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Top 3 Tips For High Quality Video Recording Using Webcam

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Web Cam Video recodingVideos and pictures can attract more number of visitors and engage with the larger number of audience for a longer period. Carefully shot videos with great content can make an effective impact on audience so we need to ensure that the best quality videos – with appropriate lighting in the background – are uploaded.

Videos shot by web cameras are not a perfect choice because it lacks quality and perfection, so it is not the way to make videos that need to upload online. However, when we do Skype interviews, and web cam is the only option available then all we can do is to make our video recording using Webcam as impressive as possible.

Here we are going through the top three ways to make quality video recording using Webcam.

Before we start recording, we need to close all computer applications that are running in the background but not using currently. All such programs in the background would consume a lot of computer memory and affect the overall performance of the system. Here are a few tips to follow to create a good quality web recording.

1. Use External Webcam and MicrophoneTop 3 Tips For High Quality Video Recording Using Webcam

These days, most laptops equipped with an inbuilt webcam and microphone. They are quite fine for normal video chat, but definitely not a good thing to make quality videos.

Always use a good quality external microphone and high pixel Webcam to make quality videos. Invest in an external microphone and a High Definition quality (HD) Webcam that can be connected to the computer directly through USB ports. Using HD Webcams, we can not only improve the resolution of the video that we make but also able to adjust the settings manually as per the requirements.

Before starting the recording, adjust microphone volume setting to the required level. Too low or too high microphone volume settings would make the audio inaudible or distorted. Adjust the local storage as per the requirement to store and buffer the video content during the recording process. The proper Hardware Acceleration settings would enable the graphic card to handle a few processes while recording.

Webcam Position

This is very important to position the webcam properly to create impressive video.In most cases, webcam recordings feature people looking at the computer screen when the webcam positioned down at the people from the top. This set up should be avoided by keeping the webcam at the eye level of the presenter. If there are more people in the recording, then the height need to be adjusted to the appropriate level. During the recording time, the presenter should look into the webcam instead of the recording screen.

Top 3 Tips For High Quality Video Recording Using Webcam2. Ensure Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

Most of the times, we use wireless internet connection because it is more convenient and easy to use, especially on the move. However, the performance of wireless internet connection is not always that great. They are not fast and reliable as the wired internet connection made using Ethernet cable.

Always use, high speed, wired internet connection while recording videos using a Webcam. Ensure that no large file downloading or uploading is being carried out during the video recording process as that could consume internet connection’s bandwidth and adversely impact the video quality.

3. Ensure Good Lighting and Best Visual BackgroundTop 3 Tips For High Quality Video Recording Using Webcam

Always ensure good lighting during the recording time. Turn on the overhead light and face a window and see if  that gives a better view through the Webcam. Position some additional lamps to create simple 3 point lighting system – big soft light on one side, a smaller soft light on the other side and one back light – which will provide a clear view from all angles. The idea of keeping a back light is to separate the speaker/presenter from the background visual and do not be shown as glued to the backdrop. Keep an extra diffusion on the lights to create more impressive surrounding. Adding an additional floor light or Diva light would be a great idea to create some extra impact.

Bad lighting videos will fail to make a good connection with the audience. Good lighting will ensure great eye contact with viewers through the camera lens and create a better engagement level.

Consider the most appealing visual backgrounds based on the color of the outfit that the presenter is wearing and the ambiance required for the video. If the presenter is wearing a white dress, then a black or white backdrop will give a professional touch. During the recording, presenter should avoid wearing clothes with stripes, patterns or designs as these kind of dressing would create a distracting visual effect.

Usually webcam videos are recorded in bedrooms or other rooms in the house. It is very important to make sure that the background is not cluttered and no unwanted things are showing up on the screen during the recording. Black backdrop will not show any clutter in the background so the viewer’s attention will not get distracted and make them more focused on the video content.

Turn off all electronic devices and appliances that make noises. As an unexpected phone call or the noise of air conditioning can ruin the audio recording quality, it is better to turn off all these equipments before starting the recording. Make sure that only the video presenter is inside the recording room in order to optimize the audio recording quality. Always speak out loudly and clearly during the recording process. Web cams are the best way to connect with audience. The videos they watch will establish one –to –one connection with them. When making a video, try to make it as personal as possible.

Besides some important points mentioned above, follow the steps mentioned below as well.

  • Install the latest Flash Player
  • Use the latest versions of  Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome when using as browser. Try a different browser when finding difficulty with one browser.
  • Clear browser cache before starting the video recording. It is a good practice to clear browser cache very often to get the better webcam performance.
  • Ensure that the correct flash Web cam settings are done based on the operating system settings.

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