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Top 4 Must Follow Social Media Marketing Tips To Outshine Your Competitors Online

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Don’t take social media (SM) very lightly. Don’t get influenced by the comments made by some of the political leaders about SM. What is threat to them may be the opportunities to you. Unlike politics, SM accepts and respects both—the democracy and meritocracy. It has emerged as the most powerful ‘opinion’ platform, which either brings fortune to an institution or organization, or abruptly destroys its very basic moral existence in the greater socio-cultural space including political and commercial prospects. The current trends clearly depict that SM is being optimally leveraged by most of the political parties, their leaders, business organizations, brands, products, universities and colleges and many other local and global organizations and personalities. It has been evident that SM is going to be one of the most powerful virtual community platforms, which will determine the survival and functional success of any agency, organization, brand or product, movement etc.  Hence, it is important for the marketers to continuously fine tune their insights about SM marketing trends, techniques, approaches and impact. Following are 04 most important tips, which you may find effective to outperform your competitors:

  1. Don’t Tweet To Quit

    Micro blogging or tweets should never be taken casually. Don’t be pessimistic about the power of Twitter. It has been found that many of us, either knowingly or unknowingly, commit serious mistakes on Twitter. For example, if a person (@xxx) starts his/her tweet with @yyy ( his/her company’s username or anyone he/she follows on Twitter), then the post will reach only to the followers of @xxx and @yyy. It will not reach the user of Twitter in general. If it is so essential to start your tweet with another username, then you may add a specified time period just below the tweet. Else, you can add a word or words as prefix to the username, you want to use in your tweet. For example, you can post your (@xxx) tweet as ‘Wonderful activities of @yyy liked by many people’. To overcome limitations of using another username in tweets, never add a dot (.) in front of the username, e.g. (.@yyy).

  2. Grow Audience Naturally

    Use any popular application to track your followers on Twitter. Identify who are following you, retweeting your posts or clicked the ‘favorite’ button below your tweet. Reciprocate their impressions and sharing by following, retweeting and favorite their tweets. Visit your Twitter page daily and increase your followers’ base by following several people and organizations on Twitter.

  3. Continuously Adapt To Changes

    The social networking service providers keep on changing their guidelines. As a marketer, you need to track those changes and bring those to the notice of your team members and policy makers. A fast understanding of such changes and incorporating them in to your marketing strategies and actions would be beneficial to you.

  4. Don’t Hide, Be Transparent

    There is no room for ‘little’, ‘partial’, ‘incomplete’ or ‘fake’ information on social media. If you are there, be there with complete and full address of your business or organization. This will improve your audience base and their engagement. If the followers want to check-in to your business address in Facebook, they must get it easily from your page. Following is an example of an official Facebook page of an MBA department.


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      Very Good post Indrajit, You have given insight details about Social media marketing.

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