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Top 3 Tips For Effective Facebook Engagement

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Facebook marketing is an art that one should get Top 3 Tips For Effective Facebook Engagementmastery on. We can learn things by doing many trial and error methods and pick the right Facebook marketing strategy suitable for our business. Did you ever wonder why some of those posts on Facebook go viral when rest of other messages are still struggling to get attention? What makes some people get much better engagement on Facebook? It is all about the content that we post and the kind of engagement level that we develop there.

Posts related to technology, travel, health and sports attract more audience on Facebook so when we include words like why, how, most, health etc. in our Facebook posts, we will see that more people show their likes, post comments and share them.

How can we raise our engagement level on Facebook? Here are some top tips for improving our presence on our Facebook page. These points are applicable for any type of business or brand promoted on Facebook platform.

1. Engage Customer With A Question

Top 3 Tips For Effective Facebook Engagement

It is very important to ask questions on Facebook to get better engagement level from people and friends. Questions attract attention from readers and that would enhance participation from them in the form of discussion. All customers want to be heard and engage in conversations that would benefit them. Questions will provide them a chance to voice their concerns in the form of comments. We can ask our customers to share their moments associated with our brand which would create an ambiance for a fruitful association. Skittles, a leading confectionery brand, asked its fans to describe the moments about the brand. The post received a good response with more than 5,000 interactions. What are the things we need to give attention to when posting questions on Facebook channel? Here are few things that we need consider:

  • When post a question, frame it based on the audience’s life style, their demographic area and the way they use our  products/services.
  • Make questions very clear, short and simple.
  • Keep a check on customer feedback by tracking their Facebook posts and comments. Come out with new ideas for making new questions.

2. Use Photos And Pictures To Give Solutions

Photos are a great way to engage with the audience. Photos attract too much attention from readers than text content. Our feeds get more response when we feature pictures along with texts. This will encourage people participation on our discussion topic.

Facebook posts with an image and text caption that provide the solution to a problem or a way to improve their business or life style would definitely attract engagement rate from viewers. Many retail outlets use Facebook channel to create engagement with their fans in this manner. Consider the following point when sharing photos on Facebook:

  • We get better engagements when we use larger images. Use larger images that portray our product and brand.
  • Always upload photos directly instead of adding links inside the posts.
  • Use socially recommended size images to optimize visibility. Images with 403 x 403 pixel display can be ideal size photos that can be posted in the timeline.

Crowd source Photo Captions is another way of creating engagement using photos. A well known TV channel, National Geographic, had come up with few photos from experts and amateurs posted on their Facebook page and asked their fans to suggest suitable captions for each photo. This has triggered huge response and they received over 2,50,000 interactions on Facebook page and that is a great level of engagement.

Here are few important points when we want to try this method for engagement.

  • We can use images that are found on Reddit Pictures, Flickr, iStockphoto or photos available on any good public domain. Ensure that we are not violating any copyrights when choosing pictures.
  • Identify photos that can inspire audience or create some kind of vibrancy amongst its viewers to caption.
  • Offer some sort of incentives to the winners of photo caption contest as this cannot only encourage more participation from fans but also improve the quality of results.

3. Post Inspiring Quotes on Facebook

Quotes are effectively used to engage with people by many companies. When a famous quote is posted, fans would tend to show their inclination towards the message that the quote tries to convey and respond to it. Quotes are considered as a great engagement tool on Facebook.

We often notice that quotes posted on Facebook feed would generally receive more likes and shares because people generally like to get inspired by such thought provoking quotes. We can post a quote that is associated with our brand or product and create a better connection in our niche market via Facebook.

Quotes are the best way to sell our message to audience and thereby reinforce our brand on Facebook. For example, Disney, a well known brand in the entertainment industry, use quotes from their films extensively to inspire their audience and develop better engagement with them. This way, we can ask our  fans to like a post to vote for an option A, B, or C and that will inspire our fans to engage better.

While posting  quotes on Facebook, keep attention to the following points:

  • Include eye catching visuals along with quotes to get more engagement and share.
  • Use quotes that are related to our brand or tie brand to quotes because that would help in our campaign activities. Always integrate our product/brand with our posts.
  • We can find many inspirational quotes that we can use on websites like, and

We can also consider using hashtags to increase engagement levels on Facebook. Hashtag is relatively new on Facebook but it has started catching up even though many people are not using it like they do on Twitter.

Hashtags can boost awareness about our brand, campaign or any product promotional activities that we want to conduct on Facebook. Our message is more focused when we use hashtags and that would increase visibility & participation. However, many companies are yet to realize the importance of hashtags on Facebook platform. Consider the following points when using hashtags on Facebook:

  • It is recommended to use hashtags that has common terms like #socialmedia or #onlinemarketing, as that could improve visibility and reach.
  • Hashtags can be effectively used for promoting any specific marketing campaigns, online contests or any sort product promotional activities that are open for a certain period.
  • It is important to know what our customers are interested in. Find out the common hashtags that are used by our customers, partners and competitors so as to know the keywords that we can use to engage with them.

Incorporate all the points discussed here to drive better engagement and participation from your Facebook fans. They would definitely help us to build long lasting, fruitful business relationship with our customers. Understand customer’s changing preferences at different intervals and make the same changes in our approach towards them as well.

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