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Top 5 Best Linkedin Company Pages Of 2014

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LinkedIn is a well-known social networking service and is exclusively business oriented. LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 and was launched on May 2003. LinkedIn is solely based on professional networking. In 2006, LinkedIn members were reported to have increased upto 20 million. As per March 2015 LinkedIn reports, more than 364 million LinkedIn have managed to acquire users in more than 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn skill sets also reports that,LinkedIn solicits endorsements based on algorithms that generate skills members . Members cannot opt out of such solicitations, with the result that it sometimes appears that a member is soliciting an endorsement for a non-existent skill. LinkedIn continues to add different services to its platform to expand the ways that people use it.

This particular post is all about Top five LinkedIn Company pages of 2014, an overview of which has been given below. Now the basic question that arise is, Does your organization’s LinkedIn Company Page represent your brand’s culture and values? Does it attract new talent? Does it engage and inspire your customers?Does your organization even have a Company Page? All of which shall be answered and negotiated in this post. To keep this is mind, we must know that whether a Company needs a twist or an renovation, LinkedIn’s 10 Best Company Pages of 2014 shall provide an excellent inspiration. To come to a conclusion regarding which brands have the best pages, LinkedIn asked users to nominate pages they thought were innovative and inspiring accordingly. Given below are the names of the half-a-dozen winners from whom one can learn how to make their page shine and become noteworthy:


1. Dell : Took advantage of Sponsored Updates.

Sponsored posts are becoming a staple on most social networks, and LinkedIn is not an exception in this case. Dell uses the feature to reach more people in LinkedIn’s main feed than just its followers. As a result of which communication and mutual understanding between the professionals are being able to be performed with ease.

2. Evernote : Pins updates to feature the most valuable content.

Whenever Evernote releases a new feature, it posts an update to its page and pins it. Pinning an update keeps it at the top of the Recent Updates section, ensuring more of your followers will see the news. Due to which a clear idea regarding the post gets easier to the users.

3. Luxottica Group : Uses the Careers Page to attract top talent.

The main function of this eye-wear brand is to do so. The eye-wear brand posts not only job listings to its Careers page, but also to the content it posts that showcases the company’s culture. This helps the job applicants to understand the company in the best way and whether they would be a good fit or not.

4. Procter and Gamble : Highlights the specific aspects of a business with Showcase Pages.

Showcase Pages are the extensions of any Company’s Page that enables to feature a brand, business unit or other part of any organization. Procter & Gamble created one such showcase page for Secret deodorant, which enables the brand to engage the product’s audience directly and in a better way.

5. Tesla Motors: Shares breaking news and announcements.

This particular company makes announcements and reveals sneak peeks to the ones who follow their Company page. This Company page doesn’t only restrict itself by providing this much service. Besides this, it also rewards its followers by providing exclusively a unique content too.

6. Wells Fargo: Targets the updates by location.

Organizations with diverse fan following usually benefits from targeting updates. In this case LinkedIn enables to target updates keeping into consideration the Company size, industry, seniority, location, language and many more things. Wells Fargo does this often to announce location-specific events or share branch success stories as per their own convenience.

Few out of the T0p 10 best LinkedIn pages of 2014, their pages and posts and updates :







These LinkedIn Company Pages features eye-catching and compelling imagery that helps to convey their brand to audiences on LinkedIn. They encourage engagement by asking questions as well and also delivers useful content that provides solutions to problems which their audiences have faced. Additionally, they accentuate different business entities with featured Showcase Pages and make updates even more relevant by leveraging targeted status updates. The companies talked about have exclusively potrayed their uniqueness as a result of which they were listed in the top 10 Company in year 2014 under LinkedIn. Each of these companies had created a unique content of their own that were far more compelling and note worthy that helped in grabbing all the eye balls. Each of these company pages were specific in whatever they conveyed through their posts. Such  out of the boundary unique functioning had helped them in acquiring the top most position after the completion of the survey. Below are the list of all the top 10 LinkedIn companies of 2014 in an imagery form : B4_GREiIYAA0VmY

Image Credits : LinkedIn,, Twitter.

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