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Top 3 Web Analytics Tools You Can Use To Succeed In Business

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Change is the only constant in today’s digital world. Even the business giants like Facebook and Google constantly striving hard to match the changes coming in the digital world. This niche digital market has opened many doors for the entrepreneurship especially in web analytics space. The experts and professionals are selling their business consultancy to both small and large scale businesses converting them into more profitable ventures.

Here below are 3 tips shared to succeed in business via Web Analytics :-

1) Sign up for Google Analytics Account :- Google store provides some free revolutionary services which can be used for any type of businesses – small, medium or high scale. Google Analytics has already earned a mass recognition in driving more sales and growth to the businesses. Anyone can register their website or blog at Google Analytics and can explore data that can really benefit website and online product. For example any registered company ,whether e-commerce or non commerce , can see which all products are appealing to customer. Therefore, investment can be optimized to reap better results.

2) Go Granular :- Google Analytics and other web analytics tools provide an opportunity to go into the deep waters of the data and can really find good stone benefiting the business. The below mentioned reports have the flexibility to filter for a  high quality data . The reports are :-

  • Audience report :- The report has dimensions and matrix showing the data of the audience coming to the website from different locations, different browsers, spending average time on the website and turning out into conversion. This data can be really helpful in knowing your existing and prospective customers better.
  •  Traffic Sources :- This report shows what makes the people coming to your website. Is the marketing campaigns or organisation goodwill (organic search) driving the traffic to the website? This helps the stakeholder to invest in right marketing strategies.
  • Content Report :- This report clearly track the customer interactions over the website. It means that customer visiting the website to check out which all pages and content over the website. It helps to know that what out of content, images and internal search engines makes the visitors more engaging with the website.

3) Tie business objectives to data :- The most important tip for any online business that what you as owner want people to do on your website. The fancy word of this process is conversions. Whatever be the business objective of any website should be clearly mentioned at every page of the business.

A Youtube video referring the visual display is embedded below :-

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      It sounds good. But how far such analytics account can help an organization, who manages only one official website?

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