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Top 5 Advantages Of LinkedIn For An Ambitious B2B Organisation

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Business organizations and independent recruiters look for various avenues or mediums to tap potential candidates. People look for prospective people for many reasons like recruiting, business ventures, generating leads, knowledge sharing, market research and acquiring information etc. The purpose may vary according to the requirement. The one thing that keep these organizations bound together is the search for potential pool.

Organizations are into extensive online research to grab the opportunity and they implement many strategies to reach their objective. Social media is one area which has recently grabbed people’s attention and people are using it more and more to fulfill their requirements.

LinkedIn is one of the widely used professional networking site and it is a huge resource of talent and prospective business. Business houses are turning to this platform to tap the perfect set of people for their business.

The following are the five major advantages of LinkedIn for an ambitious B2B organization:

1. Strong Presence

The purpose of being on a professional networking site is to acquire high visibility among users. An organization which is planning to use LinkedIn platform to connect to people, must ensure that the profile is complete. It is also important to keep the people associated with the page updated with the latest happenings like product launch, offers, customer support, queries and general information. This will help to keep the buzz going about the organization and will always be present on people’s mind.

Organizations can opt for various creative methods to keep their customers and associates engaged. They may use releasing newsletters, URLs of blog and Twitter updates etc. to keep people involved with the page.

LinkedIn has also come up with an interesting update wherein, they give special incentives to those individuals and organizations, who keep their profile updated regularly.

LinkedIn allows the organizations to use this platform to create and manage their reputation. Once a profile is created, it becomes mandatory to keep all the professional information updated which will be viewed by public. As a result, the page will appear more on the searches and it becomes the first-hand reference for the company.

 2. Recruitment

LinkedIn offers the most utilised platform for recruiting and to find potential talent. There are many features available with LinkedIn which makes the process very easy to hunt quality talent. LinkedIn allows organizations to generate connections and join different groups to recruit people. Organizations are preferring LinkedIn over other job portals for their requirements. The advanced job posting feature of LinkedIn allows the organization to set the skills according to the trend and acquire the right candidate for the same.

The search feature of LinkedIn allows the recruiters to fish out the right people. There is certain skills list available with LinkedIn which is generally used by candidates while creating their profile. These key skills can be used by the recruiters to search. After reviewing the suitable profiles, the recruiters can send out private messages giving complete details about the job opportunity to take the recruitment process to the next level.

LinkedIn has job posting feature. There are many packages available for posting a job. Organization can pay an amount under $200 for a 30 days view for a particular job posting. Apart from this, one can chose 5-job pack for $775 and 10-job pack for $1250. LinkedIn will make these job posting visible to suitable candidates based on the keyword used with the necessary contact details of the recruiter.

 3. Feedback

Feedback is very important for any business venture. Till the time the organization will not know, how the service or the product is performing, the scope of development will get curtailed. This will directly reflect on the business growth.

LinkedIn allows organizations to get feedback about their ideas and products. The feedback can be fetched by initiating a conversation in a group, by allowing people to share their views and by allowing people to get in touch with the organization directly. This opens up the chances of involving key influencers and people with strong opinions. As a result, it increases the chances of connecting to people in their group and spread business.

By participating in various group conversations and posting company’s vision regularly in different groups, will help to construct thought leadership. This will help people to know the organization’s expertise in that specific topic, business category and marketplace. This will help to build the reputation of the person and thereby the organization’s reputation will also get influenced. By answering various questions posted in the group and discussing them, one can become an expert and can project the organization as an industry leader.

4. Vendors

LinkedIn allows the organization to spread their wings by connecting to various vendors who have proven track record. One can use various recommendations to find out the credibility of the vendor and can connect with them. Vendors who have references from other reliable sources can be approached as these sources would have seen their exceptional work. This methodology will help to save a lot of time as one need not check the background of these vendors.

 5. Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of most important part of any business. Organizations and individual business people are always on the lookout for prospective clients. There are various factors that help to generate leads for the organization. Once the user creates a LinkedIn profile and establishes themselves as a thought leader, then automatically the flow of information begins. Participating in various group discussions, initiating a topic, answering the queries from other members in the group, responding to the threads, contributing to the blog or website etc. will increase the site traffic. The connections generated out of such active participation can also be invited to attend the webinars on the website. These connections visiting the site, may turn out to be prospective customers. LinkedIn also has a feature called DirectAds Service, which allows the user to promote certain contents to people belonging to certain demographics.

These simple yet very effective features of LinkedIn can spearhead the performance of the page. This will in turn help to gain lot of popularity among the connections. The second and third level connections will also be attracted because of the mentions. As a result, LinkedIn becomes an important platform which can generate leads for a business!!!

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