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Top 5 Content Writing Strategies To Gain More Organic Traffic

Top 5 Content Writing Strategies To Gain More Organic Traffic

Producing a good content has always remained a big challenge for most of the companies. They use all those SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices to gain maximum results for their website but they miss one big point, that Google Panda won’t like it if they don’t have a quality content. And so this content writing strategies to gain more organic traffic for your webpages is really necessary. It has to be the content that drives your website and it is a major factor but sadly many companies find it useless. Just making a blog and putting a group of meaning full sentences together under a topic name is not a wise idea. If that’s what you are thinking which will help your webpages rank higher in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) than you are very wrong. The topic and the content has to be relevant and large enough as like around 1000+ words only then you will see some visitors driving into your website. The potential for content writing strategies to gain more organic traffic is well seen in many cases. So, the focus that you must have to put through must have to be a serious one.


The content writing strategies to gain more organic traffic, must have to be planned well to see some good results. Yes, a quality content is a bit costly and time-consuming. But the returns that you will see when you have started with right kind of content writing strategies will never disappoint you.

List of Top Content Writing Strategies to Gain More Organic Traffic


This small bundle of content writing strategies to gain more organic traffic can help you make an incredible content. If you worried about the low visitors in your website, you must be a luck one to land up in this very page. Quality of the content will always be necessary, and that everyone knows clearly, so what makes you different? This content writing strategies to gain more organic traffic which you will find here will help you create a difference in your content, by making you aware of one strong fact that – you will need more than just some quality words to express your ideas to the crowd.

#1 Sweet Attitude for the Reader’s

Readers have a tendency to feel the attitude of the writer. They do that by judging the words that you use to describe something for them. Content is a powerful way to drive the emotions of the readers. And if the find your content not caring enough, they won’t go to the next page or scroll down to see some more of it. You must have to be extra cautious to check that your content is not offending to the readers.

#2 Explain Data and Infographics


Just writing an advice for how to run someone’s business, won’t be enough to drive people to action. After all your writing isn’t enough to guarantee the safety those practices for their business. Now a days even a doctor don’t prescribe without a diagnosis report. So, it is necessary to give them facts to gain the confidence of your readers that your advice will work. For this you will need a good research on your particular topic and bring out some good amount of data to show as a fact to your readers. Infographics to show your data is always a better way to back your content by facts.

#3 Write as if You are Talking to Someone

When someone read’s your content they must feel that you are expressing your ideas to them. It should not be just words that you are writing to fill those pages. It should look like your idea that you want to express to all those real humans who will be reading your content. Try to take a break and imagine as if there is a real person in front of you, and you are guiding that person by your words. So, try to make your readers understand about your idea that you want to express through that content, go to the depth of it. Only then people will feel as if the content just for them.

#4 Highlight Reader’s Reviews


In other to gain your social authority it is always better to highlight your reviews. When people land up in your webpage, they mostly have a question “Is it for me?”. Such, questions can be well addressed by showing some of your previous accomplishments in terms of your user reviews. The way people react to your content is a great concern, it shows how relevant is your content for the users. Looking at the popularity that you gain from number of shares and likes, the trust in your content will rise up for the new visitors as well.

#5 Use of Controversial Style with Facts

It is often seen that the style of the content matters a lot. Make it energetic, try using some more active sentences rather than that of some passive ones. Even the length of a sentence can make it difficult for your reader to get hold of the ideas hidden in it. The best way to start comments for your content is to use controversial style of writing. Readers tends to engage more with such controversial contents. But remember to back your controversial style with sufficient facts, to make it unique.



Content writing is no doubt a tough job but it can be made easier, only if you make best use of the content writing strategies. Once your content start’s getting a steady number of visitors, you will see how your organic traffic graph rises up. Better you concentrate on you reader’s needs and wants in your content better will be the number of visitors as well as conversion. So, use this content writing strategies to gain more organic traffic for your website.

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