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Top 4 Tools For Effective Marketing On Instagram

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“Pinterest and Instagram are fundamentally different compared to the first generation social networks like Facebook and Twitter,” This is what Nick Mueller, head of content marketing at Piqora, San Francisco, thinks and truly so. The Piqora executives were invited to Luxury Interactive 2014 where they shared their own view and knowledge about one the most used tools for effective marketing on Instagram. Mr. Mueller has pointed out how photo-heavy social marketing like Instagram (or Pinterest, so to say) are different compared to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Image sharing on Facebook or Twitter are guided by the fact what others may like whereas Instagram and Pinterest offer sharing image, video based on personal interest.


To borrow words from Nick Mueller again: “On Pinterest people are actively searching for new brands and products to discover, and on Instagram they are open to seeing the world in a new way. Instagram is a visual moment sharing network. So together, we like to say that users on these networks are in a discovery mindset.”

Launched on October 6th, 2010 (it completes 5 years and 5 days as off tonight, when this is being written!) Instagram changed the idea of visual social semiotics as well as marketing. They have 15 seconds long video feature which marketers and publishers can use for their multimedia content. As per Heddernen, “Instagram images have become units of speech, building blocks in visual vocabulary that functions somewhat like a colonial patois, where old school darkroom photography is the native tongue and digitization is the imperial language.” Brands and marketers did not waste their time to realize this and act accordingly.

However, leave aside the philosophical theories or the fact how Instagram is changing people’s lives without having an idea of it. Let us talk about the tools. There have to be reasons why Instagram has been awarded “Best Locally Made App” in the SF Weekly Web Awards in September 2011! Brands like Maybelline, Michael Kors, Burberry, Charity Water, Puma are using Instagram successfully for long now. Well, there are numerous ways to create a good marketing strategy on Instagram. The tools that it offers are similarly helpful as they can support the campaigns. Some of the tools are Populagram, Schedugram, Iconosquare, Webstagram, Over, Instasize, Repost, Flipagram etc. It is difficult to zero down to only four tools when there are numerous fantastic ones to choose from.

Even though, below are the final four based on the requirement of marketing as well as the uniqueness of the network that it offers to enhance branding.

Schedugram: Helps scheduling post based on the most engaging time.


 IconoSquare: Helps in analytics and having an insight about the Instagram campaigns.


Instasize: Helps edit the photos and videos that are to be uploaded.


Populagram: Helps in finding popular filters, hashtags etc.


#1: Account Management and Scheduling

As the old saying goes ‘Timing is everything’, if you want to boost your Instagram marketing you have to keep that in mind! Instagram is different from other social media networks in a way that a lifespan of an Instagram image is 3 to 4 hours and since it is a mobile app the users are different altogether in nature.

As per’s platform research below are the suggested optimal timing for posting content in each social media network as well as in Instagram.


Schedugram, a paid tool, is there for your help. The tagline of Schedugram says it all: “Worry about the content not the posting.” With Schedugram the brands can plan their Instagram marketing strategies in advance. This tool helps you to schedule any content in future date and time for which you do not have to carry your mobile all the time!

#2: “Cold Hard Analytics”

Well, if your Instagram campaign has become static (or if you are preparing to jump into the world of Instagram marketing), then there is no way you can avoid analytics, as Iconosquare states “What better way to build and adapt a strategy than with cold hard analytics.”


Iconosqare is a free analytic tool which provides in-depth insight for Instagram posts, contents, campaign as a whole. It can be used to search relevant and popular hashtags as well as a detailed analysis of posting history vs engagement based on which a brand can revamp its strategy.

#3: Hashtags and Filters

There is one tool which helps to find both of these important aspects: relevant hashtags and filters, and that is Populagram.


Posting images would be futile after certain point if you do not hashtag them on Instagram. You can either use a popular hashtag to your image or you can tag it with branded hashtags relevant to your image. But, in either way one has to be at par with the usages of hashtag to increase growth on Instagram. Populagram is tool which can help with providing best popular hashtags to choose from. As per Piqora’s analysis on Instagram an image should have at least 7 hashtags to gain maximum amount of reach.

During summer 2014, Lexus invited his fans to create the #LexusInstafilm- the first of its kinds- a stop motion film using Instagram photos. Participants used their mobile phone to shoot and edit the images while hashtags were used to determine the edit of the film. For example, #200 determined the exact frame within the edit sequence where it would fall. This was a unique way to use hashtags on Instagram.


Filters are one of the reasons why Instagram became so popular in such a less time. That Instagram is all about visual social semiotics is confirmed by audience’s reaction towards certain photo filters and how using filters affects engagement on Instagram.


Populagram also helps to have an idea about a brand’s target audience’s favorite filter. One can have a correlated graph regarding filter usage to engagement which can later be used to change filters in order to improve marketing strategy.

 #4: Shoot and Edit

Instasize is a tool that enables you to resize the image that you intend to upload on Instagram. One can now avoid those awkward cropping (640 x 640 pixel square) that Instagram always does to your panoramic or rectangular photos. It also increases and fit images that are smaller than the Instagram size. There are numerous backgrounds to choose from as well as a white background to use if you want. Since Instagram is where your images are your weapon to win your audience, an edit tool like Instasize can come in handy to increase your engagement.



There was a time when the art of photography was considered expensive and time taking. This was not long ago; some of us still can remember those days of negatives and darkroom. We witnessed the dawn of digital era in India which made photography a little more closer to people. Nowadays it is even unthinkable not to have a phone with a good resolution inbuilt camera. Social network sites like Instagram or Pinterest are based on the availability and advancement of technology which enables people to take photos and videos and share it to their site. By doing that marketers are now able to invoke the emotive pathways of their target audience through visual social semiotics. Users tend to engage more towards photos as visual images invite individual reminiscence. Instagram and its tools are just the ways to utilize this power of visual branding.

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