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Top 3 Tips For Mushrooming Growth With Inbound Marketing With Videos

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Videos being used in inbound marketing is an excellent way to engage your viewers, educating your customers and sharing company’s view to others. Your homepage is the first page which every visitor visits, if he/she founds it full of words and some technical language, it will hardly grab their attention. People now-a-days don’t want to spend their time in reading word by word, they quickly scan the important points and if couldn’t found any thing they will close the page. But if your website has some video which is informative and attractive, people will love to spend their time on it. A video is a tool of marketing which effects on the human emotions, you can only write about a particular scenario or a product, but with writing you cannot attach with your customer emotions, which a video can easily do. Today in the world of marketing, companies are spending millions on endorsing cricketers, actors and actresses, just to perform a single video advertisement. Because they know these celebrities will directly hit on the mind of customers and will enforce them to buy their product. But on the other hand spending money on banners and campaigning will not give enough return, which video advertisements can easily give. Following are the 3 important tips for growth with inbound marketing with videos.

1. Start With What You Have:

Marketers and companies who wish to include videos in their inbound marketing campaign, always like to present themself better and for that they always think about expensive cameras, gadgets and other tools to make their video better. This not only takes company’s extra expense but it makes their time running out too. Customers now a days like to see real things, so ideally marketer should start with what they have. Any live moment which could cherish your customer, any live feedback, any existing customers experience about the product etc. This could bring a lot of difference and will make your customer confident to buy your product

2. Setting Your Videos For Free:

Setting videos for free is a great way to attract visitors towards your website. Many people like to watch video into their own system rather than webpages, because of the annoying advertisements and other popups. So if the video viewing will be chargeable, then only interested or needed visitors gonna see your video and there count will be a few. Here the question is how to generate viewers, as videos can also be found over you tube. Answer is, put your video on you tube and don’t forget to mention your web link. People after watching video will definitely come back and go after for the link given by you. To subscribe or to get more information about the video viewers will visit your website. This is how your website can generate maximum viewers.

3. Live Streaming:

This one of the most important way by which you can engage your existing viewers or can bring more. Hosting live talk shows and webinars is a best way to increase your number of viewers. The most important fact which holds audience with your website is the schedule of live streaming. It means if your website have a live show or a webinar on a specific day, people will remember this and just like watching a program which comes on every weekend, audience will love to watch your live shows and webinars too.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Good work, Rahul. I think YouTube is the best. What is your opinion about ‘Vimeo’?

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