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Top 3 Tips That Will Make Your Google+ Hangouts Event A Big Success

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Effective Communication is the most important factor in any course of action. The better the communication, the better would be the response. Communication plays a major role in the field of marketing. If customer requirements are not addressed properly, then the whole process will be a waste of time. The communication should not only be focused on sharing the organisation’s or individual’s viewpoints, instead, it should also include reverse communication, taking suggestions, providing prompt solutions and resolving the queries etc. Organizations must focus on developing a connection with the customers rather than just trying to push their products or services.

Communicating to customers on a face to face basis is considered to be most effective form rather than contacting them over phone or email. Face to face interaction allows the customer to judge the organization, their products and ultimately their motive. Facial expressions, body language, presentation skills, clarity of thoughts and the complete motive can be displayed effectively in a face to face interaction.

Organizations or individuals cannot restrict themselves to certain geographical areas and it is mandatory these days that they venture out to other parts of the world. The customers are spread across the world and every organization tries to tap their potential customers irrespective of their location. The geographical constraints have to be eliminated to spread the wings and tap the potential market.

It is not feasible to meet each and every customer across the globe. In order to accomplish this, there are many tools that have been developed. Organizations are able to speak to people over various communication tools and the latest buzz is all about Google+ Hangouts.

Google+ Hangouts

Google’s latest communication tool is called Google+ Hangouts. As the name itself suggests, Google+ Hangouts can be used as a platform which can be literally used by people to Hangout. It can be a private and casual video chat session or it can be a professional meeting or a conference. The concept of effective communication has really been imbibed by Google+ Hangouts.

Google+ Hangouts has entered the market with various interesting and unique features. The popularity is gaining momentum day by day. Google+ Hangouts’ ability to allow nine people at a time in a Hangouts session and its ability to live stream the discussion over other channels like YouTube, blog and website, has made it the most sought after communication tool.

Organizations and individuals have started using Google+ Hangouts as one of their primary marketing tool. Google+ Hangouts allows the user to connect to their customers better than before. Business houses have started using Google+ Hangouts for different functionalities like live demonstration of products, Q & A sessions with important personalities, organization’s internal meetings and customer support etc. This enables the participants to participate more actively than ever, making the whole process interactive.

Success Tips for Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is a very effective tool as far as connecting to people is concerned. One should know to optimise its features to reap maximum benefit out of it. There are three very important tips that one should adhere to, for a successful Google+ Hangouts event and these are as quoted below:

  1. Accessories Used: The following are the important accessories to make a Google+ Hangouts session successful. 
  • Camera: For a Google+ Hangouts session, the most important accessory is the camera. Camera is very important to connect better to the audience. Thus, the camera should be of good quality. Apart from this, the positioning of camera is also very important. One can use a webcam that can be mounted on a desktop or a laptop. The camera should be positioned at the eye level to avoid looking up or looking down during a conversation. When using a laptop for Hangouts, one must ensure that the laptop is positioned at a certain height so that it reaches the eye level. This is very important because having an eye contact with the audience will improve the conversation rather than making it a boring session. 
  • Internet connection: Good internet connection is very important for Hangouts session. Using a hardwire Ethernet cable is advisable over wireless router. Google+ Hangouts session consumes a lot of bandwidth. So, it is important to check the internet connection before initiating the Hangouts event. To have an uninterrupted Hangouts session, where many people are going to participate online, one must go for an internet connection with not less than 3 mbps speed. One useful tip to improve the speed is to close all the unnecessary tabs. Keep only those tabs open that will be used during the session. Google+ Hangouts allows the user to adjust the bandwidth by clicking on ‘adjust bandwidth’ tab. One can lower the bandwidth so that even if the image is hazy, the session will not get interrupted. Selecting appropriate browser is also very important. One may choose Google Chrome as this is also a Google product like Google+ Hangouts. One can also identify the suitability after experimenting with internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. 
  • Audio: Clarity of audio is very important for a Google+ Hangouts session. The session may turn into a bad experience if the participants are not able to listen to you clearly. An external mic with directional focus will be the best bet in this regard. While using a laptop for a Hangouts session, one should use ear buds and put the mic underneath them & plug it to the laptop. The presenter can also request their participants to use ear buds as well for the clarity of speech. While talking to the audience, one must avoid typing at the same time. While typing for the audience along with speaking, Hangouts mutes the audio. So, the participants will not be able to hear. 
  1. Lighting: Creating a perfect ambience while carrying out a Google+ Hangouts session is very important. The visibility plays a vital role to keep the audience engaged. Too bright a light or too dull a light could spoil the entire affect. Good lighting helps in the clarity of the broadcast. One must place the light over the sides and towards the front to get an even cast. One can go for a full spectrum natural light like Ott lights or clamp lights or 40 watts daylight florescent bulbs. Keeping the room perfectly lit up will help to create the perfect atmosphere for a Hangouts session. 
  1. Image Enhancements: Images play an important role to take the conversation effective. Participants would love to see good and relevant images. Google+ Hangouts has an interesting tool that helps to enhance the image. One can click on the Enhance tab to make the image bright, focussed, warm or dim etc. Lower third is another feature that helps to enhance the brand image. Lower third is a feature which allows the users to display their name, role and country flag etc. Being presentable is also very important during a Google+ Hangouts session. One need not go for heavy makeup. Plain simple and tidy appearance is what is required to attract the audience. 

The benefits of Google+ Hangouts are many. It is a complete package that can enhance an organization’s or an individual’s ability to connect to their audience in a better way. Customising the features of Google+ Hangouts for specific requirements will fetch better results.

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