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Top 4 SEO Tools That Can Work Wonders For A Business

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download (46)Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online business website’s best friend. Right from driving organic traffic to the website, generating sales, getting in the revenues, increasing the online content to improving the online ads; SEO can help build online brands, increase visibility, build reputation and increase search engine rankings. SEO does not occur on its own, but needs careful planning and strategizing to get the expected results. If you are looking for some quick fixes for SEO, then you have come to the right place. Here are 4 SEO tools that will work wonders for your business.

1. Google Rich Snippet testing tooldownload (47)

The rich snippets have grown in popularity over the last year. When implementing the codes for the updates in order to get the rich snippets on search results, you need to test whether or not they work well. Google can sometimes take a long time to re-index the page and show the updated webpages, therefore to test the snippets, its necessary to use Google’s rich snippets testing tool. This tool helps you test the markup and ensure Google can extract the structured data like snippets from the webpage. This tool will show information like rich snippet markup on a page, authorship, Meta tags, PageMap data, keys for sorting search results and also a preview of how a page will be displayed in the search results. It’s an easy to use tool and very helpful to verify whether Google will actually show the snippets in the next indexing cycle. This tool will work wonders for your business.

download (48)2. Ubersuggest

It is a great keyword tool which gives you thousands of keyword ideas. There are many keyword tools online, however only few can match up to the volume of relevant keywords given by Ubersuggest. It is a free tool that uses different suggestion services effectively. All that needs to be done to use this tool is to type in a core idea, choose a language and source. The tool then gives suggestions based on search results and search verticals like – shopping, video etc. Ubersuggest takes into consideration your base term, adds or deletes a letter or a digit from the term and then extracts relevant suggestions for the term. Click on the word to get further suggestions for the search term. The USP of this tool is that keyword suggestions are based on real search queries. This SEO tool will work wonders for your business.

 3. Screen Fly for SEOdownload (49)

It is an interesting tool to check how your website looks on different screen sizes and resolutions. It is easy to simply log in to the tool, enter the URL of your website and choose different sizes of screens. Different types of screen sizes like tablets, smartphones, laptops, PC, and television are available on the tool for testing. Optimizing your website for different screen sizes is an SEO friendly feature and will work wonders for your business.

DOMfinder4. Dom Finder

It is the Domain finder tool and gives intelligent suggestions for finding the appropriate domain name for your website. If you are building a website for specific products, services and have specific content and need a good domain name which is cheaper and available for purchase, then use Dom Finder tool. Visit the Dom finder webpage, type in a broad term for the website. The tool will then generate a large number of domain names. You can then choose the most relevant domain name from the list.

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