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Top 5 Brands That Nailed It On Social Media

Top 5 Brands That Nailed It On Social Media

Social media presence has become very vital to all brands across all sectors. It is the world of conversation and engagement. Understanding what customers want and building a community that is passionate and loyal to the brand is of paramount importance. Keeping the customers always engaged and hooked to the brand can be a puzzling task. Let’s see the top 5 brand that nailed it on social media with their creativity and out of the box ideas.


BuzzFeed is an online publishing platform that creates and distributes content for globalbuzzfeed audience. The Brand have more than 10M Facebook fans on their BuzzFeed Video page, 3.4M Instagram followers for BuzzFeed tasty and 3.2 M followers on Twitter. They have more than 200M unique visitors every month to their website and 75% of the unique visitors come from social media.

With their viral food videos, try-videos, listicles, pop culture and lifestyle content, BuzzFeed is an online celebrity. They really cracked video content marketing by creating content not just to consume, but to share, engage and drive action. Most of the popular videos of BuzzFeed are on food. These posts are shared by millions on various social platforms.

BuzzFeed successfully discovered the key to connecting with audience on a deeper level. The brand gained attention of the younger audience by engaging with content that they are passionate about and is a trusted brand on social media.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a global phenomenon now. It is HBO’s most popular series ever and one of the most successful entertainment entities in the world.

Game of thrones has more than 18M fans on Facebook, 3.6M followers on Twitter and 2M followers on Instagram. With 18.4 million viewers and 158,000 tweets on average per episode, Game of thrones is killing it on social media.

These social media pages create great anticipation for the upcoming season and episodes with small sneak peek videos, GIF’s and photos. By emphasising more on the visual content they create irresistibly shareable content for their fans. GOT pages keep the engagement and conversation going even between the seasons with quizzes, information and entertaining posts.

With behind the scene videos, bloopers and photos these social media pages are giving more value to the fan followers. For example the images of cast with their miniature characters attracted a huge audience. On Instagram these images got around 15 K likes.


The season finale is one week away and fans are waiting anxiously all over the world.


“It’s not just Coffee, It’s Starbucks”. The relationship that Starbucks makes with their consumers is something every brand should master. Starbucks is not just famous for their coffee but also for their exceptional social media strategy. Starbucks have more than 36M fans on Facebook, 9.4M on Instagram and 11M followers on Twitter.

Starbucks always make great use of Customer generated content. Having coffee is more of a social experience and Starbucks always encourage its customers to share their coffee experience through social media by tagging the brand. Through their Twitter and Facebook pages, Starbucks share these user-generated content encouraging more customers to follow the path.


The #WhiteCupContest is a great example which shows, how the brand utilise user-generated content. It was a simple contest in which customers were asked to doodle on Startbucks cup and post those images online with the hashtag #WhiteCupContest. The campaign was a great success with more than 4000 entries in just 3 weeks. The company also received great visual content for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Starbucks always creates content that encourages its fans to like, comment, and share.

Oreo Cookie

Oreo the  popular cookie brand is always creating lot of buzz on social media. The brand have7 42 M followers on Facebook, 815K followers on Twitter, and 1.7M followers on Instagram.

The brand successfully maintains high engagement levels by connecting their campaigns to latest pop culture events and milestones. The ‘Daily Twist campaign’ is one of the best example. During this campaign Oreo released whimsical images of the cookie redesigned to celebrate something that had happened on that date. The images were highly creative and eye-catching. Oreo’s Facebook page got around 5M likes during this campaign.

Oreo captured its Instagram and Pinterest followers with fun videos, recipe ideas and a lot food pictures. They also showcase pictures shared by their fans acknowledging their brand loyalty.

Oreo admirably and instantly attracts audience on social media with its charm and humour.


Just say the name and the red bottle with fancy typography comes to our mind,that is the brand value of Coca Cola .It has over 98M fans on Facebook and over 3M followers on Twitter, and 1.3 M  followers on Instagram, which is not a surprise considering it is one of the most recognisable brand in the world.

Even though building the audience was not a difficult task for a brand like Coca Cola, their social media approach and creative campaigns have boosted the brand image. Coca-Cola portray themselves as a friendly, playful and refreshing brand that cares about sharing and having a good time. This brand personality is visible in all their campaigns and social platforms.share_a_coke-blog-full

Coca-Cola runs campaigns to engage with the audience and to give them the opportunity to be part of the brand experience. ’Share A Coke’ campaign was a groundbreaking one. The campaign gives people a chance to have coke bottles with their name on it. The campaign increased the traffic to the Facebook page by 870%.It was a massive success as people love to share images of coke bottles with their name on it.

Coca-Cola has also done a remarkable job in interacting directly with the customers. They respond to twitter queries and keep a two-way conversation with the followers through their social media channels.

Image Credits: BuzzFeed, Oreo, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Game of Thrones

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