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Top 4 You Must Avoid While Writing An Inbound Marketing Blog

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A blog is something like a personal website where the authors wish to express their opinions, contents to the audience on a regular basis over the net. Blogs are of different types like technical, mythological etc. Blog writing is very simple provided we avoid some simple errors we usually do. Here are the 4 must avoid errors while writing an Inbound Marketing blog:

An example of a perfect blog


An empty sidebar is like a white space on the right side of your blog. Avoid it. Fill your side bar with either advertisements or links or any stuff on the topics related to your blog. This makes the blog look attractive as well as if your readers find something interesting in the side bar they may open the links of yours adds thereby generating revenue for you. This further creates links for your blog thereby increasing your page rank. You can even publish all your top posts at your side bar, this makes the visitor of your blog visit more of your previous blog posts. Hence always fill your side bars with some meaningful stuff.


On the flip side of the empty sidebar we see some bars which are always too messy. Here all the posts and archives published in a certain month of a particular year are listed, which makes it too messy. If you are an avid blogger who blogs multiple times a week then by listing all makes your blog too messy. A visitor never wants to see all of your published posts. Sometimes the visitor may even get irritated by that. This is really useless for your visitors. Hence only maintain a recent archive list of your blog posts and avoid making the side bars messy.


Always remember when ever you are blogging try to put some relevant images of your blog posts. This attracts your visitors. It is a general psychology that human brain gets more attracted to colorful pictures, hence never forget inserting them. Also remember, whenever you insert an image, add the source or link from which it is taken, this is must. If possible try to add some relevant and interesting short videos related to your blog posts. This draws more visitors to your blog.


Whenever you are blogging, check your spellings and grammar thoroughly. Your visitors always draw their first impression on you by reading your blogs only. As said ‘First impression is the best impression’, your reader may get a bad impression on you, if your posts have many spelling and grammatical mistakes and may stop visiting your blog. Hence it is always mandatory to check your blogs posts are free of spelling and grammatical errors.


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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      First TWO points exactly stand with your title. But the next TWO points? They stand for ‘Must Do’.

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