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Top 4 SEO Mistakes Made By Ecommerce Businesses Today

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Shopping-Over-InternetToday everyone is after online shopping. Online shopping trend is spreading rapidly. There are thousands of e-commerce websites available on internet. Starting from hair clip to exclusive outfit, everything can be shopped online through e-commerce websites. Though there are thousands of e-commerce websites available, only few of them can gain more prominence and profits. Main reason behind every successful e-commerce website is proper SEO strategy adopted by their technical team. Every website needs some maintenance to increase its visibility in top search results of different search engines. An error free SEO strategy will help e-commerce websites to get displayed on top search results. It is common to commit mistakes initially. But make sure to avoid some common mistakes to win the competition from the rival sites. If you did not avoid these common SEO mistakes listed below then with in no time your website will be vanished from top search results of different search engines.

1) Completely Missed or Limited Product Descriptions

Many e-commerce websites will neglect product descriptions completely. You can observe many e-commerce websites will list out their products on the website just by adding product title, pictures and price of product avoiding its specifications and description. It is one of the common SEO mistakes which should be avoided immediately. Lack of product description will certainly drop down the number of visitors to your site. It is common human psychology to review the features of the product completely before buying, which is the trend followed by buyers from many years. That is why, you should not avoid product descriptions which strengthens your website’s traffic by attracting more number of visitors. Sometimes, we observe many e-commerce websites including limited product descriptions or improper descriptions. This should be avoided immediately as improper descriptions may distract buyers interest from your website. You should include proper product description describing complete details and specifications of product, to grab more web traffic and to increase profits.Lack-of-product-description

2) Avoid Duplicate Product Descriptions

It is commonly observed that many e-commerce websites will include same product descriptions taken from manufacturer’s website. In general, all the e-commerce websites will commit this common SEO mistake at initial stages. Every e-commerce entrepreneur will think that including manufacturer product description is more profitable than any other self description as it seems to be more descriptive. But it should be strictly avoided as it may lead to duplicity of content and you may get penalized for committing duplicity. Another big SEO mistake committed by many e-commerce websites is inclusion of same product in different pages just by differentiating it with multiple colour availability. You will think that by including individual pages for same product, number of chances to lead in ranking may increase. But it’s not true. Google may penalize you for duplicate content inclusion. To avoid this, better use a small drop box for color variations and include similar products of same category to one single page to avoid clash of duplicity and penalty.the-impact-of-duplicate-product-content-on-seo-8-728

3) Absence of Product Reviews

Awesome website design, high quality product images with good descriptions is important for e-commerce websites. But at the same time, product review category is equally important. It is found that more than 75% of buyers will go through product reviews and ratings before buying a product from a website. Sometimes, few buyers may get attracted to buy products from your e-commerce website just by reading positive reviews listed on your site by your previous buyers. From this, it is clear that including review category on your e-commerce website may increase your profits considerably. Positive reviews will increase web traffic towards your site. Moreover, by including product reviews on your site, unique content will be developed without giving any bucks. This will make your site look living and updated as unique reviews are added diminishing duplicity completely. Product reviews will help your website to lead high on different search engines grabbing more people towards your e-commerce website. So avoid this SEO mistake to boost up your business profits.Picture_13

4) Negligence of URL Optimization

Most of the SEO strategies designed for e-commerce websites will forget optimization of URLs which clearly describes the users diversion from one page to other page. Many of them will neglect these URLs and their description by giving improper URLs with different alphabets, numerals and symbols confusing the customers. URL should be meaningful which means it should guide you by displaying the upcoming page to which you are pointed. It is observed in many e-commerce websites that there are many random numbers and symbols displayed in URLs making no sense to users to which page they are directed further. It may sometimes irritate the customers as some products may be unknown to them which can be understood by inclusion of proper URLs rather than these improper URLs. Moreover, proper URLs with targeted keywords will increase visitors to your website by increasing search relevance to the customers in finding your website with in short period of time. This will reduce the efforts of users in searching your e-commerce website. By adding proper URL descriptions, you can make your website user-friendly to customers, by making them feel comfortable while shopping. With directive and descriptive URLs, you can have an idea about the page before you are directed to that particular page without any confusions. From this it is clear that using proper URLs will help customers and will benefit you by redirecting more number of visitors towards your site. So don’t neglect optimization of URLs which is one of the common SEO mistakes done by many e-commerce websites today.olive_search_on_Google


The listed SEO mistakes are done by almost all the e-commerce websites at initial stages. Apart from these SEO mistakes there are some other SEO mistakes that may be followed after these mistakes. Optimization of a business or firm websites and blogs is easy compared to optimization of an e-commerce website. It is hard but not impossible. So don’t give up at initial stage of e-commerce business in fear of multiple hurdles to be faced in your business path. Just research and avoid these common SEO mistakes by designing a perfect SEO strategy, paving way to success of your e-commerce business.

Image Credit: Beashopaholic, Blog kissmetrics, Slideshare, Cnet, Word tracker, Smashinghub.

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    • 4 years ago

      ella   /   Reply

      good article!!

    • 4 years ago

      Abhijit Mandavkar   /   Reply

      I agree that these type of mistakes are quite common on e-commerce sites. With so many sites emerging, it has become necessary to perform seo techniques, which aims to raise sales advantage and gives potential to reach larger group of customers.

    • 4 years ago

      Vivian J. Heath   /   Reply

      Hi, thank you for your nice article. You are absolutely correct, some of the ecommerce website can gain more profit, but someone doesn’t, because of error free SEO they are getting good search results in Google.

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks a lot Vivian..

    • 3 years ago

      Bruklin   /   Reply

      Hi Vivian thanks for Sharing this good article am new to seo am just following your tricks..

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