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Top 3 Web Analytics Myths One May Fall A Victim To

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False knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance’.

The above phrase is self explanatory and states that there are myriad numbers of myths in Web Analytics in the industry. Even the most niche and modern industries of digital marketing have been badly victimized by these myths. Therefore, one should be aware of the myths having minuscule presence. As compared to its advantages, influencing the trust of the marketers on this industry given below are 3 myths that a marketer should not fall trapped to while working on data.

No 100% Clean Data

Nobody can claim 100% quality Web data. Web data is not structured to give clean quality of data. The marketer while using Web data should keep in mind that this source offers highest volume of data but the quality of data is not guaranteed. One can make use of some skills to have a deeper insight into the data which can be transformed into good quality data. Therefore, it is important for a marketer to build level of confidence and move on with the decision.

Obsession With Real Time Data

Companies generally prefer real time data. Real time data is the analysed and evaluated data which can be used to drive real time actions reducing manual interference (automating the systems). However, companies make use of this data for strategic reporting rather than using it for driving real time actions.

Consider Web As Television

It is essential for every marketer to understand that data from different sources differ from each other. Every source is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. People should focus on monetizing data from the Web rather than expecting same kind of data from television. The uniqueness of data needs to be understood by marketers.

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    • 5 years ago

      Nigel Miller   /   Reply

      Thanks Karun for the useful article. It is really important to take these three myths into consideration when it come to web analytics.

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