The marketers or social media marketing solution providers have to understand the ‘direction of the wind’ and accordingly have to draw our social media marketing strategy. It depends on your research skill and passion for the practice and commitment, which may turn your model of activities as a trend. Following are 3 top trend setting options, which are going to be prevalent in 2014:

  • SHARING: Developing and posting effecting textual content may not be enough to gain leverage on social media. As marketers, we need to constantly strive to increase our fan base, audiences or followers biologically or naturally. It is possible if we can make our content potential for sharing on social media platforms. Because, ‘sharing’ is an attribute of social media behavior, which can create the viral effect to our brand or product or page. In 2014, the attractive images, photographs, video links, infographic etc are going to be the most prevalent content with high potential for sharing on social media platforms. Nevertheless, the upcoming trend directs all the marketers to look beyond Facebook platform and enroll with other social media platforms, such as Pinterest, YouTube, Picbum, Twitter etc.
  • (BEING SMARTER THAN) SMART PHONE:  Smart phones are the most widely visible digital gadgets in the market today. People, especially the youth prefer to access everything on their smart phones. If you are still obsessed to desktop marketing, then definitely you are losing the ground. Try to adopt the technology and practices, which will take your website, brand or product directly to the smart phone screen through different apps. Remember, the rate of content consumption is much higher through smart phones than desktop computers, laptop devises or even tablets. So, it is not only desirable but an essential requirement that your digital contents and pages must be compatible to smart phones. So, the essence of this point here is that as a marketer, you need to be smarter than the smart phones in terms of your proactive thoughts, plans and actions.
  • GOOGLE+: Very recently, the frequent mention about the importance and scope of web analytic reports by the digital marketing experts reveals that Google+ is going to be one of the most preferred social media platforms in the years to come. It gives you the unique opportunities to classify or categorize your followers in to different communities as per your convenience and requirement. You can create your own circles and customize your marketing campaigns. You can create and post contents in varied forms, such as text, photo, link, video and event. You can increase the potential of your page to reach the larger audience by simply increasing the number of people or page you would like to follow.   

It could be concluded that the social media marketing trends evolve through the advancements in technology, choice and preference of people about SM platforms and their affordability and level of comfort towards using the electronic or digital devises or gadgets.

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