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Top 3 Tips To Succeed Through Inbound Marketing

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In these days, many new start ups are in the news. The number of young entrepreneurs are gradually increasing and definitely that is the good sign for Indian economy. But it is observed that some of them are not able to stand in the huge competition, though they had quality products or services. Why? What is the reason? Poorly built website, incorrect marketing tactics, improper marketing tool, and lack of proper resources are some of the main reasons to fall down in competition. Now a days people don’t like old sales and marketing tactics. Your sales process, your content must be strong enough to attract customers themselves. Yes, that is the main objective of Inbound marketing. Attract prospects by creating content which they would like to see and at the proper time. To get succeed in Inbound marketing one must take care of three things.

  • Website design
  • Blog
  • Webinars

1) Website Design

images (1)It is natural that question came in your mind that “Why website design is so important?” Website design is  is valuable, an investment, and will pay great returns over the life of your business. It may be one of the first things that potential customer sees related to your brand. If your website is poorly designed then it creates a bad image about your brand. Which may turn a prospect to search another brand on Google. Another big problem with websites is complexity. Complex design, too much data, videos, photos, lack of proper call-to-actions may confuse your reader. They may not able to understand the message you are trying to convey. If you are implementing Inbound marketing, then it is essential to monitor certain metrics such as conversion of prospects into customers, number of visitors, mostly visited pages, etc. But if your website doesn’t have proper CTA’s to guide prospects then it is hard to monitor these metrics. As mention earlier content is the king of the website and core of inbound marketing. But too much content may create an adverse effect on the prospect. In short, your website must be well designed having simple but effective content with clear CTA’s. Here are some benefits of website which can boost inbound marketing.

  • The website is the great platform for marketing. It is the least expensive medium as compared to other traditional mediums.
  • It is environmentally free medium for advertising and marketing. You can use different social media networks to promote your brand like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • It will be more convenient for your customers and leads to find info about your product, services, new launch, offers, your achievements and much more.
  • Best SEO service provider not only boost customers in the city but across the different part of the world. It helps to increase customers and boost lead generations.
  • Through the website you can assist your prospects 24/7 across the world.
  • You can post blog containing fresh content to your website which helps to keep website attractive and fresh.
  • Links play an important role in marketing. If your website has good content, related information about products or services, people are more likely to link your website to theirs. This means your website is valuable for them. Linking many sites to you, is just like spreading the word about your company all around the world.
  • It is a great and fast medium of communication. You can send messages,offers, product info to customers through emails and easily get their feedback. This helps to build long term relationship with your customer.
  • The website helps to boost your overall sales and gives you the opportunity to prove your credibility.

2) Blogging

download1Content is the most important part of the website. To attract the customer on a regular basis it it essential to update the website with new and fresh content frequently. Blogging is the best way to convey information about your product or service, offers, discounts, your achievements, social participation, etc. Still many companies neglect this part and missing inbound marketing benefits. Here are a few benefits of blogging, which can really speed up your inbound marketing efforts.

  • As we all know search engine love fresh and new content. It checks for a keywords, phrases, titles, meta description to ranking in search engines. By blogging regularly, you give search engine new content  to index and keywords to increase your visibility  on search engine result pages. Ultimately, it helps to drive traffic to your website from organic search and boosts search engine optimization.
  • It helps to introduce your brand and your company to a new audience through social media. You can create a blog or post that people can share on social media network such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc helps to introduce you to a completely new audience.
  • It provides you an opportunity  to convert leads into customers by just providing calls-to-action to every new blog you post. But make sure that your CTA’s must be relevant to your content.
  • Blogging helps to build a positive image about your brand and company across the people. Creating content through blogs which is useful for people, customers will help you to establish as an authority in their eyes.
  • It is not compulsory to write each and every blog yourself. You can take help from experts, guest blogger which helps to enrich your website.

3) Webinar

downloadYes, a webinar is the third and most important factor that can boost your inbound marketing efforts. A webinar is a virtual lecture or session which is presented live on the Internet. This may include PowerPoint presentation, handouts, video, interactive questions and answers. This is an interactive session where attendees can ask you questions and you can reply them. Also, attendees have free access to the recorded webinar. But how it is useful for your business? Let us see some benefits of a webinar which can really boost your marketing efforts.

  • It is most cost effective and convenient way to directly interact with your customers or prospects. You can directly answer customer’s query through a webinar. You can send reminders to your consumers through social media before the webinar.
  • Suppose you are launching a new product or updating previous one, webinar is the best medium to show demo to your customers. Make sure your webinar must be point specific and not too general.
  • Webinars have become the standard for the new marketing culture of “permission marketing”. In this you know that your consumers are involved in the marketing process. Many consumers feel that active participation in webinars helps them to take a better business decision.

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