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Top 4 SEO Tools That Can Help In Generating Higher Leads

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google+ seoDigital Media is the medium used for sharing information, marketing/advertising about a product or firm. Websites and blogs play prominent roles in sharing information and marketing. Millions of websites are evolving daily leading to the necessity of gaining prominence to your website among them. This is possible by using SEO techniques. SEO is the evolving environment in which you can be thrown out of track easily. Optimizing the website using proper SEO tools, with good SEO strategy, increases the visibility of website leading to hike in web traffic.

There are many SEO tools available today, but adopting proper strategy with proper SEO tools will help in generating higher leads to your website. Moz released annual industry survey about top SEO tools in 2014.

1) Google Webmaster Toolswebmaster-tools-tips

Google Webmaster tools is the best toolkit for a website which can be used for checking the ranking of your website in search engines frequently. These set of tools will help you in checking the health of your website regarding broken links, errors in meta description or in content of your site, detects the duplicate content present if any. All these factors will definitely affect the rankings of your website which should be avoided at any cost.

Keyword Analysis

By using webmaster tools you can make a clear analysis about related keywords used by the people in search of your website. After completion of designing, optimization and cleaning of your website, you should make sure that there is nothing that affects your SEO. You can estimate your website ranking by using search queries with different keywords in search engines. You can also check your website’s position in the search engine’s result page. You can also check the number of visitors to your website, number of clicks gained by the site and click-through rate (CTR) percentage. By clicking on ‘With Change’ option, you can see the percentage change in your website ranking over a period of time. If your website got response with less number of clicks (less than 10) then infinite symbol is displayed in that case.

On-Page Optimization

Google Webmaster tools provide ‘Top Pages’, by which you can examine your individual page ranking and relevant keywords used by visitors to visit the site content. This helps you to adopt ‘On-Page optimization’ when there is necessity to maintain high ranking for targeted keywords.

Author Stats

In 2011, Google launched ‘Author Stats’ within the webmaster tools used for understanding the statistical analysis of a website. If you use authorship stats on your website, then statistics about content of your website like ‘how well is the content written?’ is determined by this tool. It will show how many clicks and impressions are collected by your content in the site. It is unique from other tools as it reveals this statistics based on all the sites you wrote rather than by a single site. You can link your Google Plus profile with Webmaster Tools account by which you can check the ranking of your blog posts frequently.

2) Moz

Moz has a series of tools like Term Extractor, moztrust, mozrank etc., similar to Google Webmaster Tools. It is a paid tool. Term Extractor tools are used to extract relevant terms which shows the importance of words, phrases and relevant HTML keywords. Moztrust helps in detecting the website’s trustworthiness compared to others. Mozrank will help to find ranking of website. It is an alternative to Google page rank tool. Moz has SEO audit tool known as SEO toolbar.moz-white-thumbnail

‘On-Page Grader’ is one of the best tools by Moz used for auditing individual pages for optimizing keywords. It will give a clear report for your page with suggestions and improvements to be made. This is helpful for basic users of SEO.

 3) Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer tool also belongs to Moz. But it is not included in Moz list as it is free to use. It helps you to check the inbound links to your website and compares it with the competing websites. You can check the anchor text, page authority and domain authority which gives an idea about how well the websites get ranked in search engines.OpenSite-Explorer-Images

4) MagesticSEO

MagesticSEO tool is similar to open explorer tool which focuses mostly on link analysis. It helps you to analyse your own website or others website to gain information. Only difference in this tool is that it has two indexes in which one will be updated daily allowing you to get recent data and the other will be updated once in a month. This makes it unique from open site explorer. This will also show the strength and trustworthiness of a website which is helpful to you while planning for linking strategy. Another interesting feature of this tool with a fun name is ‘Link Profile Fight’ which gives graphic comparison of different websites.majestic-seo


It is fact that SEO tools are playing prominent role in generating web traffic towards the site. Although these tools have great prominence in optimization of website, content of website has its own impact in generating high web traffic towards the site. All these tools are best tools for optimizing and for analysing your site. Apart from these tools, content of website is also important. You should not ignore your website content. Maintaining quality content in your website is equally important along with optimization of your website. It is the quality of content which drags more number of visitors to your website. Quality content acts as the determining factor for a website. Content with genuine factors, zero plagiarism applied and more attractive with relevant keywords will lead to high web traffic towards the site. Without attractive content, we cannot expect high generating leads as attractive content with admirable quality will increase the number of visitors to the website. If the number of visitors visiting the website increases, web traffic towards the website will increase. It will help the website in gaining high ranks. Therefore, it is clear from this analysis that optimization of a website with proper SEO strategy using SEO tools along with maintaining quality content will generate higher leads to the website.

Image Credits:  Moz, Itechcode and Pushstar

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Blog is written in nice,simple and clear language. But I feel that description of open site explorer is too short. Features of this tool (link compare,information filter) needs little bit explanation. Also Google Analytics is one of the best SEO tools.That must be included in top 4.

    • 4 years ago

      Prerna   /   Reply

      Well written blog but Raven Tools and Webmasters can be included as well as it helps in choosing the right keywords to a great extent. SalesPanda as an inbound marketing tool helps you create an SEO ready website as well.

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thanks for sharing..

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